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Character Story Planner

Download Character Story Planner apk for free.

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Character Story Planner

This app creation is intended to be used for planning character development
It featured the list of detail that user need to fill for creating character story
Character planner is targeted for writer which involve in creating games such as RPG maker or other engine, books, plays, etc and everyones who wants to plan to create the story from character detail background

Its function for creating character by character planner chart will draft your character idea to be used in building up your character for story-based project.(Novel, drama, RPG)
Function included in character planner :
- Make list of character
- Send your Character draft
- Create your own custom character detail
- Create relation between character
- Group the character by series
- Ask others for opinion

Next Update:
Content Generator
Drawing Sheets
Share and save Character between User from Cloud

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Mossie Bradtke Jr.

I didn't realize that the characters I was writing for my story were so \nunderdeveloped. This app has been very helpful in making my people more \nreal and it's easy to use. I haven't been able to make the chat room work \nthough, but it may just be my network. Edit: Chat room works on a different \nnetwork, but discussion in it doesn't make sense. Would love to be able to \nwork on PC also. I don't know if that option is available yet.

Sarina Kozey

For a start, it does what it says it does. So, that's good. Although, it \ndoesn't just plan characters so it could just be called story planner. But, \nthe app has a few tag along features like a chat that clearly hasn't been \nthought through entirely. It does do its job and it is obviously very \nhelpful but the layout isn't /entirely/ clear though it could be argued \nthat it is actually intuitive. Simply, the layout isn't universal but is \nusable

Sophie Quigley

Edit: I got a new phone and everything is gone now. I love this app it is \nreally great, I do have a few suggestions and one question. There should be \na species category, and maybe some examples in the boxs cuz sometimes I \ndon't understand what they are asking me. One more suggestion they should \nlet us make are own category, that be nice. My question however is if we \nmake a custom box thingy for the character will it show up in the other \ncharacters profiles? If not can you make it do that? Thanks. Overall I love \nthe app, it's great.

Nichole Gulgowski

I loved this app. I used it all the time and write loads of information about lots of different characters, and I mean lots of them. That was until today... I was on the app when I realised that more then half of them was missing. Me being me turned the app off and started it again when that was it. Everything was gone and I could no longer great new characters... So I would like to earn people that this app will someday get rid of EVERYTHING you done and stop u from creating more. This is seriously so upsetting as it was a such a useful app

Raymundo Ferry

It's a great app, but updates are few and far between. A Cloud Feature was \npromised, but since my original review back in August of 2016, this hasn't \nhappened. Exporting to .PDF doesn't export the Custom field on characters, \neither. Not to mention data can't be transferred from device to device. So, \nit lives and dies with it unless you back up to an SD card. Those with \nNexus 7 like me are screwed in that area. These essential features need to \nbe added.

Abner Larson Sr.

Oh! I love this app!!! I didn't know there was a chat section! It's amazing, good for making storylines!❤❤ I've gotta say, I am verry happy I found this app!! It helped me develop my world, characters, magic weapons and other stuff for my book! If you would like to read it it's on Wattpad, it's called Days. My books still a work in progress tho so XD If you happen to read this I really recommend it, if you want to create a book or even a game series, or if your roleplaying online or in real life. Like dungeons and dragons, or like magic the gathering XD

Linwood Kilback

All in all this app is really great. It really helps to develop in depth characters and has really helped me build fantasy worlds. However, I am in constant fear that I will lose my characters and worlds because I can't seem to find a way to save them onto my device or to my Google drive. I don't don't know if that's that's just me, or if there really isn't a way to do that. Anyway, I really love this app and highly recommend it to budding writers!

Dana Wiza

It's really nice. I would advise it to people who don't think too much into their characters because it has a box for everything. You can go deep into the character's past, personality, and everything. And that's not even talking about the ability to describe worlds, items, and scenes. You can even back up the stuff onto and SD card. The only problem I have is I can't type on the dialogue part for scenes. Is this just me?

Ms. Noemy Cole

I looovveee ittt, so far it is great. but i hope you add some features to make it complete : 1. Organization/community (not the online community or organization involved in character), the details about organization/community 2. Please fix the Location and Scene title, when I create a location, the font title is too big only for one long word. Make it smaller plz. 3. Can you add timeline to arrange the Scene and Location? (Optional) Thank youuu

Dora Kutch

Definitely the best story planning app out there. I recommend using it with another app called Writeometer to track your book's progress. Character Story Planner has tons of organization methods to choose from. It is not limited to just character planning. Considering it's free, they really put a lot of effort into it. I haven't even noticed any ads so far and I've been using it for a while.