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Celebrity Cruises

Download Celebrity Cruises apk for free.

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Celebrity Cruises

All guests can download and use our app for free onboard. No internet package is required. Here is a list of features which vary from ship to ship as we move toward a complete rollout.

- Sign into your account to view your booked cruises
- Check into your cruise
- Save daily activities to your calendar
- Explore complete deck plans
- Make specialty and Celebrity Select dining reservations
- Reserve shore excursions while onboard
- Link reservations for cruise planning, including dining and shore excursions, with other guests
- Access your real-time onboard expense account

Here’s a list of ships where the app is available:

- Celebrity Constellation®
- Celebrity Edge®
- Celebrity Equinox®
- Celebrity Millennium®
- Celebrity Reflection®
- Celebrity Summit®

We continue to develop and enhance the app and are looking for your ideas and feedback. Email [email protected] and tell us what you’d like to see in the future.

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Celebrity Cruises from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Celebrity Cruises is 1.13.2. You need to have Android 23 and above to install the apk. Celebrity Cruises made by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Sabrina Rau

Very handy ....love the app! Please add more ships. I was disappointed last year to find the eclipse wasn't on it but will be on the refection next year so I'm sorted!!

Arch McLaughlin

I use to carry the daily activity list but it is just a list, with the app I can look at the upcomfewing events, hit a button and it brings up all information needed. if you want to do an activity add it to your calendar and you have your daily plan. Also I like the dinning portion of the app, you can see menus, hours and if they are open. Your account is available and you can use the app as a way to text other family and friends on board.

Mr. Antwon Batz PhD

it was convenient to have during the cruise to see what activities and such were going on. However, the schedule wasn't always updated. There was also no easy way to have it retain the filtering preferences nor did it default to the time of day. Finally, it would be a great improvement if the app had a messaging feature so that parties cruising together could coordinate whereabouts.

Mr. Enrico Spencer

calendar didn't match the events on the ship. sad because I missed half of the activities I wanted to do onboard celebrity reflection. would be nice if they added a messenger feature where you could text other people who are in your party and GPS where you could see the current position and where the future ports are on the same map.

Joan Mayert

nice app. very helpful on cruise, and it's mostly accurate. we only had a couple of instances where the app said something would be on the menu that night but it wasn't (and server said that been true for weeks). or some activity was supposed to occur at 4 pm, but the app said 3 pm. probably 99% accurate

Estevan Maggio

the app installs and seems to accurately track your bill, albeit a day late. the activities are shown but the times are not accurate. they gave me all kinds of excuses about the time wasnot set right on my phone, etc. I eliminated each explaination one by one until they finally told me to come back when the expert was there. they have a nice day planner component but if you have an open seating, you can't save the appointment. there us regularly a long line of people ay the desk trying to get it

Dr. Sherman Spinka

some functions work as expected but it isn't fully developed and user friendly. Has potential. After a week of using its calendar of events it was able to replace the paper copy. There is no way to add your personal schedule to it. It did not add the specialty dining scheduled times to my calendar even when scheduled several days in advance. Captain club events are not added to your calendar. You can go on about some functions you would expect which were not there or didn't function properly.

Marvin Romaguera

The messaging function doesnt work. The daily calendar had events in it that disappeared after the first day. The map of the ship was handy and the separate event schedule was useful for knowing what things were happening where on the ship.. All in all, a work in progress

Virginia Braun II

Very functional, handy, few bugs - especially for a new app. I highly recommend installing and using this app both before and during your cruise. You do not have to pay for internet to use the app onboard. Thank you, Celebrity! Great job!

Jude Erdman

never worked. first of all told us it would sync with information when we boarded, which is not helpful if your trying to get ready and plan events. Then after boarding sign in was not automatic and took 2 visits to guest services and one to the internet cafe. still the app did not synchronize and no information ever available for entire journey. checked back with internet cafe twice without solution and met many other people who had given up or continued to check every couple days.