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Christmas Bingo Santa's Gifts

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Christmas Bingo Santa's Gifts

Are you ready to scream BINGO!? Welcome to the best live bingo experience in the world! Because we know the Xmas spirit is blitz bliss, we proudly introduce you the totally renewed festivity themed game, with tons of Xmas decorations, music, and animated snow to cheer your gameplay with your favorite season of the year! Play in our different hall rooms and enjoy playing with other Christmas enthusiasts the 365 days of the year! Don’t you want that Xmas last a little bit longer? The gifts, the traditional flavors, the smell of Christmas trees, lights everywhere and a peace sensation are more than enough reasons to love this holiday. Play Loteria bingo tournaments and have unlimited hours of fun with the classic bingo rules and different new modalities to discover. Try the real bongo experience in the multiplayer bingo challenges, the new bingo slots mix, and many other Santa’s gifts that are waiting to be unwrapped!

✨?✨ Win amazing bonus, free chips & more while the color blast of Xmas lights amuse you! Are you ready to live the bingo! scream? Download NOW Santa's Christmas Bingo Free on Google Play Store!!! ✨?✨

It’s Christmas time! We can smell it in the air. Save this amazing season & recreate it anytime you want playing your favorite game with the most incredible features in the market. Play offline in those moments while coming back home, play online and experience the real bingo live excitement; stress free guarantee, as the connection won’t get lost in the middle of a game. Our responsive & quick interface ensures a high quality gaming experience, with stunning Xmas animations, themed bingo cards, gifts, and much more surprises! Pop & classic Xmas holyday music will be playing in the background to complete the Christmas sensation! Earn special trophies & medals as special achievements; with them, you’ll be able to unlock more skins & themes like Biker Santa, Shiny nose Rudolph & many other funny animated bingo cards.

❄?❄ Change the caller and use your favorite Xmas character! Have fun while snowman, Frosty, Rudolph, Santa, Santa’s wife, cute penguins and many other funny characters scream the numbers in Fast-Paced bingo action! Download NOW Santa's Christmas Bingo Free on Google Play Store!!! ❄?❄

Listen to all our funny sound effects, listen the pop of the balls falling. Use special Xmas markers & change the theme of your cards every time you want! Use power ups to increase your earnings, and increase your chances of winning by playing up to 4 cards! Have a favorite card with specific number sets? Save it and customize your own lucky card, bet, and play it as many times you want! Choose the amount of cards to daub and place custom bets for each card. Enjoy our HD graphics, plus all of the wonderful content to discover!

? Play with no restrictions, no limits and with tons of rewards and bonuses! Be part of our community & play in special events! Start playing NOW Santa's Christmas Bingo Free on Google Play Store!!! ?

*** Features of the Game***

☃ No deposit required, all content is free
? Online Leaderboards
☃ Several Rooms and a Lobby to Chat
? Low battery & Memory Consumption
☃ Offline Mode!

?? Become the Xmas superstar while enjoying the best themed game among other bingo games Download NOW Santa's Christmas Bingo Free ??

Editor's Note

Well known Christmas Bingo Santa's Gifts is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Christmas Bingo Santa's Gifts developed and announced by Dynamic Games Ltd.. Current version of the apk file is 6.5.8 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Sept. 6, 2018. Also Christmas Bingo Santa's Gifts is very famous in Board category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Christmas Bingo Santa's Gifts if your device android version is Android 16 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Rebeka Mueller

Since March 13th, 2019 I haven't been able to play Christmas Bingo. The game won't open. As well as with the daily bonus it won't let me see a video to collect the double coins. This situation has been since March 1st, 2019. Please fix these issues. It'll be Appreciated. Thank You for your help. I Appreciate It.

Dr. Brent Williamson

I absolutely love how this game says you can withdraw your consent to have personal information used for advertising data collection but then if you do it kicks you out of the game and won't let you play unless you consent. I don't mind giving my consent to certain entities, but I sure as Samwise Gamgee ain't giving it to you. Reporting to Google play for not stating on app store description that accepting this is REQUIRED to play.

Kole Tromp

Numbers are called faster than usual and the bells make it a bit difficult to see if/when you actually have a bingo. But the early levels let you have a lot of bingos so you can stockpile your inventory, and boosters can be purchased with in-game coins instead of real cash, which is a big plus.

Darrin Tremblay

use to love this game but now it sucks, ask you to sign in to Facebook and if you dont it keeps asking. I dont have fb. then now you have to accept the ads or you can't play. well guess i find me a different bingo cause the new updates sucks. goodbye

Madisyn Kub

After making it to level 424 it just stoped working . Extremely dissappointed as I was really enjoying playing this game. I am going to uninstall and start over and hope it doesn't happen again. Please get this isxue fixed, this is a really great game other than this issue. Thanks

Vincenza Adams

Acquiring the puzzle pieces to earn more points is sketchy at best. Some levels you acquire a few and then it stops letting you acquire any more, and other levels it won't let you acquire any. Otherwise, it's ok

Green Kemmer DDS

Christmas and I love Bingo so combining the two was awesome. I love the fact that it is offline so you don't have to have internet to play this game and that's very high chance of you actually getting Bingo on almost every game which is always fun when you went a little bit you always lose it gets boring and you don't want to anymore

Prof. Ethel Oberbrunner

Great bingo, player can actually earn chips and keep playing. Climbing to a higher level doesnt take a week or two of playing. Am upto level five and nearly done with the first puzzle. Brightly colored, attractive boards and cards.

Mrs. Winnifred Murphy

I absolutely love this bingo! ,well in actuality, I love all the bingo games that Dynamic Games make...getting bingos happens way lots,payouts are great,,and I love how the many different type themes there are! keep up the good work!! And Thank you!

Bette Gibson

This game cheats I play offline just to play by myself for a stress releaver but its anything from that because you end up playing against the computer who of course cheats. I could go 20 numbers without one number I need so of course you dont win I like how it has many different game boards but when your offline it needs an option to be able to shut this off so you can play alone its really bad when you have only 8 bingos and over a hundred players because you will not win.