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Fight Club 5th Edition

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Fight Club 5th Edition

Leave your books, character sheets, and dice bags at home. Fight Club 5th Edition serves as a digital character sheet that can be all you need to play a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game.

Character SheetEverything you would write into a 5th Edition character sheet can be inputted into Fight Club. Set your basic character information (ability scores, skills, proficiencies, etc...) and all the stats will be automatically calculated. Any bonuses/penalties you receive through various traits and features can be also be set. And, if going completely paperless isn't allowed in your game, the app can also generate a printable character sheet PDF file.

SpellbookSelect from a large list of fully detailed spells and add them to your PC's spellbook. Select which are prepared for the day. Track spell slot usage. Everything you'll need for your sorcerers and wizards.

EquipmentKeep a list of all of your equipment and loot. All of your armor and weapons can be equipped and unequipped and with the tap of a button and stats, like armor class, will automatically change to reflect your current gear.

Dice RollerAll of your stats and attacks can be rolled with a tap of a button. Also included is dice calculator that allows you to input a custom roll. Need to roll 1d20 + 6d9 + Constitution modifier? Fight Club has what you need.

CompendiumA customizable compendium of content that by default includes all of the races, classes, backgrounds, feats, equipment, spells, and the monsters from the System Reference Document 5.1. This does not contain all of the official content from the Player's Handbook so you'll have to input any missing. To make adding easier, there is an Import feature through which you can type/copy content on your PC then transfer the file into the compendium. Fan made files are also available for download, so search online.

CompatibilityThis app is designed to be played with D&D 5e, but many elements of it can be used for other tabletop RPGs, such as D&D 3.5e and Pathfinder RPG. And of course, because everything can be completely customized, any homebrewed content is also possible.

Premium Version The app is free to download, but you are limited creating only one character and you will see a small advertisement at the bottom of the screen. Upgrading to the premium version with the in-app purchase will allow you to create unlimited characters and remove any advertisements.

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Well known Fight Club 5th Edition is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Fight Club 5th Edition developed and announced by Lion's Den. Current version of the apk file is 1.40 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Jun 07, 2019. Also Fight Club 5th Edition is very famous in Role Playing category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Fight Club 5th Edition if your device android version is Android 21 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Astrid Wyman

I like the app. It functions well and helps me keep track of my character data. Anything you need to update on your normal character sheet, you can update on the app, so it's a much less wasteful alternative than pencil and paper. Although, if it's not too much to ask, I would like to ask if a feature could be added: A tab where you could store characters that have died in your campaign. My first character died in our campaign and I have had to make a new one to continue the adventure, but I don't want to delete my old character and just forget about him completely. So I thought, maybe they could add a feature that lets you store a record of them so you can look back on the adventures you had as that character. It's a cosy little thought I had, but I'll understand if isn't made a reality. Other than that, love the app.

Mrs. Lurline Jakubowski

So, overall it's a really good app. Everything looks clean, it gives the option to add custom trackers and content. The one thing that needs adjusting is separating the class from the subclasses. Cleric, for example, immediately assumes Life Domain, and the rest are missing. If you wanted to add another archetype, you'd have to put in EVERYTHING that pertains to the class, not just the subclass. Hopefully this can be separated in the future.

Adrianna DuBuque DDS

Great app, fantastic organization. There's a ton on customization and information support (like attack rolls or AC bonuses that apply automatically), but sometimes it can be confusing to figure out how to set things up. Still, it's by far the best app of its kind that I've used.

Miss Eulah Hagenes

I love it. Worth every penny to get the premium version for more characters. If you're an avid DnD player, this is a must have app. The character creation is simple and easier if you download XML's from online for the official contents. Moreover, it keeps track of everything from spells, equipment, details on race, background and class and more. It also adds up everything automatically (e.g. modifiers, disadvantages, etc). It's highly customisable. Beautiful app, couldn't praise it anymore.

Prof. Ally Anderson

Pretty great. All the customization options make it easy to create homebrew stuff. Some extra options being on a screen, such as saving throws on the race, can be confusing at first. Just play around with it and once you understand how it works its great. It also creates a character sheet for you, which is amazing!

Jayden Rau

Absolutely loving this app so far. Super clean UI and has most everything that I want. However, I have a few criticisms: there should be a way to track proficiencies with weapons that tie into your Attack section. In addition, it would be nice to have an easy way to say that you can add specific Ability Modifiers to specific numbers (like how the monk's Unarmored Movement \"special skills\" work). An easy fix might be to add the same cool calculator that was given to the custom attack damage.

Wendell Goodwin

I've had this app twice, on Iphone and Android it's been useful so far. still need help finding a complete compendium but, if you don't have one you can actually update it yourself, make your characters based on the core books and even homebrews, but it'd be great to actually have a complete compendium and updates for them. but it is one of the most useful tools for DnD.

Kenny Medhurst

A fantastic app that I couldn't go a single session without. With great overviews, character building, import options, character sheet exports, and backups, this app really covers all the needs. While it does require some time to understand, you should treat it more as a \"as you go along\" learning experience, rather than trying to understand it all at once. Highly reccommended, and practically a must have for digital players.

Mrs. Edna Dare I

Absolutely fantastic app. I love pen and paper RPGs but hate the pen and paper part. This app makes it so easy to store and track your character. Manage inventory. You can add custom spells and abilities. And the app tracks it all! Its a little tricky getting the expansions but not hard and there are plenty of users who have guides and files to help expand the app.

Mallory Hill

It's a great app, which combines the features of the three separate apps that I'd have to use previously (character sheet, spells, and dice roller). My only major concern is that it doesn't have any ability to track/spend class features like, rages, sorcery points, ki points, etc. Other than that, I'm very pleased with it, and am enjoying using it. Thanks Edit: Don't know if this was added in an update, or there from the beginning (and me being dense), but I take my earlier comment back :)