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Cute Unicorn Caring and Dressup

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Cute Unicorn Caring and Dressup

There's a great way to test your abilities as a caretaker and that is by playing our new unicorn game, in which you will definitely have a lot of fun. Not only that you get to nurse him, but you will try something in the kitchen and in the hairstyling area. First of all, you will start the game with a little pampering. Give him a bubble bath and make sure you clean his dirty hair. After the washing, you must take the unicorn to the hair salon where you will combine natural ingredients to create a special mask. Apply it and then refresh his main color. You might also want to cut the extra hair and arrange it with a suitable hair device. Now that he is all dolled up is time for cooking. Get the dough for cupcake done and decorate it with colorful details. Feed him and fulfill his wishes when it comes to food. Now you don't have to be shy when it comes to dressing up. So, add bold colors and make this unicorn a fashion item. Combine the wardrobe we have and assemble a lovely outfit that will highlight the cool hairstyle he just got. Use your creativity and add pretty accessories to complete this vogue look of the unicorn. Do your best to accomplish all the given responsibilities and have fun by learning how to take care of a sweet animal.

This game has a variety of features you must see:
- Free and really easy to play because of the guidance along the game
- Interesting gameplay
- Simply tasks to execute and nice feedback
- Cheerful background music and cool interface
- Having a good care of a unicorn
- Personalize his hairstyle and customize his
- Becoming a designer and a caretaker too
- Gain experience in the pet area
- Learn how to cook a proper meal for a unicorn
- Nurse the unicorn, feed him and dress him up
- Create an amazing look using cool items
- Try to perfect your techniques as a caretaker

Editor's Note

The apk file of Cute Unicorn Caring and Dressup is really hard to find nowadays. But our website always here to help you to make your job done. Our experienced team has prepared the apk file for you to download and install with just a few clicks. You can always find the latest 1.0.1 version from our website and that update has announced on April 1, 2019. Cute Unicorn Caring and Dressup is a very good application but does not work with if your device is outdated. If your device is Android 9 and above you can download it for free and at a very high download speed service. Otherwise you might want to update your device or get a new one to use Cute Unicorn Caring and Dressup After you finished your installation you can also check our other applications those we provide and download them for free as well.

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Kelsi Abbott

i love this game but one thing the unicorn eats so much???

Cyrus Olson

this is a great game i think it is perfect for a 4 year old and i know lots of you love love uincorns so you should download this game right now like I said it is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cletus Balistreri

This is perfect it does,nt have much ads easy to cook,feed,bath time, dress up best game a little girl can ever ask for.Also perfect for grown-ups so play cute unicorn caring and dress up know what else it needs? Nothing!

Prof. Rosendo Zemlak

No back button, have to quit and restart. soap bar disappeared and had to restart. seems .....glitch or intentional..?

Ahmad Morar

this is very good game in the world

Miss Reyna Little

I love it and it is not bad at allllllllll and it is so cool and aosome and every day i will play it and it dosent lag at al k try it pleas i have rated it 5 stars

Marcellus Marquardt

it is a good game but when I am making food for her I tap on a fruit but it doesn't do anything

Leann Heller


Mr. Ryann Cremin

this is wonderful and Fantastic game it is so interesting but there is no no things to do there is no dress up

Carole Bayer

could have more stuff to do but overall good