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Criminal Quotes

These quotes from great figures, famous women and men, invite to reflection on oneself, on the world around us, and sometimes even on the meaning of life...

« Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. » Mahatma Gandhi

« Beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance. » Jean de la Fontaine

You can browse them by seasons, keep your favorites phrases, or just give yourself a moment to meditate on the quote of the day.

A must have for all fans of the show, but not only!

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Mr. Kennith Emard PhD

Digging for gold, can't help come up with some nuggets, some a good size to show off at ramdom gatherings of those that possess ears. This app. is a time traveller that does'nt waste your time. Thinking of the truths l have and someone has put them in poetic form, easy to grasp, easy to repeat, I'm having fun with whomever comes to sit at my kitchen table. Got nothing to do, I stop to learn something. Now l see why my parents spoke so highly of some of the sayers.

Brooklyn Breitenberg

Awesome quotes! Most I haven't heard before. The app lets you look around a bit before asking you to rate it. Most apps don't let you get past the introduction before they want to see stars ??

Thalia Hessel

OMG! This is fabulous! if you watch Criminal Minds you will find all of the quotes that they use at the beginning and end of the show. Excellent app. you can go by season. you can go by random. I love this app excellent app!

Joyce Batz

i think a lot of the quotes are well said but it sad it takes a life time of broken hearts to mend our first one and sometimes one hug to calm the storms that drives our madness so we can cry a few happy tears and sleep. b.w.

Ashlynn Rath

I'm really enjoying, pleased and happy with partaking in your product(s). I highly recommend and rate Criminal Qoates A Big 5 Point Star!!??????☺️

Kimberly Walsh

like the quptes and hpe u can sace ur favorites not jist about negatives or people commiting wrongs thwy are about life and peoples views i like they even have einstein and he was def not a criminal wrll its interesting i dont see ant criminals in quotes needs work on the description of the app because i find it not conyaining much criminal ideas or.minds very misleading

Mckenzie Goodwin

it is excellent I've never felt more wise about my surroundings there is a quote for everything in this app just look

Savannah Kirlin II

started at season 1,with no probation insight,just finished season 10.

Levi Pagac

I love this app. It's a much better way to consume your time than indulging in someone else's dreams on social media.

Dr. Mariela Hagenes MD

i luv the show big fan i luv the app i used to write these down at the end always made sure i had a pen \u0026 paper