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Five Nights at Bear Bear's 2

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Five Nights at Bear Bear's 2

Five Nights at Bear Bear's 2 is the second installment of the Five Nights at Bear Bear's series based on the popular game Five Nights at Freddy's. This game is a comedic parody version of the FNaF games and includes a lot of funny jokes and insanely comedic references.

Although the game is a comedic parody, the game still includes 'maybe scary' things in it and is still a hard game to complete. This game is different from the first one because the concept is different. Also, even though this game is a fangame of FNaF, the game rules are different so it's a fresh new challenge for you.

This game takes place after the events of the first one. The whole pizzeria got shut down and they left it to rot. 2 years later, a man buys the company again and starts to renovate the place for a brand new Bear Bear Pizzeria! He kept you in charge to look over the place at night to make sure no 'juvenile delinquents' break in and mess around. But it seems the characters have gone crazy over the years! So they might be a problem too.

If you would like to stay up to date on the updates for the game. Please check every once and a while.

Editor's Note

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Jaylen Mills Sr.

I think that it's a really fun game! I would reccomend this game if you liked Fnaf it a lot like it, but also it's own game. The first one was bad, it was broken, and didn't work most of the time. I made it to night 4 and I'm having a blast! Making a second game was probably the best choice they ever made! Edit: I beat it and got 3 stars! It was a lot of fun! Make a third! And with more characters and storyline!

Foster Effertz PhD

The game is good, but the fifth night fifth hour, i keep getting killed by the golden trucker. I thought i did something. But no. I think it's just a troll.

Davion Conn

love the comedy and gameplay, but I'm to much of a lil bich to play past night 2. ? Edit: I've beatin 6/20 mode but it was a pain in my ass! I find myself losing to that dam raccoon more than the actual threat.

Jacey Borer MD

This is an AMAZING game. (Comedy Rating: ?) Old make more games like UCN on this and Doggy Location. Overall great game but it's missing one thing: Y ISNT THIS POPULAR!?!?!

Linnea Erdman

I loved this version of the bear bear series so much more than the first one but only had one problem I couldn't figure out how to recharge Bacon's keyboard after it died completely and I want to know if it was a problem for anyone else, and have they made a third or fourth etc. ????

Tressie Abshire

Love the game but I have a question. WHY IS RANDY SO FAST ON NIGHT 7 20/20/20/20/20 MODE?!?!?!?!?!!??

Mr. Laurel Hettinger

Perfect! A delicate sequel to the original game. I'm on night 5, and I like how it not only has scary assets, but humor too! Good job.

Christophe Botsford

I hate the golden bear bear he sholud appear At the stage and make his way to the office i also hate how fast bear bear is i want him to be slow on night 4 because that's where he first moves i also want randys speed to be at his normal speed at night theer pleas do this and i want a camera room for doggie because i accidently sent a reveiw even though it was cookie jumpsacring me out of nowhere pleas make these changes for a update asap pls

Felix Sipes

I loved it!!! Except for one thing, there is a glitch in night five. The spinny raccoon will not explode when I click him. I tried multiple different times but he always jumpscared me on night five. Please fix this.

Johathan Larkin

Great game! The only thing bugging me is i was at 5 AM and golden bear bear came!!! WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO? i will change this to 5 starz!