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Drawing Anime Boy Ideas

Drawing Anime Boy Ideas

If you are a fan of anime or manga and would like to learn how to draw in the style but have no idea where to start this article will provide you with a list of things you should learn as well as some links to relevant tutorials.

Learning how to draw anime, a Japanese style of animation that has become increasingly popular over the past several years, is easier than you think. Anime televisions shows and movies have influenced many people into wanting to learn how to draw anime.

The characters are very important and are often deep, even if the story line is not as complex. If you enjoy drawing or the idea of learning how to draw cartoons, how great will it be to know that you can turn that ability into a dream job or income? By learning how to draw cartoon art you can gain the ability to translate your own or others ideas into something valuable and entertaining.

Here are a few tips and guidelines to make your faces look more realistic and able to show more expression. You will also learn some tricks to draw more accurate portraits of yourself and your friends.

The first thing to remember is that the face is part of the head. In fact, the face makes up just a quarter of the head. To draw the head almost every artist starts by drawing an oval, and then they either visually measure or make a faint mark to indicate the halfway point of the oval lengthwise. That halfway mark, or center line of the oval, is where the eyes of the face will be. Specifically, that line will be the center of the eyes, and will intersect the irises.

Next, draw the eyebrows just a bit above where the eyes will be, leaving room for the full eye and a bit of eyelid. Keep in mind that the eyebrows are usually wider than the eyes, though if you are doing a stylized face the eyebrows can be shorter and more arched than they would be naturally. You may cover the ears up with hair, but you should still know where they are. Even if you can draw one or two lines to suggest where the ears are, or use the ears as a reasonable way to pull the hair back from the face, it's a good idea to show at least one of them, especially if you are drawing a man or a boy.

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Christine Schmitt

The app is just pictures of drawings others made. You can't submit any work you've done and it dosn't show you how to draw the art your given, it's not even a drawing app. The only options are to share the sketch/drawing that isn't yours and to add it as your wallpaper. To be honest i was expecting more, i gave it a shot even though it had terrible reviews needless to say i reggret installing it. But if you are just looking for ideas which is what it says it is, then theres not that many drawing

Winston Grady PhD

I would like to have more ideas of the anime boys also I really like to draw and I am sure other people like to draw to but not everyone likes the same things so there should be more ideas more inspiration to help us drawers out there. besides that i really like.

Prof. Marley Schuppe PhD

Its horrible! I did this to learn how to draw but you cant! Its just others drawings and wallpapers! This is clickbaiting!!!!!!

Vincenza Beier

I like the app. Its a good reference for drawing male characters.

Brooks Hill

great app.. a little complicated for beginners but perfect for experienced artist..

Vernice Nader

Does not help me one bit i want to give it zero stars

Fatima Smitham

if there was an option of more tgan 5 stars , I would have given 10/5

Denis Batz

This is incrediably detailed and a plesent install it gives me idias and has cute uploudes

Billie Jast PhD

Had to download the images to draw

Mrs. Helen Tillman

nice drawing app but add more anime characters like dbz, boku no hero academia