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Checkbook - Account Tracker

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Checkbook - Account Tracker apk icon

Checkbook - Account Tracker

An easy & quick way to manage your daily finances! Checkbook keeps track of your credit card charges, cash expenditures...etc. With Checkbook application, it can totally replace your paper checkbook register. You can create multiple accounts with start balance, save recurring transactions, transfer funds, view reports & graphs, export data...etc. You can even search the transaction by crossing your finger on the calendar! All details of the Checkbook are well designed to provide excellent experience.


*Export your ledger in CSV Format

-Show all your monthly transactions as points on the calendar.
-Track transactions by tapping a date on the calendar.

*Recurring Transactions
-Save a transaction to be used repeatedly(daily, weekly, 2 weeks, monthly, tire monthly), without retyping all the details.

*Multiple Accounts
-Track as many accounts as you need.

-Supports multiple categories with beautiful icons to choose from.

*Payee & Note
-All details you need to keep track of your transactions are including.

-Quickly search for transactions by account name, payee, notes and category.
-Search and edit transactions in the same screen.

-Transfer funds from one account to another.

*Reconcile Transactions
-Reconcile your transactions by editing cleared/un-cleared status

*Reports & Charts
-Review all your expense & income by category or account with beautiful graphs and reports.
-You can set the time period to daily, weekly, monthly & yearly.

-Protects your private information.

-Supports multiple currencies.

*Elegant, Powerful & User friendly interface

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Editor's Note

Purely designed Checkbook - Account Tracker has made by Appxy. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 15 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 14M you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Checkbook - Account Tracker got its last update on Nov. 19, 2018 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Karolann Lynch

The Ledger app I've used for years is no longer supported or available. I've been searching for an app with the same features and functions to replace it. This app is a simple, straightforward ledger, maintaining transactions (with running balance) for multiple accounts. It loses a star for rather excessive permissions (I can't back up without allowing access to contacts? Why?)

Prof. Mason Turcotte I

So love the app itself but don't trust the export feature. Switched phones and made a point to export my checkbook first. On the new phone I tried to open the file and what was sent to me was essentially a blank file. My fault for not done checking it worked before I finished transferring my phones but, I saw I received the email saying that the file was exported and trusted it. So the app and general is great just don't trust the export.

Arnold McLaughlin

The recurring payments option does not work the way I would assume. For example, if I delete a recurring payment on my register, it deletes the recurring payment altogether (not desirable). Also, I don't see way to easily add future recurring payments to the register. For example, I'd like to \"pay\" my bills for the next 2 weeks in the register, so I can forecast my running balance. So unless I'm doing it wrong, the recurring payment section is close to useless. If the recurring payment was adjusted, this app would fit all my needs. I am a premium user.

Anibal Reichel

Used it for a year, then every transaction closed or asked to restart app only to prompt an upgrade price and ad. I cleared cache, did backups, and still is THE ONLY APP on my tablet that closes after you hit enter. It is a simple app if you are looking for the basics, but now I am checking around for something that allows more then one transaction before closing or restarting.

Ms. Zola Bayer

I have been using this app for a while and now the calculator is not working. I recalculated the balance 5 times and found that it was reading that I had 200 less then what u really do. the only reason I use this app is because it will tell me what i actually have in my account after Bill's and now it is miscalculating. will be finding a new one.

Sadye Kling

So far, so good. It does exactly what I wanted - replaces the paper check register that I carried. I am always on top of my register, but in a hurry could do incorrect math or incorrecrly write in information. This makes it nice and easy and I don't have to worry about my sloppy handwriting. I only wish it had a failsafe like cloud backup or a way to ensure it is saved.

Colleen Labadie

So far so good. It does exactly what I need it to do, which is to track where my money is going. I use to use expense IQ but they only let me separate my money in to 3 categories without having to pay a monthly fee. No thanks.

Bernardo Torphy

I love the app. I have been using a paper ledger for ages and it bothered me when I didn't balance down to the penny. I love how this app does the math for you and it enables you to highlight the transactions as they clear. My only qualm is with the keyboard that pops us and how sensitive it is. I wish it would let me use my phone's keyboard.

Harrison Collier

nice app. I use to have a differant app that is not out there anymore and so I switched to this one. I wish there was a couple more features or options. i wish i could put a transaction in as a deposit and then put the same dollar amount in the withdraw to canx itself out. something I like to do with keeping track of a credit card I use like a debit card.

Federico Schuster

Had to change my five star review to a one star. After the last two updates, transactions are being set to cleared on their own. Transactions go missing. Lost the ability to select more than one transaction. Just a mess now. Cannot recommend. Looking for another check book register app..