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Hi peeps! I'm @dave.xp and I can't wait for you to make your own portraits!

Me and the developer team have carefully crafted this app so you can make the cutest looking avatars on the internet!

It's very easy to use and you'll get the most beautiful results by just picking your favourite items out of 14 different categories.

With many different items to choose from and their color variations, you can make thousands of unique combinations and I can't wait to see yours!

Tag your portraits with the hashtag #dollifyapp and I'll be featuring some of them every week on my Instagram account!

Dave XP

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Dollify from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Dollify is 1.0.0. You need to have Android 10 and above to install the apk. Dollify made by Dave XP very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Maud Kozey II

this game is good...but theres a little issue. I love this game and it is very addictive but i dont like that you have to PAY MONEY to make more than only 5 i think i am going to delete this app, but i will keep a lookout for when it has updated. please, take my advice and make it free to make more dolls, i dont mind having to pay for the extra outfits etc. though. Thank you for listening. -A happy(ish) customer.

Heather Leuschke

it is a very fun and great game for kids to discover fashion and accessories. this help them with their own style. one thing I hope would change is that to get diamonds we must buy a whole package .yes I know that there is no watermark and all but rather than making them buy it you can make them earn it. I know the package is how you guys get money for the game but if you really need us to buy something please don't make half of the accessories unavailable. at least make a few unavailable

Dr. Tyrell Crist III

This is a fun app and it passes time. Everything is not perfet, I wish there was more FREE clothing options and more FREE hairstyles. There are like 5 options of almost the same combo. T-shirt and a denim jacket. I wish you could of switched atleast 3 of them and switched it with more summery clothes. Please make a button to go back and fix the name. I wanted to write Selena but I wrote Se and it didn't let me go back. I had to redo the whole thing. I still like the game and would reccomend it.

Hester Greenfelder

I love the app! It's amazing, especially since I'm always creating characters for the stories I'm writing. I will say that every few times I open the app, it crashes and doesn't work. I usually have to uninstall/reinstall the app when that happens and I lose all of my \"dolls\". Other than that, I don't think this is a bad app at all! It's a great time-killer for me, and it's very easy to use. Thanks, guys! You rock!

Mrs. Josie Cole DVM

I wish thwre wete a few more options. Both free and premium. I mean, as it is, it's not really worth it to buy premium due to the lack of items. But the game has a really cute artstyle, A good sense of aesthetic, clothes real people wear these days, and it runs very smoothly. So overall, its a really nice game. I especially love how the attention to detail was pit into the hair. There are so many little whisps that dont make it look trashy, but makes it feel more real. 8/10 or so.

Esteban Bradtke

I love love love this app. It has ONE major downfall, however. I'd like it better if you could also make boy avatars. There aren't any apps in this style for boys and I think you could be opening your market by a pretty wide margin (while being inclusive, too!) Regardless, the artwork is beautiful and I love how much you can customize it.

Mr. Karson Stracke III

Its pretty good. I dont like the fact that it is $6for premium and most of the things require premium. with the free version you can only make up to 6 dolls as well so if you want to make more you have to delete some. all in all its a pretty fun app. (I didnt buy the full version) i also wish it was a little bit more customizable but again totally worth downloading.

Miss Macy Kautzer III

I love it sooo much the graphics are beautiful and every time I open it I just don't want to stop creating. The only downside is, is that you need to pay to make unlimited characters. But all you really need to do is save the doll then delete it because it will still be saved in you camera roll so it's not a big deal for me. The only downside is, is that you can't get everything but I am okay with the things that are unlocked. All in all this is app is amazing and I would really recommend.

Telly Klocko

I like this app. I love how you can create beautiful characters. I don't like how you can't make more then 6 characters, but I just make my characters save them to my phone and then delete them off my dollify app. You get many chooses, like you can pick all kinds of different skin tones, hair choices, you can give her a cute outfit. You can even give her freckles and moles! I don't like that you can't make a boy, but it's okay. Overall dollify is an amazing app an totally recommend it!

Leonardo Wilkinson MD

Dollify is a SUPER cute app! Its adorable! The only kind of annoying thing is that you have to pay for more then 5 slots for more Dolls. Which I am kind of okay with, but it would be better if there was more slots ??. Premium looks very interesting as well. I just wish you could have unlimited clothing. Because if you don't have premium, you don't have a big group of choices. So I might delete it because of that, but I will definitely look forward to an EPIC update! but I enjoy it. ???.