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Find the Differences 500 levels

Download Find the Differences 500 levels apk for free.

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Find the Differences 500 levels

Enjoy amazing pictures while you find the differences between them. Improve your observation skills and train your brain playing Find the Differences 500 levels!

This free puzzle game won’t let you stop playing! Are you ready for the challenge?

• 500 levels to find the differences!
• ZOOM for the pictures!
• No time limit!
• All levels unlocked
• Endless hints to help you out
• HD pictures for phones and tablets

Find the Differences 500 levels is a free puzzle game known as “Find differences”, “Spot the difference” or “Find the differences” where you look for differences between two pictures. If you enjoy playing games like Hidden Objects this puzzle game is perfect for you!

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Find the Differences 500 levels from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Find the Differences 500 levels is 1.0.6. You need to have Android 14 and above to install the apk. Find the Differences 500 levels made by PandoraGames very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Chadd Cole

played all 500 twice. i like that losing time doesn't kill you, so it is an incentive \u0026 increases the challenge if want that, but you can choose to ignore it, especially if the sound is off. i liked the images, some were so pretty, \u0026 there was a lot of variety. i liked that there were difficult finds. on my lg stylo plus \u0026 my galaxy tablet calibration was perfect. lost a star due to the ads after nearly every game, the distracting top ad banner, \u0026 the pressure to rate too soon \u0026 often.

Julianne Bashirian

Fun Game, but can be very hard to see at times \u0026 to distinguish that there's supposed to be 2 separate screens that yeah look alike \u0026 yet are different as a lot of the times they just run together \u0026 look like their one! This would be the only thing I'd change! Absolutly charming \u0026 fun game though.

Steve Schulist

good game, however I understand as a free game you have adds at the top, but at least don't cover part of the picture. It's hard to see what is wrong in the picture when the add covers part of it... I only just started playing this game again.. but I understand why I stopped for a while. (3 stars because of the ad being in the way of the image)

Green Jenkins

Good game but reason I only gave 3 stars is the ads. Some of them block the picture. I just spent damn near 6 mins on one only to find out unless I zoomed in I couldn't see the edge of the item. Why would you place ads on main page? Update: I just now encountered 5 in a row at the top of the screen where the ad was blocking the difference. That's not right, so I'm not playing until, or if this issue is fixed. Plenty of other games out there.

Miss Jaunita McDermott DVM

I do love this game but that ridiculous ad banner that covers the top of the frame gets in the way. It's random as well: sometimes i can play through 2 or 3 games without it but then have to pay for it when it shows up 7 or 8 in a row. If you can't see the complete picture, how can you properly play? Aggravating AF!

Dr. Westley Fadel III

There's an ad after every 2 games that you have to watch for at least 5 sec before you can skip- thats understandable. But, the ads that block the top of the top photo ruin your game if the difference is underneath the stupid ad!! Uninstalling!

Ed Schiller PhD

I have tried this type of puzzle game bey. This one is very good. However, they explained to zoom in on the picture to pinch the screen with your fingers to do this. Every time I did this I was given points too kill a life of mine. The game couldn't tell the difference of me punching the screen to view an object closer or tapping an incorrect difference in the picture! Thank you for letting me share. Overall, it still ranks high in my book!

Miss Jeanne Windler

I would have rated higher, but the stupid \"choices\" game add that plays is annoying and you asked me to rate the game WAY too often. I just wanted to play the game and not be bothered after every round. Stop forcing ppl to rate the game so early.

Beulah Bins

I would have rated it a 5 star game if it would have been working properly on my phone. Whenever I want to touch the correct difference, i would either have to touch above the difference or on the right side of the difference. if i touch on the difference, it always show the wrong sign. please fix this. My phone is one plus 6T. I would really like to play this game

Dr. Obie Feest

Its got alot of good hard spot the diff pics. If they just had a few less adds this would get a 5. Adds every other level drops it down 2 stars, 1 for the annoyance factor and 1 for for the constant one ast the top of the game page taking up space.