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Dead Rivals - Zombie MMO

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Dead Rivals - Zombie MMO

Fast-paced action meets classic MMORPG adventures in the first zombie-themed ARPG for mobile!

Explore a vast open world, customize your hero, build your arsenal and rule the PvP battlefields!

Fight for survival and explore a vast post-apocalyptic open world in the first zombie Action RPG for mobile! Journey into the wastelands and discover the cause of the zombie outbreak as you band together or form rivalries with thousands of other MMO players!

Pick your class, customize your character, build your shelter, raid your rivals, craft an arsenal of weapons, develop your skills, and crush your opponents in highly competitive PvP battles! If you love shooting up zombies and are tired of tiny maps and repetitive gameplay, Dead Rivals will blow you away!

● Choose among 3 uniquely skilled classes and customize your hero’s look.
● Research, craft and improve dozens of different shooter weapons.
● Multiple skill trees allow you to pick the right abilities for any challenge.
● Stand out from the horde with unique clothing and skins!

● Explore in total freedom as you discover large zombie-infested maps, each created in amazing detail.
● Get to know the Factions inhabiting the various areas as you learn who's at war with who. But be careful to not get caught in the crossfire!
● A complete MMORPG-style quest system allows you to focus on the main storyline or take on a multitude of side quests.

● Team up with other players—or blow them to smithereens in cutthroat MMO PvP battles.
● Complete special co-op missions: Escape infested areas, escort supply convoys, and repel surprise attacks.
● Take down the most dangerous enemies in large-scale world-boss fights.
● Jump into insane multi-team PvP shooter battles and mow down anything that moves!

● Establish your own Shelter and upgrade its buildings to access more advanced facilities.
● Create your own personal army of zombies to raid other Shelters and defend your own.
● Research and upgrade different zombie types and adapt your strategy to each battle.
● Set up Guilds with other players to watch each other's back and teach your foes a lesson!

● Change the point of view to see the world using your favorite camera style.
● Act super-fast, thanks to an intuitive and dynamic control system.
● A cutting-edge art style fills the world with memorable settings. Doom has never looked so cool.
● Insanely hi-res graphics and wild sound effects worthy of a PC or console title!


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Dr. Connor McLaughlin

I sort of liked it But every 3 minutes it starts a connection icon with a spanner keeps accurin then makes me reset game Also will not let me use my id as RuSTySHoTZz, it says I have characters that are not allowed and examples RuSTy**TZz what's all that about? Untill it is fixed I'm not even bothering as was looking forward to playing :(

Bessie Gerhold

Great game. Simple yet deep enough rpg element. Can see some things need a \nbit of tweaking. Other than that. Can't wait for more of this game. Ok, \nedit. Does need some rework on a few physics, especially in city scale and \nother special modes and special zombies, and pvp balance. Played pop once \nand got slaughtered repeatedly by le el 30 somethings when I was lol 17. \nStill love the game though. Cool concept. Like to see more story stuff

Prof. Jacinto O'Conner

Fun game no doubt. Needs more in depth quests. Most quest are go kill 20 \nzombies or go collect 10 cans of food ect. Controls are pretty decent and \neasy to pick up. Would be nice to maybe have more than 3 class choices. \nMost people play the merc guy and it's pretty common to log into the server \nand see 50 of the exact same character standing around in sanctuary lol. \nOnly lvl 21 atm so haven't gotten to try pvp yet. Will maybe update when i \ndo. It's a decent game but it could be so much more.

Dr. Aidan Willms MD

The game is fun and fortunately it does not have those stupid energy bars \nthat prevent you from playing. However, Gameloft, fix your servers! Many of \nyour games suffer from the same issue: you progress just to find yourself \nsyncing to the server every half an hour or so. You lose all your progress \nsince is last save which is usually when you last entered the Shelter. This \nhas been happening for years and Gameloft should fix. You can find similar \nfeedback from other players too.

Chauncey Kling

Edit: Game unplayable after latest update. Game loads to shelter, but \ndoesn't connect to server. Cannot do missions, collect rewards etc. Glad I \ndidn't waste any money on this gltchfest. First impressions are that this \ngame has potential. Gameplay is simple but still fun. Game is still in \nearly stages. More visual diversity is needed. Character customization is \ntoo limited.

Dorthy Lubowitz

Game not playable, you can only create characters but it never lets you get \nto actual gaming. Takes a long time to download and just takes up space. I \nwould suggest trying something else until these people get their stuff \ntogether.

Macy Jacobi

It looks great, that's about it. The auto questing is buggy, constantly getting stuck on things or doing nothing. Also the servers are awful, regular disconnects and kicks from zones/modes. Seems dead too, barely ever see anyone in PvP. A wasted potential imo.

Tessie Stehr

I like the game a lot with the Borderlands aesthetic but I have a few problems. Sometimes text will come up at the bottom at the screen but there's no audio. The game will freeze occasionally and make me redo a part of a mission I already completed and the came will lag a bit from time to time. Besides that it's a very fun game.

Miss Deanna Bartoletti

This game , as far as I could play it, seemed alright. however, For some reason, all of the zombies were invincible and never attacked me. it appears as though im lagging... no matter where I am. this game has plenty of potential, but took too long to download not to be able to even play.

Fanny Zboncak

Well, i was looking forward to playing this game. It looks decent, and i \nlove killing zombies, but what i do not love, is a game that gets stuck on \nthe loading screen, while im waiting to play for 45 minutes, nothing... \njust dead rivals screen froze everytime... tried on both of my phones. One \nwith Mali cpu, and the other, Adreno. Neither work smh... big waste of \ntime... i think your servers are bad. Everything works until you have to \nrun on the servers.