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CrossFire: Legends

The mobile version of THE most successful FPS game on the planet, CrossFire: Legends retains the overall aesthetic of its PC predecessor, now with new functionality and features that guarantee you the same smooth, addicting gaming experience on mobile devices. Millions of players all over the world can now relive the exciting action they had on PC—on mobile! You want intense gameplay? We've got it! Insane graphics? We've got those, too! And all that with the same classic mutant and PvP modes players have come to love, continuously remolded and improved to ensure players keep coming back for more! Want even more? Then check out the all-new battle royale mode, exclusive to the mobile version! With zany and thrilling sub-modes and items by the dozen, CrossFire: Legends' battle royale mode will bring new and old players alike the Crossfire experience they've only dreamed of!

1. Mutant Mode: The beloved classic from the PC version, now on global mobile for the first time! At the beginning of a match, all players are randomly divided into two factions—human and mutant. Humans need to use their weapons to kill mutants; mutants need to attack and infect humans. The battle of the species starts now!
2. TDM: Kill the required number of enemies within the time limit to win the match. Hardcore FPS fans, look no further! This simple but exciting game mode WILL make your blood boil!
3. BR Mode: It's last man standing in battle royal mode! Players can choose to join matches in solo, duo, or squad mode, and a match includes parachuting, escaping from sandstorms, looking for supplies, defeating enemies, and fighting to be the last man/team standing. More sub-modes, maps, and items added monthly. Now's the time—join the battle together with your friends and become the legend you're meant to be!

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You can download apk file of the CrossFire: Legends from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of CrossFire: Legends is You need to have Android 14 and above to install the apk. CrossFire: Legends made by Tencent Games very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Dr. Marvin Upton Sr.

overall is great but playing the game i saw the issue haven't been resolved yet. this has been going on for 9years and you cant kick out those cheater yet? i played this game for 9 years even in pc but damn you need to remove all those cheat codes. it ruins the good game even rank system exist how would you win if they exist. such a wast of money to buy items in the shop if you cant remove those cheater guys. hope you check in to this. i dont know if you review this but for 9 years your game suck

Selena Keeling

I Loveeee this game sooooo muuuch! I'm addicted to this game, I keep playing it all day and night and now I'm on level 37 1st lutienant and running to Gold S rank. And plss I have a favor, plss put a new Girl Character in the shop that can be buy PERMANENTLY through diamond, because the girl in the shop can be buy only for days. So pls put some new girl character in the shop that can be buy through diamond aside from the packs that you need to spin to get it. Thank you Creator :)

Arnoldo Kemmer

I love the game, it's just like the real crossfire on pc. But the last update was last year and it haven't changed ever since,which means no guns no anything to buy. When i was new and became good at the game i bought gems until i was VIP 5 but suddenly became bored because there's no guns to buy and it's just the same thing over and over again. I wouldn't rate the graphics low because it's as great as the one in pc but overall the game is alright it just need more new events, guns, and modes :)

Prof. Palma Mitchell Jr.

9/10 a real masterpiece. many other devs should learn from you. The Battle Royale mode is satisfying, maybe another map and some new weapons will keep it cool but even without new things it's still a great experience. Still, there is a small problem since the dropping from the plane isn't great because it is kinda slow. For the TDM, it's wholesome, no P2W, no cheats, different maps, but still ranked match making seem short, why not making it a 30 rounds at most match like CSGO. Carry on! ???

Hunter Cormier

Great mobile version. Been playing the PC version since 2007. Sucks that they can't update the game and add the modes that were on PC version. China Crossfire legends has a LOT more content than this. Sucks. I stopped playing this version because of the lack of updates. Would be nice if they got 'shadow mode' over to this version. I give it a 3 star because I still enjoy to play but they need to update the game. It's been so many months...

Scarlett Daniel

I love this game i've been waiting this for so long the graphics and controls and etc is so good. All in all is good. Just fix a little bug in, sign in daily sometimes i can't claim the reward i click it many times but still i can't claim it. But all in all is good and great well done good job. Will expect more updates.

Laron Tremblay

Yes finally?I really love it. Sana Next Update meron Na FreeForAll(FFA) at sana maging mawala na ung mga cheat sa CFL. and for the Last Sana Maging Fair Na Ung RM. kasi Sobrang hirap mag pa Rank Pag ang Kalaban Puro top 500 tapos Ako Platinum Palang Hahah.

Antone Collins

i love this game but please make some events and updates about the hackers. And also add some new modes and maps to play. And the main reason why i came here is because all about the ranked game system. Make it 24/7 don't limit us on ranked game beacause after 12 mindnight we can't play the ranked game. I hate to fight BOTS. they are kinda boring as fvk! -___- fix it thanks!

Dr. Constantin Rohan

From 5 star to 3 star. Others are playing this on computer trough bluestacks. They have better gaming experience than those who play on Phones. This is made for phones right? If players play this trough blue stacks or gamepads, they will dominate players who play fair and will start to dislike this game. I will wait for improvement.

Garret Hayes

Why we can't find our friend name in game or send friend request to him. It is work different in my phone or his phone. It shows different option in both devices. So pls improve this problem. Its take so much time for loading also and I am waiting for new update