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Fantasy Legend: War of Contract

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Fantasy Legend: War of Contract

USA and Global English version!
New Top Rated Game!
Action-packed turn-based strategy RPG [Fantasy Legend: War of Contract] is coming around the world!
Language available: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai.

Latest update!
New spiritas! New Heros! New Features!

A brand new mobile Strategy 3D fantasy RPG with Original Story.
Huge numbers of elaborately designed skills base on plentiful spiritas.
Various gear sets and unlimited spiritas combinations. Playing with strategy!
With many Adventures, Raids and dragon Boss to defeat, full of challenges!
Real-time global and all server PVP!

【Game Features】
★Collection & Cultivation
--Hundreds of Spiritas with 4 elementals ( Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.
--Each spirita has its special skills and strategy to use.
--lethal skill chasing system.
--Level up and phase up spiritas to make your team stronger.
--Beautiful wings and fashion costumes.

★Strategy and Combinations
--Spiritas with different gear sets will create different and amazing effect.
--Unlimited line-up possibility to pass raid or win other players with your mind.
--Defeat Game boss and pass raid with strategy.

★Comprehensive PVE&PVP System
--Real time global all server war to fight for No.1 and great rewards.
--Line up setting defense and attack for honor Ranking in Contract War & Arena.
--Cross-server Guild battle system to unify your guild and fight to be top guild.

★Original Story & Nice picture
--3D graphic with open main city and nice scenery. Move free in the game!
--Pure native English speakers whom dubbed for famous game before.
--Delicated & Magnificent skill effect made by professional team with high cost.
--Defend your kings and kingdom.

★Special in Game Camera
--AR camera to summon your spiritas into reality, combine reality and virtuality.
--Game camera to take nice pictures and wonderful moments in game.

The war of summoners is about to begin! Collect monsters and battle to protect your Kingdom. Make the strongest heros! Win the war of contract summoners!

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Email: [email protected]

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Murray Dare MD

Playing for abt a month now and its good. If we can have a \"leave comment\" section on each spirita would be awesome. We can give each other a hint on how to maximize the use of the spirita or the other way around. It would be good if we can put a like option on each comment so we can have the one with most likes on top. And as always, more spiritas please..

Emmalee McClure

tldr: this game does nothing special compared to other gachas games nor does it do anything well. mediocre game that seems f2p friendly. The first and immediate issue I noticed was the terrible script writing. it is like it wasn't proofread at all. graphics are meh. It's also not very well polished as the game could easily have a few more quality of life changes. story is meh, also. Aside from that, its an okay gacha game. At level 15 now, it seems the producers are quite f2p friendly.

Arlo Orn

Coming back to this game after a while. starting over but so far seeing a lot of improvements from last time. only complaint is that the game's a biiiit of a battery hog. but what can you do? kudos to the devs. let's see what i say in a couple weeks.

Roger Gusikowski

well what a nice game :) but hey can u make the server a bit \"stronger\"? i mean i always have an connection issues in your game even though its stable in other games, there is nothing wrong with my connection. i'll give u 5 stars again if u would do that :)

Rodrick Pollich

As with all mobile games if you want to be competitive you will need to spend money. If like me you are just looking for a fun time sink then this is a great game. It gives you enough free stuff to play casually, nice visuals and a pretty good story

Claude Wiza

Nice games to pass times but this game lacks in individualism. i means it is too generalized or rather linear. linear storyline, linear character customisation or growth, etc. Did not really distinguished from other gacha games. Sorry, got bored after 5 hours in game. bye n thanks

Carleton Erdman

nice in a way it gives a lot of events for free gems for summoning heroes and scrolls like for 3-5s hero summon. but sadly this is one of the game i played with a lowest posibility of getting 5s heroes through summons.. seriously? 200 gem summon for a sure 5s hero?

Dee Fadel

the game masters are so cool and the begning story is great.I love this game because it has Ranking it also had guild.It halped up to international contact.It good for find our friends .why am i doing this ahhh…………………………………………………byebye i had noting to say to you.What are you stearing this go go shoo ………shoo………Sorry about her .She is not good it this.

Cynthia Gibson

was an easy 5 star loved this game, but i accidentally deleted it due to me thinking it was another game, i reinstalled but now unablw to fins my account its coming up to 24 hours, please help !!! messaged through fb.

Margarette Kutch

Pretty fun and addictive. i dont usually rate but this game isnt to bad, give it a try you might or might not like it but its worth a try. Good game so far.