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Pocket Prep’s NREMT EMT practice test app is a powerful exam simulator that allows you to create customized practice tests with detailed answer explanations for every question. View your results and exam history with just a few taps. Study anywhere, anytime without Internet.

The app utilizes the “spacing effect” to enhance your learning capability. You’ll space out your studying into shorter, more productive study sessions which allow your brain to retain more information. Simply tell the app how many questions you want to take, enable the timer, and filter exam content to create the perfect study experience.

EMT Exam Prep Features:
• Two practice modes: Simulation and Study
• Automatic test saving and retrieval
• Detailed historic results analysis
• Optimized for phones & tablets
• In-app messaging to our experts
• Question of the Day
• Study reminders
• Exam day countdown

EMT Knowledge Areas:
We take each exam and break it down into knowledge areas so that you can filter your study sessions based on your needs.

- Airway, Ventilation & Oxygenation
- Cardiology
- Medical
- Operations
- Trauma

Why study with Pocket Prep?
Our team of writers and editors meticulously craft practice questions and detailed answer explanations with you in mind. Your success is our success. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best content that will help you achieve more. Our app is updated with the latest exam standards and is ready for 2018 testing.

Free With Download
- 30 free practice questions
- 30 free bonus questions through social media
- 14 days of free Question of the Day

Premium Upgrade
- 800 total practice questions with Premium upgrade
- Priority email support
- The Premium upgrade is a one-time purchase and not a subscription!

Since 2011, Pocket Prep has been the leader in mobile test prep and has helped over five million students and professionals achieve more. You’re destined for success. Pocket Prep will help you get there.

Pocket Prep, Inc. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the NREMT®. Accordingly, NREMT makes no representations regarding the content of Pocket Prep, Inc. materials. All organizational and test names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces EMT Pocket Prep. EMT Pocket Prep is developed by Pocket Prep, Inc. and it has very stable version which is 4.6.0. EMT Pocket Prep works with all the android devices if the device is Android 19 and above. We always provide you EMT Pocket Prep apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Dr. Abigayle Hickle DDS

would give 5 stars but often it bugs out and I can never start the damn app. when I reinstalled it forgot that I had played for the premium version... nice edit: Even after contacting support it has only gotten worse. I tried reinstalling but it did nothing outside of losing my premium status and the staff are useless in fixing it. Oh and I discovered they charged me an extra $6 for the 2 month version. Nice!

Carol Shanahan

helped me pass the nremt! I,along with my classmates, really only used this app to study for the nremt. and the ones who used the pro membership are the ones who passed. it has good questions. the nremt is a whole nother beast but if you use it you will be prepared

Miss Treva Nader

I just passed the NREMT 1st try. Pocket prep is addicting and informative. My instructors at EMT Utah told me to get the full version. It's cheaper than the $80 to retest NREMT. Keep at it. You'll often find out things that you didnt know \u0026 where your focus of study needs to be. When using this app I recommend having your Emergency Care \u0026 Transportation Of The Sick \u0026 Injured book infront of you because for every question in the app they provide explinations \u0026 page references. Good luck! ⚕👌

Prof. Marcos Keeling II

absolutely amazing software. great design, helpful for all your study needs and even more helpful staff. passed my NREMT first try largely thanks to pocket prep and will definitely be buying the paramedic version and any other test I need in the future!!!!!

Mariano Daniel

some questions are good, others are EXTREMELY POORLY WORDED. its like they spent 3 seconds deciding over how to write these questions. DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE 25 DOLLARS. I only got it incase i failed so i could get my money back if need be!

Clotilde Franecki II

Good selection of questions for the $25 price but... The ap has crashed on me 3 times. I was able to hit recover twice but the third time it didn't and I lost all records of previous tests taken. If it didn't crash I would rate it a 5.

Tyson Emmerich

so glad my friends told me about this app. Really has helped me realize how much I over think questions. feeling much better about national registry coming up.

Virgie Sauer

took the nremt this past monday and passed on my first try. this app helped alot with subjects that were on the test. keep in mind this is just a tool to help. continue to study. I am glad i got pocket prep was able to study anywhere i wanted and had the chance to.

Gwen Yost

great questions, really makes you think about your answer choices and helps you to understand why that answer is what it is with detailed explanation and explains why other answer choices aren't correct for that scenario

Juana Rempel

take quizzes over and over until you get them all right, and make sure you really reread the questions and answers. explanations are super helpful. this app definitely boosted my confidence! finished nremt exam in like 25 min and passed!! i super recommend buying the upgrade (im cheap i never really do this) to track your weaknesses, and really try to get thru all 800 questions but i promise if you work diligebtly and repetitively until you have most of the questions right, you'll be great!!! gl!