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Earth Planet 3D Live Wallpaper

Download Earth Planet 3D Live Wallpaper apk for free.

Earth Planet 3D Live Wallpaper apk icon

Earth Planet 3D Live Wallpaper

3D Earth and Sun in your homescreen!

Image is based on video from International Space Station (ISS) by NASA, which makes it super realistic!

Share with your friends! Try a lite version to estimate the quality of wallpaper!

Advantages - even in the FREE version:

♦ Fully spherical surface without angularity
♦ Auto rotation around axis incl. based on current time
♦ Realistic Sun and atmosphere
♦ Realistic day and night sides based on video from ISS by NASA
♦ Shadow effect when the Sun is fully visible (as real camera shutter speed changing)
♦ Specular lighting


♦ Position (in the PREMIUM version):
- Distance to planet
- Left-right position
- Up-down position

♦ Auto-rotation around axis

♦ Auto-rotation of camera around the planet (in the PREMIUM version)

♦ HD textures - in the PREMIUM version

♦ Quick settings

Additional information:

♦ Wallpaper supports phones and tablets (landscape and portrait orientation)
♦ Battery saving:
- Consumption of resources is only if visible
- Frames per second limit
♦ OpenGL ES 2.0 required

Some of the described functions are only available when purchasing the full version. Application can be extended to the full version by downloading the paid version. When you taking in-app purchases, you get lifetime access to the acquired functions, even if your phone changed or data is lost.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Earth Planet 3D Live Wallpaper. Earth Planet 3D Live Wallpaper is developed by MaxLab and it has very stable version which is 1.0. Earth Planet 3D Live Wallpaper works with all the android devices if the device is Android 9 and above. We always provide you Earth Planet 3D Live Wallpaper apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Prof. Maegan Kirlin

I am frustrated to say that app crashes constantly with my S9+ on Android 8. If you disable double-tap to setting, earth stops rotating. Uninstalled in matter of minutes. But still, good starting point. That's the reason for 3 stars.

Walker Witting

Simple rotating earth with fine detail. It's what I wanted without all the extra gimmicks. Ads were annoying. Unsettling to see the app permissions say \"Full network access\" and uninstalled.

Marcelo Frami

This app is nice . Not what I expected but the graphics looks cool and realistic . We might need some updates like the time and the weather forecast. Other than that everything looks good

Lisette Bergstrom

i havent really done much as far as messying for a bit and still it got my attention ! peace..... then ' war.

Dr. Damon Kreiger

I think this application it should have more things on it , like \" weather , moon at night and change as weather but the application is very good i like it.

Misty Moen

Great app, you can set it so the planet doesn't rotate and the day/night cycles in real time. Exactly what I wanted, thanks.

Serena Greenholt

The time of day is out for my area tells me it's night at 4 in the \nafternoon .

Dejah Keebler

the ads are so annoying , popup each time when you go to the app list

Ludwig Veum

Okay but not great.

Prof. Hipolito Oberbrunner Sr.

Nice 3D map, beautiful.