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Dungeon Survival - Endless maze

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Dungeon Survival - Endless maze

[*] Game Features
- Cave levels are randomly generated, providing a new experience each time you play!
- Hundreds of monsters to defeat!
- Hundreds of equipment to collect!
- Hundreds of quests and achievements to conquer!
- Enchant, Reform, Level up, and collect Gold! An abundant new world to explore!

[*] Back Story
Black Haze is a border town renown for its rich mineral deposits, which has fallen on hard times of late. In this city, it is difficult to tell the difference between good and evil. Following the mysterious disappearance of the former lord, the fragile balance of the city is disrupted. You are Royde, and you have been chosen by the king to bring balance back to Black Haze and investigate the strange reports that have come from the city.

[*] Battle & Classes
- 9 classes, each with unique skills. Build your party however you choose.
- Intricate turn-based combat lets you become the master of the battlefield
- Characters develop traits that can help or hinder. You must decide how to use them.

[*] Maps & Monsters
- Follow the story or venture off on your own to bring your enemies to justice.
- Challenging enemies will keep you on your toes. Do not underestimate them or it will mean your destruction.
- Rare and powerful enemies will challenge you. Defeat them to collect precious loot and prove your valor.

[*] Declaration about android.permission
why we need permission READ_PHONE_STATE? Because this game don't have a user account system, as instead, we used the device UDID or IMEI number as your user ID, so the APP need [read_phone_state] to read the infomation of UDID, we don’t have method to do any bad thing to hurt your privacy via permission READ_PHONE_STATE.

[*] Contact Us
Please contact us with any question, suggestions, concern, or advice!
Support Email: [email protected]
Homepage: https://goo.gl/zPtps1

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Dungeon Survival - Endless maze. Dungeon Survival - Endless maze is developed by Frozen Frog and it has very stable version which is 1.41. Dungeon Survival - Endless maze works with all the android devices if the device is Android 10 and above. We always provide you Dungeon Survival - Endless maze apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Miss Velda Grady Sr.

Game does not work on Android 8. Crashes on launch. --- They have fixed the above issue, however, my rating stands. The game is just not playing well. In the tutorial, you have to select 5 heroes to go dungeon crawling, however, only 1 hero makes it into the game. Then you need to go up against 2, then 3 enemies, including a healer. Then you die and have to play the same mission again, in which your next character dies. Pointless to play, if the game sets you up to fail.

Larry Sipes III

A well done Darkest Dungeon clone. Tough, tense, turn-based combat with terrible ailments. It's a bit rough, the loot system doesn't make a lot of sense, difficulty is all over the place with an easy run spiking at the end. It's biggest downfall is its Darkest Dungeon but not as well made, the curse of so closely copying a very good game.

Quincy Pfannerstill DDS

Edit: the tutorial party issue is now fixed. but there's no targeting for abilities which for an rpg is kind of a deal breaker, the characters and npcs are very poorly balanced and the difficulty curve is super steep after lvl 3. moreso than darkest dungeon even. keep at it devs, this has a lot of potential but really needs a lot more tuning.

Annie Feil

this game is so easy after lvl 5 because you have lot of money to cure your heroes, buy other heroes is useless because they are almost all are common, lvl 1 or rarely 2 and with no trait or just one can be bad and your lvl 5 have them all. the worst thing in this game is move of your heroes, they are terrible slow and ×2 boost is accessible so long time after, lvl 37! and finely, when you have 2 priest with all skills, it's easy because you will never need holy waters. Despite my many flaws. 👍

Delilah White

Potentially, this game can shine as darkest dungeon (mobile version). Though I purchase some diamonds, but it didn't arrive. Poor ID management, what a shame. Until it's fixed, 2 stars for now.

Kariane Cremin

Shady. Instead of actually creating a working user account system, this dev is willing to probe through your private information to \"grant access\" to the game. Why would it need to go such a round-about way when majority of other games do it just fine without so intruding so much private data? It could've easy been an offline game, given that this game is just a replica of darkest dungeons. Shows alot about dev's credibility and their priority in regards to user data.

Kaycee Stiedemann

Darkest Dungeon ripoff, but a good one. Kind of a DD Lite, but still challenging. so far fair to f2p, but on the fence on whether or not to buy something to support the devs.

Aubree Bailey

i actually love the game, would definitey like to olay it but you can not because it will not let you finish rhe escape tutorial. please fix this because ive done everything it said and everything i could, their is no suburbin hooligan and you cant defeat any one of them and when you escape the tutorial doesnt end.

Humberto Muller

I watched a couple of Darkest Dungeon gameplays so I thought it would be nice to have the same experience on my phone (on the go) but then I found out that the developers didn't release it on mobile. Then I came across this game which is almost completely the same as Darkest Dungeon. Wow thanks!👍

Amiya Quigley

made my phone crash a few times, wouldn't even start a few other and the times it did,i couldn't get past the start screen. nice Edit: Newest update fixed everything,great game!