Cast to TV - Chromecast, Roku, cast videos to tv apk icon

Cast to TV - Chromecast, Roku, cast videos to tv

Download Cast to TV - Chromecast, Roku, cast videos to tv apk for free.

Cast to TV - Chromecast, Roku, cast videos to tv apk icon

Cast to TV - Chromecast, Roku, cast videos to tv

Cast to TV enables you to cast online videos and all local videos, music and images to TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV, Xbox, Apple TV or other DLNA Devices. Cast to TV and enjoy movies on TV now!

● Easy to control TV with phone: pause, volume, forward/rewind, previous/next etc.
● Cast videos to tv.
● Local playback for videos.
● Auto search for available cast devices & streaming device.
● Identify video, audio, photo files on your device and SD Card automatically.
● Add local video, local audio to Play Queue.
● Play media in shuffle, loop, repeat mode.
● Design for video cast, music cast & photo slideshow cast.

📺All Cast in One. With Cast to TV, you can cast to:
☆ Chromecast
☆ Smart TVs: Samsung, LG, Sony, Hisense, Xiaomi, Panasonic, etc.
☆ Xbox One and Xbox 360
☆ Amazon Fire TV and Cast to Fire Stick
☆ Apple TV and Airplay
☆ Roku, Roku Stick and Roku TVs
☆ Other DLNA receivers
☆ Coming soon: Kodi, IPTV etc.

If you want to cast video from android to tv, you’d better try Cast to TV - Cast to Chromecast.

Cast to Roku
Easy to connect and cast to Roku. You can cast videos and music to Roku without limitations. Fast forward and backward can provide you with an excellent experience for watching movies. Just search videos from your favorite website and cast to Roku now!

Cast to Chromecast
Cast local video, photo slideshow, and music from phone to Chromecast easily and fast. Cast to Chromecast, Fire TV and other smart TVs with no feature limited. Cast to Chromecast, and enjoy the best experience of watching videos.

Cast to Apple TV
Cast both local files and online videos to Apple TV with the airplay function. Cast to Apple TV with the remote control to adjust the video progress and volume.

Stream to TV From Phone
With Cast to TV, you can stream to tv from phone without limitation. It helps you instantly stream movies, music and photos to your Smart TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.

Stream to tv from phone is very dependent on Wi-Fi network and streaming device. Please make sure that your phone and streaming device is connected with the same Wi-Fi. And the format of the media is supported by streaming device. If you have troubles when you stream to tv or cast to Chromecast, you can try to reboot the Wi-Fi router and streaming device. If you have any suggestions or problems about XCast, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Cast to TV - Chromecast, Roku, cast videos to tv. Cast to TV - Chromecast, Roku, cast videos to tv is developed by InShot Inc. and it has very stable version which is Cast to TV - Chromecast, Roku, cast videos to tv works with all the android devices if the device is Android 18 and above. We always provide you Cast to TV - Chromecast, Roku, cast videos to tv apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Kamren Braun

I have tried multiple apps trying to stream from my Android Pixel XL to an AppleTV 4K. While many of the others had nice features like well designed menus, etc, this one goes all the others I tried one better: IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! After so many failed claims from other products. my jaw nearly hit the floor when this worked smoothly and reliably as soon as it was installed.. The ads on the free version were a bit muxh, but I barely saw them as I got to the Pro version pronto . Well worth it!

Mr. Isaias Farrell

Lovin' this app.. easy set up, and very convenient to use. I can stream videos on my non-smart tv faster than direct mirroring or casting via wireless hdmi alone, although i wish i could also stream Netflix as well. This app has been very useful to me, no more pc set up, just casting with my mobile phone. This app is even free!!! So ads are bearable. 😉

Addison O'Kon

I still love this app, works good. But i dont understand why i have to uninstall it every time i wanna watch a video on my phone. I never made this my default player, i dont even think i can. But i go to my gallery, click a video, and it instantly opens xcast. I like this app enough to keep installing and uninstalling it when i need to. I do. But its getting a lil annoying

Mr. Shaun Wolff V

so far its pretty good!, I'm able to cast to my console, listen to music while I'm gaming, keep one the that I'm currently listening to looped. It's the best!. since I'm somewhat positive that you want to probably hear something that includes changes, I got a recommendation: allow us to make a playlist(s), I couldn't find anything that allowed me to put my desired songs in a specific playlist of my choosing. the only thing I saw was my \"recently added\" (which has all the songs you downloaded)

Jayce Stracke

Finally something worked I recently bought a new Vizio TV. Their app is worthless. I have been trying to get it to connect with my phone for two weeks and nothing. I have tried looking online and so far nothing. This app connected immediately. First try no hassle.

Mr. Devyn Walter

Absolute best working, most simple and effective app of its kind by a margin so far, it's embarrassing for the others. Not once has it crashed. Ads are so unobtrusive and easily bypassed that I literally don't mind their presence. I can stream everything from my phone, but also enjoy painfully simple, fast, and consistent web video streaming. On top of all that, it has a hellified ad blocker. This isn't just the best app of its kind; it's the best I've come across.

Jadon Schmeler

I have tried a few apps and this is by far the best. Some small issues like hitting pause on the remote would cause a video to stop if paused for longer than 2 min. So its best to pause and resume from the app itself! The resume option also does not always work. Minor issues one can overlook for such a great app.

Destiny Vandervort

so far so good! casts to my LG WebOS smart TV sooo much better than the actual LG App does, which doesn't seem to work half the time anymore, where as this one has been 100% reliable so far. even allows you to leave it playing/casting in the background while you use your phone for whatever, like write this review in my case lol

Iva Gerlach

Ads, ads, ads, ads, and more ads. Did I mention the ads? I get it. Free apps have ads. That is reasonable. This app completely spams your device with them every minute or so. A fullscreen ad that interrupts whatever you're doing and loads the allcast app. I've been kicked out of this Google play review 7x trying to write it, by a fullscreen ad. As soon as my kids finish their movie, I'll be uninstalling this pile of steaming garbage immediately. If I could give 0 stars, I would.

Aiden McDermott DDS

This is not just any casting app, this is cast to tv. I have got to say that this app does everything I want it to - Cast to any device that I attach it to. I have not had a problem with this app at all. It's not very often that I actually pay good money as most apps are a pile of BS, but with this I actually shelled out good cash because, quite simply it is worth it. There you go! Job done!