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CraZe ~ crazeapp

CraZe will push your imagination to its limits! Make nice, colorful, complex and potentially psychedelic drawings with it. Set your creativity loose to create unique pieces of art, by altering the parameters used to draw.

You start painting with your fingers, and it may seem simple at first, but when you start mixing effects, symmetry, rotations, color palettes, and brushes, is when the most awesome drawings start coming to life! The best drawings come out from not having a idea in mind, but just playful tinkering with all the available settings!

The craziest of all is using the 'CraZe Mode', where you don't draw, but just stare at chaotically beautiful images coming to life!

Enter an awesome world of symmetry, along mirrored axis' and rotations, a colorful experience, and a artistic representation of geometrical shapes altered by multiple effects, brushes, parameters, with your imagination leading it. Its like a kaleidoscope of maths and linear algebra made into a painting. People have used it for relaxation, for having a spiritual time, for brainstorming creative ideas, or just for fun and entertainment. It works perfectly with touch, with stylus, or automatic drawing. Some call it mandalas, some call it sacred geometry, but its all part of the same, how everything seems to be chaotic and yet also ordered, the abstract nature of the universe.

Editor's Note

Purely designed CraZe has made by Santiago Zubieta. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 8 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as Varies with device you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. CraZe got its last update on March 19, 2018 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Mrs. Rae Dooley

Absolutely amazing! So many options. The resolution of saved items is acceptable. What's not to love? This app should have a higher rating! It is an excellent source of inspiration for an artist. I love it! I just have a tiny suggestion. Please allow the creation of png files. These make great vector images. Currently, I take these drawings to another app to create png files. It would be nice if I had the option here. Maybe put that in a paid version. Again, I really enjoy this app. Thanks!!

Daniella McCullough

I love this. makes beautiful designs and keeps me entertained for hours, but when i went to look at all the pretty pictures I had made, there was only one in the folder. I was quite sad to see that. will patiently wait for the update that fixes this! thank you! update: after I went back to check, they showed up after! I was so happy to see them! thank you so much!

Florine Zieme

Abundance of options and easy to use, allowing the creation of beautiful works of mathematically symmetrical art. I use this as a calming/meditative tool, and the dark background makes this perfect for nighttime use before I go to sleep. Minimal permissions and no ads is highly appreciated! A perfect relaxing experience.

Dr. Arch Farrell II

I LOVE this app! Total accident that I downloaded it, thinking it was something else, but that was over 1 yr ago, \u0026 I'm still on the app at least 1x per day.. \u0026 I learn something new as far as settings go, every time I use it. It would be 5 stars, but for 2 things.. #1)- I dont know how porter/duff works \u0026 you really need to include instructions with it!.. \u0026 #2)- there is no craze mode yet for the newest version. However, it is still the best accident ever, \u0026 works perfectly. Thank you Santiago!

Emma Wehner

I have played with kaleidoscopic software since personal computers were developed in the late 1970's. This program by far produces the most intricate and beautiful patterns I have ever seen. In less than a minute you can create the most magnificently detailed images imaginable. You have the urge to save these majestic images and indeed the program uniqely not only allows you to do that and send them to others but you realize quickly that you cannot save trillions of such beautiful images.

Grayce Maggio

This is a great app overall, but it could do with a bit of improvement. For example, some way to undo at least the last action taken (more would be better) would make for a very helpful enhancement. Also, I miss having a way to draw with greater precision, after the method that RADIAL provides; that would be a welcome addition. I do like the variable transparency feature, the color picker is excellent, and being able to enter various parameters using exact numbers is perfect approach.

Alva Bosco

I have had this app on my devices since it first came out. It is the only one that has constantly endured the test of time. It is a little more complicated now than it used to be, but download it and play around with the brush sizes and I like what used to be called lines from start ans gray scale and beautiful things came to be. Thank you!

Elza Goldner

Overall good game. Ideas: Opposites:Colors trasition from the original color to it's opposite color. Ex:Red transitions to green, etc... ********************************************************************************* Twilight: Blue to indigo to violet to white.

Prof. Bernadine Bashirian V

I love this app. I have it on my phone and am installing it on my PC. I can spend hours making beautiful patterns with this great app. You are such a great person to make such a beautiful app. Thank you!

Tianna Jones

This thing is totally cool, you've got to try this. I mean just crazy cool and you can save your designs too. Great for kids to just get lost in with a plethora of options available too. Just Wildly Fun !!!