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CubeX - Cube Solver

CubeX is a featured Cube solver that is capable of generating the shortest possible solution from any valid input state. Just enter the cube state manually or simply scan using the camera and CubeX will guide you through the steps to solve your cube in minutes!

CubeX offers two solving mechanisms. The Fridrich Solver and The Advanced Solver.

Fridrich Solver gives you a layer-by-layer solution. This solver is based on the popular Fridrich Method (or CFOP Method) of solving the Cube.

Advanced Solver can generate the shortest possible solution within seconds. Solutions to any valid state can be generated with lengths no more than 20 moves! At its core, the advanced solver is an implementation of Herbert Kociemba's Two-Phase Algorithm.

Pattern Solver helps you to reach to any valid pattern from any valid pattern on the cube, in shortest possible number of turns.

Key Features:

• Get the Shortest Possible Solutions
• Two Advanced Solving Mechanisms
• Pattern Solver
• Ability to Add and Save Custom Cube Patterns
• Manual and Camera Input
• Calibrate and Save Multiple Cube Color Palettes

CubeX is continuously under development, with more features yet to come. Any feedback and bug-reports are greatly appreciated. CubeX is free and Ad Supported. If you like the product, please support us by buying the ad-free version. Thanks!

In future updates:

• Support for different color schemes

Known Issues:

• Camera usage can be messy on some devices.

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Editor's Note

Well known CubeX - Cube Solver is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download CubeX - Cube Solver developed and announced by Divins Mathew. Current version of the apk file is and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Jan. 20, 2019. Also CubeX - Cube Solver is very famous in Puzzle category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install CubeX - Cube Solver if your device android version is Android 22 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Ms. Kailyn Marquardt

This app is amazing,i'd been trying to solve my cube for about 3 weeks and still hadnt solved it eventually i gave up and downloaded this app.solved in seconds.Not only that but it literally taught me how to solve one,i know that that isnt its purpose but still had to comment on that,also the camera input is pretty impressive though i do have a suggestion for that,you should add a brightness function so if you set the calibration at night it still works during the day,that might fix most problems

Charles Heathcote

for those of us that can't solve a Rubik's cube this app helps you solve that cube that you messed up years ago and gave up on and put in that catch all drawer. now you can proudly display your solved cube without fear that your next house guest or your kids (who can solve the cube but just love to watch you struggle with it) will hopelessly mess it up again.

Diana Weber

Awesome! My 8 year old daughter got a rubik's cube, messed it up in minutes, then asked me to fix. It was quite shocking to her when I told her I didn't know how. But now with the CubeX-Cube Solver, she's free to play with it as much as she wants and I can always fix it when she can't. It's so easy to do and I can solve the cube within minutes. This has saved me from buying hundreds of rubik's cubes when my daughter wants to start over! :)

Stacey Graham

It did what I wanted it to. Solve The cube. There are no ads. From my experience download it and you will see a solved cube in your hands. It is the best cubing app. Great job ?. I would have given you 9999999 stars. Download if you dont know how to solve!

Prof. Rashawn Kautzer

Phenomenal! I was afraid that the app called Fridrich Solver might vanish since it is no longer in the Google Play Store. This one may be better and faster. And, the camera function works! The FS app's camera confused white with yellow rendering it useless. The manual system was great, and that is what I was afraid to lose. Thank you to this developer!

Saul Prohaska

Although this app doesn't help you learn how to complete a rubik's cube, It does give you the instructions to complete a cube based on the photos you take of your cubes current state. It's not what I was looking for, BUT.. I was very impressed. My cube was solved within a few seconds of starting the puzzle! That's the only reason I give this app top marks. I will keep this app for now, just to show people how cool it is , but it's not going to teach me what I need to know to become a world champ

Alessandra Collins Jr.

it's amazing I solved it all because of this recommend but not the camera version. tips:put in on show every side near the top right corner, put in the colors and when you press solve. Do option 2 and hold the start button. A list of things will come up press slow and that's it

Ova Nienow

Very good cube solver., keeps digging for better solution. I like the pay what you can afford to remove adds. I bought the dev a smoothie. DEV: Since camera input is not great, please add drag gesture for same color on manual input - it's tedious to tap 36 times. Thanks.

Aidan Nolan

This thing is obscenely efficient at solving cubes. I don't understand how it can be so intelligent I feel like I'm living in God damn star trek sweet jesus this is cool. My rating was actually 12 stars but android hides the other 7 stars from people that haven't had their old timey minds blow.

Miss Nora Schiller DVM

This app is amazing and very accurate! It runs well with little to no ads. It helped me, a beginner at rubik's cube, to solve it in 2 minutes. It's great and every cube solver should use it.