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Chess for Kids - Play & Learn

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Chess for Kids - Play & Learn

Play Chess the FUN way with the ultimate chess app for kids - and for parents & coaches too! Learn everything from the basic rules to advanced strategies of the world's greatest brain game, all with an app that is AD-FREE and 100% SAFE for kids.

- Play chess for FREE with kids from around the world!
- Challenge the ChessBots - perfect for all skill levels!
- Improve your game with hilarious kid-friendly videos!
- Sharpen your skills with 1000s of tricky puzzles!

(Chess games are unlimited and completely free to play. Puzzles and Videos are unlimited for Gold members. Kids cannot chat or make friends with anyone without explicit parental
permission. Parents have full control over kids’ accounts.)

ChessKid is built by - #1 in online chess!

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Chess for Kids - Play & Learn from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Chess for Kids - Play & Learn is 2.3.1. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. Chess for Kids - Play & Learn made by very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Amir Ratke

My kid loves chesskid lessons, playing against other chesskids, and solving puzzles. FM (Fun Master) Mike is a great instructor in short video segments. Browser experience is better than mobile app, but the app is fine.

Jazlyn Berge

this app is so stupid i hate it it doesnt increase my rating but decreases it please no one and i mean no one should download this app . I will make sure none of my family members and friends dont download this app. i would have given them 0stars but i cant

Leonie Emard

This is great for kids and actually help teachers kids. in online mode, its impossible for any hate or bad influences to your child, yourself or you're student, ect. THIS SHOULD NOT be blocked in any way. Reccomend it!

Lorenzo White

When trying to install this app on my Fire tablet, it gives me two devices to install it to, which are my phones, and not my Fire. The app doesn't see my Fire. Why would that be?

Prof. Arnulfo Daniel

I learned many things and became a better chess player and its actually really fun!

Maida Von

My kids is actually good at the game 2397 trophies. I want to inspire him more.This is kids best game ever

Vernon Johnston DDS

I got so angry they never gave me points and it's a clickbait this sucks it made the opponent get point but when I do the same thing no points it just subtracted points. I would give this a zero. And they would always replay lesson If you see this Don't install. Plus it wastes to much space. I just feel like this game is insulting me. Wow I thought this was a great app turned out to suck.

Estevan Bins

I like this game 50/50. For one, when you have finished done some puzzles, it tells you have a daily limit. If you want to continue, you've got to be a good membership. For me, to get a gold membership you have to join the after school chess club and stay there. If you leave the club, you loose your membership. That's what happened to me and I got annoyed.

Dominic Bahringer

updated...chess kid got back to me quickly and even with a hickup they helped get us set up. thank you! mybson truly enjoys this app with all the videos and games to play.

Dr. Nasir Lang

My previous feedback is below where I gave disappointing rating due to payment issue. Now that's being sorted and my extra payment refunded by ChessKid, I have given 5 star. There is no issue with the application itself. One of the best I would say. My son is enjoying it again. Thanks to ChessKid for sorting out the payment issue. _____________________________________ I have given disappointing rating because I purchased Gold membership for one year few months back for my son. Initially it worked fine then my Gold membership revoked automatically. I sent many emails. Initially there was response too and they said they will fix it but never fixed it. Infact they stopped responding. Very disappointed with their support. And now today again I paid full one year amount to buy it again. So double the amount paid. 4-6 months lost.