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Escape Room: Mystery Word

Download Escape Room: Mystery Word apk for free.

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Escape Room: Mystery Word

The most innovative ever escape game with puzzle experience, You must not miss it!

Locked up in a strange room, you need constantly observe, think, guess, inference, until escape.

♦︎ Simple, easy rules, type the correct word to win a game!
♦︎ ALL LEVELS are FREE for all users!
♦︎ NEW word gameplay, good news for word gamer!
♦︎ No time limit, adjust your pace at any level
♦︎ Play offline! No wifi required
♦︎ When you are stuck, three kinds of hints will help you
♦︎ 240+ levels without repeat, be a master of training brain!
♦︎ Kill time-no pressure no push!
♦︎ Suitable for both kids and adults to train logic skills.

Are you ready for the thrilling experience with lots of drama and adventures?

DOWNLOAD now to begin your escape adventure!

We are working on improving the game, so if you have any question, let us know your thought and tips via [email protected] .

Editor's Note

Purely designed Escape Room: Mystery Word has made by Worzzle Team. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 46MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Escape Room: Mystery Word got its last update on July 9, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Rod Ankunding

barely any ads! i really enjoyed playing this game. there were a few puzzle answers that didn't make sense to me but i still enjoyed it. i had maybe 3 ads pop up on their own whwn loading the game but 3 ads out if 300+ levels is amazing! i did watch ads for coins to get hints but other than that no ads at all! i really hope you add more puzzles soon because i have completed all the puzzles so far.

Alycia Reilly

This is more like a riddle or what do you know (facts game. I don't mind a good riddle but that's not why I downloaded this game. Not what you would expect at all. If you want something more challenging where you have to find clues to get to the next clue to find the key to open the door this is not for you. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Rosanna Prohaska

Addictive BUT So many Ads! Even when you pass a level or get a 'free spin' there are ads to wait through each 'event'/level/spin. Some of the riddles make NO consistency in points per free spin, not once have I gotten the mystery box or $100 almost always $30 or $40

Mrs. Patsy Grant

Cheap word puzzles, trick questions, and an obnoxious load of ads including trap buttons for more ads edit: Dumb dev questions when reviewing this game. As if they wouldn't know that they crafted a cheapo ad-cow rather than an actual game.

Bethel Waelchi MD

ITs so fun I suggest it to you if you 1. are smart (I'm not tho) 2. find riddles and problem solving fun but if you are dumb like me (no offence of course I said if and most of you are probs not) there are hints!!

Mr. Levi Mills

it was fun to play. I am well over 300 on my levels. this game would have gotten a 5 star but after the update it sucks. now everything costs money and watching a video only gives you 25 coins instead of 60. if i have to watch 3 videos to get a free hint, then i won't be playing any more.

Drake Mante

Hey i have been done with the last level for awhile now. When are you going to put more levels in? I really think you should of had some waiting for when some of us got done. Or Maybe your not going to put anymore on. can you let me know if you are going to or not. I emailed you guys a few weeks back but no response as of yet. Can you please tell me when you are going to do so.. It is fun but sometimes the clues make no sense. But a few times i needed no clues.. ,. But hurry please.

Mr. Pete Howell

Although this is a welcomed distraction, the game's lack of fairness is frustrating. For example the ads that I force myself to endure in order to collect hints/clues are just a waste of my time after completing the task because it doesn't overlap onto the next riddle... which isn't fair considering it's not certain how many clues/hints will be needed to complete the riddle at hand as well as future riddles.

Jayne Schimmel

The game is very nice. It can improve not only your vocabularies but also your thinking abilities.You can kill your time by playing this. Whenever you stuck in difficult level, you can get hints . But Hints are not free ! You need to win levels to get money or you cam watch some ads to get bonus money. I highly recommend you this game .

Sylvia Borer DVM

Amazing great time passer. The riddles actually make sense (unlike other Escape Roomgames). I love that there are so many different riddles🏚