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Dave: $75 Before You Get Paid

Download Dave: $75 Before You Get Paid apk for free.

Dave: $75 Before You Get Paid apk icon

Dave: $75 Before You Get Paid

I’ll help you budget for upcoming expenses and text you if you’re spending too much for just $1 per month. If you need cash fast, I’ll advance $75 from your next paycheck. No interest. No credit check.

"I invested in Dave because I got crushed by overdraft fees in my 20’s. For anyone who wants to be successful, I always advise to cut down on useless expenses and save money. Overdraft fees are the definition of useless."

***Winner of the prestigious JP Morgan 2017 Financial Solutions Lab***

BUDGET: Plan for upcoming expenses like your rent, phone bill or even places you go to often like McDonald’s.

BORROW: Instantly advance up to $75 from next paycheck. No interest. No credit check. Just pay it back in 10 days plus tip to thank me..

ALERT: If you spend more than you planned for, I’ll alert you to prevent a negative or low balance.

LIFESAVER: Dave saves the average American from $136 in overdraft fees a year.

“This $1/mo subscription appears radically reasonable beside the cost of overdraft fees ($34).” Dave advances are 0% interest. The average overdraft has an interest rate of 17,000% and payday loans are crazy expensive at 600% interest or more.”

“For Workers In A Pinch, Dave.com Experiments With No-Interest Paycheck Advances”

“This App Will Loan You $75 Interest Free to Avoid Overdraft Fees. Overdraft fees are the worst. A solid solution: Dave. Not your buddy from college, the app.”

“Bank overdraft fees are here to stay. Thankfully, there's Dave.com.”

Editor's Note

Well known Dave: $75 Before You Get Paid is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Dave: $75 Before You Get Paid developed and announced by Dave, Inc. Current version of the apk file is 2.7.8 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on April 17, 2019. Also Dave: $75 Before You Get Paid is very famous in Finance category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Dave: $75 Before You Get Paid if your device android version is Android 16 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Anissa Jacobi

So the app does what it says it does. You have to have a bank account of course (some prepaid accounts work, like Chime for example; others like Netspend don't) and they have to be able to \"verify income\" once you link your account. My employer pays us via Venmo or Paypal. So although you can see my weekly Venmo transfers posted to my account, that's not sufficient for them, and I only qualify for a $20 loan. But it has been quite helpful when I needed it.

Jovani Robel

Ok, now I'm pissed with this app. I SPECIFICALLY put \"no tip\" due to the fact this payday I have several bills coming out. And when I go to my account they added a $10 tip!!!! and they said not to worry, it won't be taken out until you pay us back, but it never gave me the option again to opt out of the ******* tip. And I'm 100% positive I did from the get-go.

Ottilie Rempel MD

\"Dave's App\"...so very very helpful...I was very very pleased with the amazingly quick response through my EMAIL from Dave's support team, she fixed the problem in such surprisingly fast and accurate response!!! I recommend \"Dave's\" App to anyone needing a little help financially until payday. I was a little skeptical at first ) but am amazed how Dave's \u0026 his support team has helped me with my issues Thank you Dave and especially your friend Shae who fixed my issues with your support team

Amari O'Conner Jr.

It's a great app to help keep up with your balance before you end up overdrafting your account by mistake. You can borrow up to $75 against your next paycheck and you don't pay any interest. The only fee is an OPTIONAL tip that goes to plant trees. Who wouldn't want to plant a tree or two every time Dave loans you money? It's win win!

Hailie Bechtelar IV

I'm updating my review to an even better rating. Dave, you are always there when I need some last min cash. I mean you are a lifesaver. I have my money within an hour. Whoever created this app obviously had hard times before and understands the struggle. I would like to sincerely thank you!! This app is AWESOME.

Dr. Lexus Little

i filled out everything, asked for 75.00 and it was in my account in a matter of seconds, so far i am impressed, all will be great as long as i don't get over drafted,i will give another review on payday.well i was very happy with getting the 75$ with no problem.and payed it backnon payday,but when i tried to borrow 75$ again i was only allowed to borrow 10$ 15$ or 20$. because of my balance in the bank,i don't understand why i couldn't get 75$ again when it automatically pays Dave back on payday

Dr. Casandra Gutmann

the app is awesome. in less than 5 minutes I had the money that I needed to borrow it was really fast actually super fast I was surprised no problems at all. I installed the app requested my loan and the money was in my account in around 5 minutes. chime users if you have direct deposit this is the site you want to use. thanks Dave

Miss Jacky Kshlerin Jr.

Just stRtarted. They gave ne a chance tiday with my loan for $20.00. That is promising to me. Hopefully, when I prove myself, they will give me anothet chane, with hirer loan, when I need it. I was always wander if this on our credit bureau? That would be nice to have. I would recommend this app and your services to a friend Thank yu for all your help.

Loy Hyatt Sr.

Awesome! I just signed up on the app three days ago and I think that it's pretty cool. First of all,it's compatible to my credit union and this is a major plus.Also,very good about letting me know exactly what is going on with things that I requested.It would be awesome if there was actual banking through the app.

Dr. Marta Senger I

wow! I love this app! I dont get paid till tomorrow morning and Dave loaned me 75 for 1 day which is totally needed! and the tips are customizable! I chose 3 dollars because I'm a mom of 3 and that's all I can afford. why complain about the tip when they are doing you a favor!