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Character Generator: Develop your story characters

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Character Generator: Develop your story characters

Develop strong writing habits!

The app aims to be your daily companion for writing stories or creating characters limited just by imagination.
The strong social component of the app will give you the chance to have your stories read & shared by friends and members of the community.

Create, manage, publish & share your stories. You can chose to write your own stories or read other members' stories in genres like Romance, Action/Thriller, Misfortune/Drama, SciFi/Space, Murder, Fantasy/Magic, Horror/Suspense, Mystery and more.
Continue developing the story and growing its characters to the point where your story becomes a fully immersive book.
Don't worry about writers block. Often updated weekly writing prompts can help inspire you to write better & better.

Character development
Create detailed characters which you can guide through exciting challenges that will define their traits. Add profile pictures for your characters so you make sure you will never forget a face. You can have fun and enjoy the surprising names, traits and biography of randomly generated characters.
Name the characters to your heart liking or use the random name generator to create surprising names.

Get your story discovered
Have your own story to tell? Get it discovered through the power of community and technology inside the application. Share an original story with our community who are there to cheer you on throughout your writing journey.

Read original stories
Discover stories from around the world! Whatever you’re into reading—romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, action adventure, fantasy, young adult fiction, or fanfiction—it’s all here. So whether you’re looking for more LGBT meet-cutes, cyberpunk fairy tales, or new techno thrillers to devour, you’ll find it all, and so much more, on this app.

Connect with a community of story-lovers
When you join the appliation, you become a member of an international community of story-lovers. Connect with other passionate readers & writers, comment directly in stories.

Editor's Note

Purely designed Character Generator: Develop your story characters has made by Rubendramirez. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 14MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Character Generator: Develop your story characters got its last update on May 9, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Prof. Nicolas Cummings

this app is horrible and the translations are horrible and the grammar. Every time i type in a challenge it will refer to my character as a male instead of a female and some people might find that sexist. It won't let me customize my background or go back to delete or change up my character and it does the same thing with my actual story. The controls are terrible because every time I try to click on something it goes to some weird website or does something completely different.

Quinton Nitzsche

I love this app so much. The community is great and perfect for me to share my storys. They welcome constructive criticism really well. The only thing I think could make this app a 5 star is the project function. It might just be me, but I don't think there's a back button. When I want to reference another character, I have to press the back function on my phone and then press the project again. Other than that, I love it!

Prof. Dallas Towne

I found the character workshop to be incredibly useful, along with the challenges for the characters. However, there are a few problems. Many of the instructions are in broken English. This isn't too much of a problem, since most of the time I can figure out what they're supposed to say, but it can be bothering. The bigger problem is the placement of the save button, which is often blocking the text box and makes typing more difficult.

Danial Rohan

Love the app! I decided to update this cause it wouldn't let me access anything but then when i did, all my characters were deleted from my projects! I don't understand why but now I just might have to start all over on all projects. Other then that, its a great app! but i don't know if i will be able to get them back. ???? (Update) So half of them came back. but only a few. I waited a day to see if it will at least come back and it did but now they are all scrambled up. I guess Ill fix it.

Tremaine Jaskolski

I've has this for a day but I already see the insane amount of work put into this. The only thing I would say is that the grammar needs work, a lot of work. I appreciate that the 'Gender' option for the characters has more than just Male and Female.

Oceane Hilpert

Ooh, this is so good for getting the plot going for the storyline of a video game, I'm clapping with excitement! To whomever reads this, try it! Thank you for making this app commit exist! A suggestion is to be able to change the challenges and whatnot to be tailored more toward the theme that one selects. One thing I ran into though, when I try to add a photo and select gallery, nothing shows up. Other than that, I must say, this app is heading into a great direction and has alot of potential!

Einar Altenwerth

I think the idea behind this app is perfect. It's wonderful for getting the writing process going. Great for brainstorming and getting to know your characters more intimately. The app itself is imperfect, but only due to trivial things that may bother any writer a great amount such as typos and bad grammar. Either way, this app has already (I just got it today) been a huge help to my creative shortcomings.

Mrs. Billie Abernathy

It's a good app! I love the fact it offers up challenges and the like for you to really get into the mindset of the character. Though when I get alerts for new challenges they never seem to have shown up. The add photo feature in and of itself could use some work because when I go to choose the 'select from gallery' option it does nothing. Hopefully it's a work in progress. A few easily overlooked grammar issues as wellb but overall a wonderful app!

Myrtle Beer

I am enjoying this app and it does have some helpful ideas, tips, and guidelines. i wish the writing prompts were better, and there were more challenges to choose from. Something I would enjoy as a bonus is an option to split off a side note. Thinking of an idea for a story section and need to write the note down go to add and notes. I just change screens right now to my notepad. Otherwise this is a great app and I highly enjoy and appreciate its helpfulness.

Maggie Lubowitz

Although this is a good app, it is kind of glitching. I didn't really use it so I tried to delete it. It won't let me delete the app. It might be a problem with my phone, but my phone lets me delete other apps, all except this one.