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Crazy Cooking - Star Chef

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Crazy Cooking - Star Chef

New restaurant is unlocked: ? Pizzeria has its grand opening! Try to make your own tomato mozzarella salad! Enjoy the traditional italian style cuisine with us! ??

Crazy Cooking- Star Chef (Original Burger Master) is a cooking game that allows players to open different genres of restaurants! Run your classic diner to serve serves ? burger, ?fries and ??? milkshakes or open a Japanese ramen bar to cook ? delicious noodles ?! Can you act fast enough to deal with tons of orders?

? Flowery Donuts Shop is ready for unlock! Cook brand new food: Donuts with delicious cream! Enjoy cute, pinky and delicate interior design! ?

Our brand new kitty ramen bar is open! Would you like to have a bowl or ramen with pork chasu, egg and bone broth? Upgrade your interior to attract ? cats to your restaurant, customers love these adorable fury things!

Mexican restaurant provide different classic mexican food! Update your Mexican style interior decorations in the restaurant!

Also, don't forget to upgrade the American diner! Classic burger ? or BLT is always a great choice! Want some snacks ? or treats? Our Fries and Milkshake can satisfy you!

With the dream to make delicious food and serve hungry customer, let’s start with each restaurant, earn coins to upgrade the kitchen and dining room, and expand to the world eventually!

Upgrade Everything
Serve each customer as fast as you can, great service will increase tips! Upgrade the ingredient quality and offer cupcakes to make your customer even happier! Don’t forget to upgrade the restaurant appliances and ingredient quality, and create a better dining environment to attract more customers! Oh the automatic cooking machine can save you tons of time and make sure nothing is burnt!

Become a cooking master and star chef!
Life in restaurant industry is not easy. Prepare the meal ahead of time, turn the milkshake on and fry the Shrimp Tempura constantly. Also, keep an eye on the stove and do not burn the food! Serve the burger or ramen with the right ingredient that your customer asked for. With the increasing demands, you need to act fast just like in real life! You will find out this game is so addictive and time passed so fast at these busy restaurants!

Will you be able to handle the chaos and high demand? Achieve your goal to become 3 star chef! Download Crazy Cooking today!

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Editor's Note

Purely designed Crazy Cooking - Star Chef has made by TouchRun. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 15 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 97M you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Crazy Cooking - Star Chef got its last update on Feb. 22, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Rhiannon Waelchi

Love all the new restaurants. The ONLY thing I could complain about is the tapping to get the food on the plates. I love the dragging much more so I can put the food on the plates that I want. Mixing tapping and dragging slow me down (just a little) but your restaurants are VERY challenging at the end!! But great job on everything!!! Favorite cooking game of all and the most challenging!!! These resturants get very tough and fast!! I have been waiting everyday for the new resturant!!!! When???

Roslyn Wunsch

I deleted this game after about 1min of playing. First, there is NO tamer over cooking food, so you have no idea when it's going to be ready. Second, you have to drag cooked food to plates. I don't know what other failures are waiting in future and I don't want to know.

Ms. Fay Thiel V

This game is quite fun and the gameplay is what you'd expect, but hits a paywall too soon. To get past new levels you need diamonds. You can get diamonds by playing the game but not nearly enough to keep the game going. Unless you pay money of course. There is also a lack of rewards for actual skill. The only things you are rewarded for are watching ads and spending real money. The ads are excessive but at least you get something for watching them, sometimes.

Rocky Carroll

This is one of the better cooking apps I have played in a while. They offer free diamonds per day and this helps with uprades, unlike other games when the upgrades are free with the diamonds at first, but for some reason, the offers go away and your left having to pay if you want the upgrades. All I can say is please keep giving us the diamonds for watching ads. It makes it more fun to play this way. Good game so far!!

Henry Altenwerth

If you pay to remove ads, it's still there every time you open app, plus ads you can opt for bonuses (I don't mind), but bonuses are just, not good. Every upgrade minus like, 10?, across the game needs 2+ gems (super rare to get without buying them) and even spending actual money absolutely isn't worth the payout. Near impossible to get very far without spending gems within the first level or two of any place. Buttons never work as labeled. Overall, incredibly disappointing.

Casimir Crona

there is a problem serving donuts to the person standing on the left side of the counter and due to that im unable to score full points or get tips. i thought its something to do with my phone but the same problem persists when i play from my iphone too. please look into it asap. The milkshake too needs many clicks before it gets to the person. otherwise game is very interesting

Jacky Baumbach DDS

beautiful game . .hard .\u0026.much fun .but.gems are very difficult to purchase. ??need gems .always update your kitchen .then u can enjoy a lot most fun .this game is very good u can play it by two types 1) facebook .2) download the game on play store .u can also play it on facebook???

Prof. Madalyn Deckow DVM

I bought a special pack and never received coins or gems. I emailed the only email listed for the app and it's been 3 days with no answer. this game is fun but without any reply back I guess the developer is not overly concerned with customers losing money.

Dr. Danyka Shields III

Great game although it can be quite hard to get upgrades and there are some grammatical errors. For example, on the daily rewards it says \"4 st\" which obviously is incorrect. By changing these two aspects the game would be amazing

Prof. Ulises Carroll Jr.

DON'T INSTALL. I've paid to get rid of ads for this game. After payment, I kept on getting incessant prompts to install mallicious .apk files promissing Russian pornography every time an ad pops up (\u003dalways during gameplay) without even touching the ad box). I've gotten no contact after the first--which they promptly responded to--with the developer. It has been 5 days since the last. They also pretty much copied Cooking Fever by Nordcurrent. I don't know to what extent that's legal.