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CFL Football Frenzy

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CFL Football Frenzy

Run, pass and kick your way to victory with your favourite team in CFL Football Frenzy. In this high-paced arcade football shootout game, you can create and customize your own Rookie, build your team by opening card packs and lead your team to a Grey Cup victory in season mode.

Experience quick play action, explosive power-ups and fast-paced football! CFL Football Frenzy is easy to play and fun for everyone!


Play all sides of the ball in authentic 3 down action. Experience unique Canadian game play with a wider field, waggles and Rouges

You asked and we listened! Take on your friends in the new and exciting multiplayer mode! Do you have what it takes? Win gems for each victory.

Get card packs to customize your 17-man roster. Cards found in packs represent over 140 CFL players and are available in a base Bronze card, Silver and Gold while select stars contain rare Diamond cards to be collected in their set

Exciting overtime-style shootout games with all of the fast-paced, colourful arcade action you can handle

No pass option? No problem. You can now fully control your QB to scramble out of the pocket! We've added over 10 new plays to add more depth to your playbook. Plus, show the other team you’ve got the loudest fans in the league to psyche out your opponent's kicker MAKE SOME NOISE! New 8 vs. 8 format means more ways to run and pass your way to victory

Play as your favourite CFL teams and lead them to a Grey Cup victory in Season mode

Use explosive power-ups like the BOOM BALL to make big plays!

Dress up your team in hilarious costume sets including a brand new Super Hero set. Mix and match your uniforms with vikings, zombies, sharks and more

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Need help or just want to tell us how the make game better? Get in touch and let us know.

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Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the CFL Football Frenzy from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of CFL Football Frenzy is 3.1.9. You need to have Android 22 and above to install the apk. CFL Football Frenzy made by CFL Mobile very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Dave Nicolas

great fun game. love the quick style and ability to level up. basic play calls keeps it light. only negative is that you can exit out during a game (multiplayer or season) if you are making mistakes ans restart your whole series. need to fix that bug and save each play of a drive so people dont cheat and have extra chances during multiplayer.

Jeanette Gutkowski V

This game is flawed entirely. While there is nothing inherently wrong with it, the game is incredibly slow paced. While i'm not expecting a Madden Mobile experience, i'm looking for a CFL game that's reasonably exciting and represents the fast paced nature of our game. The pay to win concept is pointless as nobody over the age of 2 would pay money for better cards in a boring game. I know i'm not a game developer but I feel like a Super Tecmo Bowl kind of experience would be way more enjoyable.

Angela Gottlieb

I felt previous version where more exciting tackling and avoiding tackles and more plays on offence. good little game would be nice if more challenging...multiplayer would be cooler if you actually played I real time not waiting days to finish such a short game

Dr. Luella Rice

Actually quite entertaining once you get the hang of it, simplified without a way to design your own plays yet but cool enough since I never played any NFL video games so not much to compare to, however it works for me! Cheers ?

Jack Schmitt

This was a great game until then this so i scored and it gave me 2 point coversion cfl score field goals and your does not if u put in the effort i thank you thats all if u make that update again i real realy thank you thank you.

Willie Hoppe

It's fun but getting a gold card player doesn't seem to increase your chances at winning. A high rank team and a beginner rank team play the same and the high rank doesn't appear to have any advantages.

Dr. Antonio Lind

A couple bugs, 1. Sometimes it won't let me hike or pause so I have to reload the game, this happend one time when I was on multiplayer and I had to stop it and the person that I was playing against called me a loser, 2. It freezis a TON! If these things can get fixed please do so. It is still a great game.

Sandrine Schmidt

Overall it's a really good game,I would like it to be a little more fast and realistic, but I would play if you're a fan of football

Shanie Beahan

update plzz nd I bought a pack nd didn't get it but cool game

Xavier Flatley

Playing defense is basically a waste of time when they pass. All I do is blitz with my middle linebacker.