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Design My Room

Download Design My Room apk for free.

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Design My Room

Design different styles of rooms on your phone, it is easy and funny. Hundreds of rooms await for you to design, thousands of decorations and furniture for you to choose, they have different style.
Do you like interior design?

* Realistic room scenes and exquisite pictures, immerse you in the design.
*Unlock new challenges everyday, challenging different styles of rooms. New decorations and furniture are update everyday, this is amazing.
* Act as the protagonist of the story, experience the designer’s love, affection and career, feel the pain and joy of the designer.
* Communicate with others around the world, comment on other designer’s work and see others’ comment on your works.

Download Design My Room now and start your design dream.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Design My Room. Design My Room is developed by NPOL GAME and it has very stable version which is 1.14.0. Design My Room works with all the android devices if the device is Android 16 and above. We always provide you Design My Room apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Mr. Christ O'Keefe III

When it works right, it's an awesome game. When it doesn't, you can lose designs, inventory, money, and gems with no discernable way to get them back or report a bug. If anyone able to do anything about it reads this, I lost my daily gems and 2,500 coins from completing the daily bonus (can provide photographic proof of completion).

Chelsey Daniel

it's okay but kind of expensive, because you can only use items 5 times and you have to buy it again with real money. Make items permanent or cheaper for 5 uses. We spend on \"pretend\" items but most apps let you keep the items. If they dont, they make it much more affordable. I'm not sure how long I will be in this game, seeing the bill this tallies to. Plus, four times now - I accidentally purchased while scrolling through items. The next time that occurs, I'm just uninstalling the game.

Maymie VonRueden

I thoroughly enjoy this game. BUT I do have some suggestions to help with the game play: - the only proper way we can earn more lives is to exchange diamonds. Impliment something where we earn lives when voting (I know you have other things in place but it's not enough) - there are long waiting periods between the different designs, please get more designs more frequently we can enter into - sort out the horrible mini background stories on the designs. Makes me CRINGE!

Ms. Mollie Corwin

it was a better game when you could rebuy past limited edition items. I havent bought diamonds since finding this out, and have no need to in the future. Not quite sure why you would take that feature out since they weren't cheap items. I also magically lost diamonds on more than one occasion. this used to be my favorite and only game but since the last update I've opened it only to see if anything has changed.

Fermin Hessel

So, I do really love this game. I got into it looking for a replacement for Design Home--which I hate--and it's a huge upgrade. It does still have a lot of issues, and there is no customer service available. If u have issues, too bad. I've lost diamonds more than once, but there was no one to complain to about it. Not sure scoring is always fair, and there needs to be more ways to earn diamonds and lives. Most people can't afford to spend real money. Toggeries suck. Otherwise, lots of fun.

Karelle Weber

i enjoy playing for far too long some nights. My only critique of the game would be to list items you're choosing from by price or at least give us that option cause it would make it much easier to know what i can spend so therefore i now know what's available to me without having to go through the whole list for each item. Very time consuming.

Joanny Towne

I absolutely LOVE this app.! I`ve improved my skills and my inspiration is on top...I`m redoing my living room just like one of my 5 star rooms. There are some of the most talented and lovely designer`s to communicate with and we get/give feedback on our rooms. So fun! I`m sure that some envy prevails in the judging but thats life theres always at least one in every bunch but it doesnt really matter when you have so many talented people the hideous/ugly gets snuffed out... barely noticed.

Krystal Reynolds

I enjoy playing. Doesn't take long style few rooms then come back in few hours style some more works out great for me. I do have to spend $3-$5 every other day on diamonds to finish displaying my designs but I love that you do have the option for 1.99 for diamonds and the bundles thats awesome. Great game I do recommend this one over a few I have downloaded and tired for myself.

Ms. Aubrey Halvorson II

Really liked this game until your items purchased are taken away only to have to repurchase. its expensive and you cant change the paint colors, drapes or anything else in the rooms but furniture/picture. You should own the items you purchase for future designs. To have to buy again time and time again is way to costly. Uninstalled

Miss Tamia Kreiger

It's too hard to acquire items without using real money. If the developers were smart, they'd give you chance to actually get interested enough in the game before having to spend money. But, as it is, you only get a little taste of trying out a couple designs before you run out of the in-game currency and can't go any farther.