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Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US

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Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US

5 years on, the epic Clash continues!

Assemble your forces for a bigger, better Clash!

Packed with exciting combat and fast-paced multiplayer strategy, Castle Clash is a game of epic kingdom wars! Hire powerful Heroes and equip them with legendary weapons to lead your mighty army of mythical creatures. Fight your way to become the world's greatest castle warlord. Put your strategies to the test in dungeons, raids, wars, arenas, and missions! With over 100 million players worldwide, it's always time to clash! Are you ready to conquer the world in these clan wars, defeat enemy coalitions in battle, and build the most powerful and fearsome empire?

Join the epic adventure to lead your realm’s legendary soldiers in war. Build an impenetrable fortress and crush encroaching enemy armies in the battle of clans. Invade and attack rival kingdoms to increase your power, and use different epic war strategies to defeat opponents great and small on the battlefield. Upgrade your Heroes and their weapons. Create or join a guild to defend your castle and conquer other lands and dungeons in this action-packed multiplayer strategy game.

Build a base to generate resources for war, upgrade your army, and improve your defenses to protect your medieval village. Build a legendary fortress to protect your castle and kingdom in battle. Plan your defense wisely while you send brave knights to dominate and conquer distant civilizations. Become the ultimate lord of an epic fantasy empire. Test your skills in a wide array of PvP and PvE game modes. Play solo, or in co-op modes with friends and guild mates. Forge the strongest alliances and gather your best squad. Attack, and victory shall be yours! Win the fortress war!

Play Castle Clash now and duel with players all around the world.

What you can expect in Castle Clash:

* Strengthen your Heroes with mighty Hero Skins!
* Build an impenetrable fortress in an epic medieval high-fantasy realm!
* Produce resources to upgrade your village's castle and buildings!
* Obtain and augment weapons for your warriors so they will be stronger in war!
* Choose from an array of troop units to create the ultimate army for the battleground!
* Collect and evolve dozens of powerful Heroes and legendary weapons!
* Assemble your favorite warriors for ""Squad Showdown""!
* Become best buds with adorable Pets!
* Duel fearsome bosses in this action strategy game with friends in kingdoms around the world!
* Exciting co-op and PvP/PvE combat modes, more than any other mobile strategy game!

Conquer a castle, enemy soldiers and kingdoms while you establish a defensive strategy for your own castle and village. Unleash your troops' epic potential in thrilling clan wars and campaigns. Gather and upgrade powerful Heroes to become the ultimate ruler in this amazing fantasy realm. The might of your empire shall know no bounds!

The fight for supreme rule requires both great offense and defense. Raise your army, ready your swords and shields, and prepare a magic spell or two. Are you ready to face epic challenges and battle hordes of enemies in these castle games? Are you ready to Clash?

Note: This multiplayer strategy game requires an internet connection.
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Editor's Note

Purely designed Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US has made by IGG.COM. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 18M you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US got its last update on Jan. 30, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Casimer Adams

I love this game and I've been playing it for the past 3 years. I just can't stop. This game is way too much fun. This is way better than Clash of Clans. There is just one thing. Can you guys make some kind of practice room where when you get a new hero, you can test out how strong they are by putting them up against another one of your heroes? That would be very helpful.

Winnifred Streich

heh,so I get it might be a little bad, BUT THATS JUST BECAUSE THIS APP IS VERY LARGE.(354 megabites) Of course its gonna load slow and cause some errors. it said it was a large app and asked if you wanted to download it. you all need to start reading. (I think its ok)

Dr. Adella Powlowski III

Would give five stars cause i love this game. But its hard to get soulstones, skins, an more unless you buy with money to progress and with kids an all some cant pay to get ahead. Plz try to help the ones who can't spend the money on games. the events dont even help cause they want you to buy everything. Love the game but if im stuck theres no point in playing anymore. Thank you

Brielle Lesch

Ask rating from those who spend money.Almost every event are based on purchasing gems.The game is only for those who spend money. It is very difficult to those who wants to play without spending money. U can't get soulstone easily unless u spend money. Make a fare game for those too who cant spend money.

Gina Koss

I will never support games with this many skeevy microtransactions. A shame cause this is a fun game otherwise. Really dont appreciate a ton of events that are all \"buy 2000 gems to get an entry and win prizes!\" or goals that are \"buy 100,000 gems for this reward!\" $600 is 96,000 gems when theyre not on sale. Dont appreciate that this is aimed at children.

Aiden Waters

Been playing for way too long almost 5 years now and im not sure how i feel about this game it used to be great but now without continuous spending you cant keep up. A real dissapointment this game used to be that that you EARN your titles and work your way up not spending $100 and instantly being able to devo heros... just makes no sense to older players

Dr. Araceli Vandervort Sr.

I have been playing this game for a long time my might is over 26,000 and I never by gems but lately when I farm for gems I never get them. I have been in contact with tapjoy and they say they sent me some but I never got them. Its very frustrating. Someone please help!!!

Prof. Heloise Gleichner

I played the game like 2 yrs. before and I stopped because of studies. And then I came back and it never made any disappointment to me it is very fun and relaxing to play. Look at me I have full purple heroes without lifting a penny out of my pocket.

Landen Brekke

The game is fun. Although you canbget attacked while you are not playing is a downside, the rest of the game is a really fun experience. You can attack the kingdoms that you choose, and get treasures for winning, or limited items for losing. I do reccomend this game. The controls are sort of bad, but well enough to were it is enjoyable.

Dasia Feest

So fun that I need to use the restroom XD jk I take my tablet with me everywhere, even to the toilet because this is the best game ever!!!!! (It also looks like Clash Of Clans too)