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EverRun: The Horse Guardians - Epic Endless Runner

Download EverRun: The Horse Guardians - Epic Endless Runner apk for free.

EverRun: The Horse Guardians - Epic Endless Runner apk icon

EverRun: The Horse Guardians - Epic Endless Runner

Run far & fast across beautiful lands with the ten Horse Guardians of Everbloom!

Budge Studios™ presents: EverRun™! Assemble the ten legendary Horse Guardians of Everbloom and join them on the most magical adventure to save their forest! Brush, feed, take care of your horses and decorate each of their stables with divine decorations! Run far and fast across magnificent lands to recover and return to the Everbloom Tree all of its lost magical petals!


• EXPLORE the world’s breathtaking landscapes, from radiant rainforests to dusty deserts!
• GATHER all lost petals to bring the Everbloom Tree back to life
• USE the Guardians’ super powers to dash past obstacles, blast through them or even take flight!
• COLLECT Embers to awaken the full power of your Horse Guardians
• DRESS UP your Guardians from head to hoof with mythical armor sets!
• GROOM your horses with magical brushes and feed them to replenish their energy!
• ENHANCE your runs with epic trails made of furious flames, sweet snowflakes and more!
• DECORATE your stable with divine decorations for glorious rooms worthy of the horse heros
• RACE through all of nature’s challenges, blizzards or sandstorms, day or night!
• ENDLESS RUNNER MODE: Gallop without limit, gather as many petals as you can and set your own record!

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You can download apk file of the EverRun: The Horse Guardians - Epic Endless Runner from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of EverRun: The Horse Guardians - Epic Endless Runner is 2.3. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. EverRun: The Horse Guardians - Epic Endless Runner made by Budge Studios very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Domingo Cummerata DDS

This game is fun \u0026 really pretty. The biggest flaw for the game is that ur stamina does not refill over time like other games. U have to purchase food items to refill stamina with currency called embers. Which is no problem if u want do do more then 2-3 runs between full stamina. The problem is that u can only get embers through runs or buying with real money. An ad video will give you 50 embers but its not always there. This, imo, makes me not want to play because I have to watch several ads.

Sarai Sanford

This game really great, honestly, I just have a small problem with the collecting items. They are too small. With all the beautiful background and amazing graphics, it's a little hard to see the collecting Items such as the petals. This would make a killer rpg game, just sayin

Miss Shany Dooley

It's a very fun game BUT, the food you need to buy in order to play is too expensive $$$. My daughter has the older version on her tablet but when i downloaded on my new phone, the prices of things had QUADRUPLED. You will literally have to spend real money if you want to race a different horse.

Bethel Barton

I LOVE THIS GAME but I really like you to add a online world so you can play and race with other people and it would be great if you add more horse breeds so other people can buy them and add levels depending on the horse you're going to buy AND PLEASE ADD FRESIANS AND UNICORNS anyways I understand if you don't have time

Geovanny O'Conner III

THIS GAME IS THE BEST HORSE GAME! The horses are so beautiful, the music is really cool, and it is really fun! The only thing I don't really like is that I have to give my horse like every 5 seconds food. But, besides that everything else is great! Bye!!

Dr. Archibald Jaskolski

Amazing, beautiful, action packed fun! has ads, but you get to choose when to see them, it's not invading like most aps \u0026 you get rewards to watch ads, the concept of paying you to help them get paid for advertisement is how most companies should structure them selves. This game is actually worth playing: Best running game I've ever played out of all! Suggestions for Developers. 1) add option for high, med, low game resolution for slower smartphones. 2. add low video resolution for video ads. \u003c3

Austen Bogan

This game is great. I don't really know what to say except that it's great. EverRun is fun and it has a great story plot. And it doesn't show ads wherever you go, unlike some games. But you can watch ads to get embers, which are like money in this game. But I have one suggestion for the makers: Could you please make it so your guardian gains energy over time? Because sometimes I get really broke...

Fritz Sawayn

This game has it all, great graphics, Beautiful Scenery and a Beautiful Imagination full of wonder and Mystery but i believe that its time for an update because the game has been glitch lately but over all Beautiful work Devs. 💓

Brannon Ankunding

Great game if you never need a new device. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and found it interesting and easy to navigate. The biggest drawback is that if you ever upgrade or change your device you eithdr have to start over or purchase embers to get yhe guardians back that you had previously bought. I'm probably going to stop playing and uninstall because of this. I use Android devices.

Kaya Davis

This app needs subtitles for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Fortunately, the game is pretty self explanatory. I would live to play it more but I think I need to clear space on my phone or perhaps update it. It's very laggy on my phone and interupts what would have been an enjoyable game. Definitely worth a play. I look forward to trying again after clearing space.