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easyJet: Travel App

This is generation easyJet

Book your easyJet flights in an experience designed to be as fast as possible. Scan and save your cards with your phone camera, typing long card numbers is now a thing of the past!

View your bookings, change flights, manage disruption and add seats, bags, sports equipment and much more.

Add passport details in seconds by scanning your passport with your phone camera, checking in is now faster than ever before.

Store up to five boarding passes per flight which will be available offline so you don’t need a data connection, no more searching for a printer or queuing at check in desks!

Watch your planes location in real time and check the latest arrival and departure information with live updates direct from the easyJet Operations Control Centre.

With mobile host we’re with you every step of the journey. Whether it’s a reminder to start heading to your gate or even a change in baggage reclaim belt we’ll let you know.

Editor's Note

Purely designed easyJet: Travel App has made by easyJet Airline Company Limited. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 21 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 56MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. easyJet: Travel App got its last update on Oct 02, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Emelia Bruen

Based on my limited use, there's a couple of frustrating issues. The inbuilt scanner to register your passport doesn't pick up your middle name. This could've resulted in a mismatch between our boarding passes and our passports. And so the possibility of not being allowed to board. NOT GOOD! The app directs you to download your passes from the trips section to the passes section. Yet there's no clear function in Trips to do this. Frustrating. Sort it out please.

Andreane Corkery Sr.

I have always thought highly of this app. However a recent upgrade appears to have created a bug when viewing multiple bookings. It shows Error(IndexOutOfBoundsException). Have raised with easyjet but no response.. Without this facility I have no use for the app

Kareem Ondricka

The sheer horror of trying to check in at Luton Airport where there were 2 staff trying to check in around 600 passengers from 5.30am was enough to convince us, finally, that we will never use Easyjet again. Had we not been over 4 hours early to check in, we would have missed our flight through their sheer inability to have enough staff on duty to get passengers through security and to their departure gates. A shambles of an experience never to be repeated.

Dr. Maxine Kozey

Very smooth transaction. Easy easy. I don't get why Ryanair can't at least copy after so many years in the business. Low cost surely does not mean making things complicated.

Dr. Ezequiel Luettgen MD

Nice little app. Only missing the ability to add items per segment. If I want to add a bag to just one of the segments, it doesn't allow me to.

Ms. Aletha O'Keefe

Have checked in for a booking made by someone else and can view my boarding pass. However, I couldn't add hold bags (had to do that on the website) and can't download or print my boarding pass (it says View Pass) but get the option to download pass for other people on the same booking. All round, not the best check in experience and I'm still not 100% sure the hold bags are correctly associated with my check in.

Ardith Williamson

I need this app for boarding. Otherwise I wouldn't use it, since it doesn't give any needed and useful information, but the QR code and the seat. There is no gate information, no information related to changes at the airport. I need to use the airport specific app to get the correct gate and alerts/notification on chagnes. And the worst - its design. Light grey text on white background? Most text, even in the boarding information is in its color near to the background. Does easyjet hide information by color? ;) No - the app is branded, but the design is horrible and doesn't honor any principles of UI design and UX. Accessibility by design? No way?

Ms. Eugenia Gibson

The App is good but relentless option to spend extra on Hotels , Cars, Travel Insurance etc are really irritating so I use this app less than I otherwise would.

Nona Wolff

It is easy and functional. Good for receiving events if something changes with flights. I don't get the app for measuring luggage because it just opens some website where nothing is related to that. Airplane icon orientation when summarizing flight details in back direction is a bit misleading pointing from destination to starting point.

Orlo Wolff

Doesn't download boarding pass without checking in again. Therefore useless. I'm having to use easyJet for a trip, but I normally avoid at all costs. This app does nothing to change my view of an airline which has no interest in its customers' experience. The reviews here have been clear and frequent about this glaring failing. It would be item number one for any product manager considering their customer's needs. Removed.

  • Author
    easyJet Airline Company Limited
  • Publish date
    Oct. 09, 2019
  • Latest version
  • Requirements
    Android 21 and above
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