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ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List

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ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List

ChefTap is the only recipe app that can automatically clip recipes from any website.

No, really. No highlighting text, no cutting and pasting, and no list of ‘supported sites’. Just share any English language web page with ChefTap directly from your mobile browser and it’ll take care of the rest.

ChefTap's recipe clipper clips recipes from any website and saves them in your own permanent archive so you'll never lose another recipe again. Have a favorite food blog? No problem! ChefTap will clip those recipes too and give you a link to the original post in case you want to refer back to it.

ChefTap is grocery lists let you create grocery lists out of the ingredients in your recipes. ChefTap figures out what you need from the store and combines like items. ChefTap also figures out what section of the store each item on the list is located and sorts the whole list by aisle.

When it’s time to cook, ChefTap displays recipes in a kitchen tested easy-to-read format on both phones and tablets. The recipe scaling feature lets you adjust the yield for any recipe you clip.

You can also search millions of recipes on the web and import them into your collection without ever leaving the app. Tap the search icon in "Feed Me!" to start your search.

- Clip recipes from any website or blog
- Automatically import your entire recipe box from or Epicurious
- Adjustable text size for easy reading on your phone or tablet
- Save pictures of recipes from the web site, or attach your own
- No network connection required to view your clipped recipes.
- Sort by favorites, new recipes, recently prepared, recently viewed or alphabetically
- Create your own tags like ‘Paleo’, ‘Vegetarian’, 'Cocktails' or 'Gluten-Free' so you can stay organized
- Edit any recipe on your device
- Tablet specific layouts for every size tablet
- Clip and save up to 15 recipes without an account

Sign up for a free account and get all of the above plus:
- Clip and save up to 100 recipes
- Try out smart shopping lists that automatically create grocery lists from your recipes
- Try out intelligent recipe scaling that can even recognize written numbers like 'half a cup'
- Sync devices with website (cloud backup) Once / week
- View and edit your recipes online at

Sign up for a ChefTap Pro website account and get all of the features above plus:
- Clip as many recipes as your device will hold
- Unlimited grocery lists
- Unlimited access to recipe scaling
- Sync devices with website (cloud backup) Unlimited
- Sync devices with each other: Unlimited
- Send recipes to clip from your desktop
- Priority support

ChefTap can keep you organized in the kitchen so you can spend more time with family and friends.
We are actively working on ChefTap, and we will be adding new features, including sharing recipes, meal planning, and more. We appreciate your feedback. Please visit our website,, and tell us which features you'd like to see.

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List is 1.0.0. You need to have Android and above to install the apk. ChefTap Recipes & Grocery List made by Mindframe Design, LLC very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Edyth Marquardt

Really, 2.5 stars. I've been a paying, pro member for nearly 2 years. This has been the only thing that's ever allowed me to keep my recipes organized. I love the ability to clip recipes from websites (a mostly seamless process in some ways, but keep reading), edit recipes, scale recipes... it's all just great. So what's not to like? This is a huge problem for me, maybe not so much for others, but I don't like internet browsing on my mobile devices. So I use the cheftap website to clip most of my recipes while I'm browsing recipe sites from my desktop computer. Then it takes DAYS and in some instances OVER A WEEK for the recipe to show up on BOTH the website and on the app on my phone (which I use in the kitchen when I'm cooking). It's as if I haven't clipped anything for that amount of time and it doesn't matter how many times I tell cheftap to sync (which I should be able to do an unlimited number of times, since I'm a pro member). Customer support was very unhelpful when I asked them about this. This is VERY annoying and would be a deal-breaker if there was any other app out there that was similar, but I can't find one.

Miss Samantha Lind

ChefTap is my go-to cookbook. We have always prepared fresh meals for our family for the last 30 years. I only wish that ChefTap had been available from the start. I still don't know how it so successfully separates the blog data from the recipe ingredients list and directions but it does. Then gives you the option of making a categorical grocery list for you. The only thing I would like to see as an improvement is the ability to customize grocery market rows in the order of the store I frequent.

Lillie Altenwerth DDS

i can't live without this now. no more food going to waste in the fridge, shopping has become quicker and more efficient. if there isn't already this feature, i would love to be able to export shopping lists so i can send to people who dont have the app.

Mr. Rosario Borer DDS

Really useful. Clipping recipes mostly works very well even with websites that look like they might not be compatible, and I love being able to scale the quantities so easily. Nicely laid out too, makes the recipes easy to follow, while the tags make them easy to find.

Janis Flatley

I tried 9 other similar apps \u0026 none had as much flexibility \u0026 as many features as ChefTap does. I've been using the free version for a while \u0026 adore it! Just went with the Pro version when I hit my 100 recipe max, but some of those other pro features included are more helpful than I thought they'd be. ChefTap is one of the few apps in the world I actually think is worth the money.

Daniella Fisher

Great for saving recipes from the web! I've come close to switching to other recipe apps, but this one keeps me coming back because I can save recipes from just about any website very easily.

Sabrina Yundt

Works great. Some cites wouldn't let you copy the recipe but they keep working to make more cites compatible. I'll probably upgrade to the pro version soon.

Prof. Christa Nicolas

I love ChefTap. I have been using it for several years and it just keeps getting better. I was disappointed when they stopped supporting my old Kindle Fire but I understand it.

Cleve Fisher

This is an awesome app, not only for recipes! I also use it to save instructions for craft projects too! Love this app!

Alexane Quigley

I like the app, but sometimes it is difficult to import recipes (nothing happens when trying to import). Outside of that it is great.