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Flipboard - Latest News, Top Stories & Lifestyle

Download Flipboard - Latest News, Top Stories & Lifestyle apk for free.

Flipboard - Latest News, Top Stories & Lifestyle apk icon

Flipboard - Latest News, Top Stories & Lifestyle

Discover quality content for all your interests - from personalized news, entertainment, tech and sports articles to trending lifestyle magazines. We'll deliver the latest headlines, events and entertainment stories to save you time, keep you informed and make sure you're always up-to-date with what's happening.

Trust our unique combination of professional editors and smart algorithms to customize and deliver must-read stories and undiscovered gems. Get the full perspective on the latest news - and share what you find. Our editors blend expert voices and curated sources, and even recommended stories they know you'll like, so you can sit back and flip through what matters most to you.

You can even customize your personalized newsstand: pick your passions and create a Smart Magazine for each topic feed. Are you interested in world news, events or tech developments? Want to read articles from national newspapers, discover sports podcasts, and skim the latest news? Looking to seize the zeitgeist from trending lifestyle stories? Flipboard has you covered.

Plus, you can create personal magazines: find articles you want to read later or you want to share, and use the "+" to flip them into your own magazines.


• Discover the latest news from The New York Times, National Geographic, Vanity Fair, and thousands more top newspapers and magazines, local, national or from around the world

• Create and customize your Smart Magazines: bundle together sources, people and even hashtags to get access to truly personalized news

• Customize your home feed: collate up to 9 of your favorite Smart Magazines together for quick access to the features you love

• Read The Daily Edition: keep up with the latest headlines and trending events in our daily roundup of important stories and personalized news articles

• Curate your perspective: collect stories around specific themes and add them to personal magazines


Your favorite publishers and newspapers are included on Flipboard across these categories:

- News & Politics: discover the latest headlines in national and world news, with newspapers and publications like The New York Times, CNN, Politico, Axios
- Tech & Science: read the latest tech news with TechCrunch, trending science stories with Wired, and more
- Business & Entrepreneurship: get personalized news relevant to your interests from The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes
- Sports: national pastimes or world news, never miss key sporting events with ESPN, CBS Sports
- Entertainment: get world news, even for celebrities and entertainment with People, Rolling Stone, Variety
- Lifestyle & Wellness: explore emerging lifestyle trends with Brit + Co., Self, Women's Health
- Food & Cooking: get some serious food inspiration from Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Serious Eats
- Travel: feed your wanderlust with National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, Lonely Planet, AFAR
- Home & Gardening: dream up your ideal home ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful
- Style: avant-garde or corporate with an edge... get sartorial inspiration from Vogue, Refinery29, W Magazine, GQ

And many more...


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Mr. Eloy Hartmann PhD

Not sure if I accidentally clicked on something, but the boards no longer \"flip\". It is a continuous flow. Not sure if the design change was to better integrate the ads, they blend in more now. I prefer the old way. . As for some news sites wanting a subscription, I simply add them to the blocked list. The ads that appear on their page should be more than enough income. It is not like they are producing a full fledged movie and are selling tickets. Nor are they having to print and distribute.

Dr. Rowan Wilderman

Make an audio enabled reading, and some kind of features likes, When clicking on the article it should take to us to the reading mode and also it should look different and also gestures must be unique. As well as themes also must be different, this is just a suggestion for ur app to make ur app more looky, if u do ur app gives a different look, as of from my perspective

Prof. Russel Macejkovic

It's a decent news app. Seems to have a good collection of reputable sources as well as BS sources. I wish the voting in the comments actually worked, but it probably doesn't, seeing how the most obnoxious comments always end up at the top. It's like it wants to promote ragebaiting. The comments section is cancer and needs fixing. No, these aren't comments that violate rules but ones that are horribly obnoxious and false. Voting should work like how it does on reddit and similar sites.

Garnett Kessler III

I love Flipboard, but oftentimes, to be able to read the entire article (NYT) you have to subscribe so I move on to the next article. There are times when Flipboard freezes so it must be closed and opened again. I hate that in order to read some articles like \"top ten low sugar fruits\", you have to turn 10 pages instead of being a one page article where tou just scroll down.

Rita Simonis

I love reading the news. I know ads are necessary so I accept and tolerate them. (So many of them). What I find very frustrating is reading a quarter of the way through a story and then get blocked by that news host i e. Times or Post asking me to pay or log in. What is the purpose of Flipboard? I think I'll just pay for my subscriptions and have them delivered to their app in their name. Not Flipboard.

Nathanael Pagac

Ads and \"suggested articles\" mucking up me looking at content I actually care about. I was prompted to choose categories I wanted to see when I installed the app. I told the app EXACTLY what I wanted to see and then it started showing me other news. Not what I'm looking for in curated content. \"Google Alerts\" is a much better way to find what you want and I'd even recommend Feedly as a better alternative to flipboard. I don't use it though as it doesn't support RSS feeds.

Fanny O'Conner

my biggest complaint is that when using this app, my chrome constantly opens to random pages that are clearly a malware attempt or phishing scams. Also, when it does work, it leads you mostly to sites that require you to subscribe to actually read the article. wish it would allow you to turn those sites off.

Jermaine Mertz

Update on 8/26: Forbes is the biggest offender!!! Unable to disable video from autoplay, ads popping everywhere, block viewets from reading articles after 2 or 3 reads. Should have this publisher banned!!!!!!! Getting worse with each update!!! More and more ads popping up, videos start playing even though setting was made to not auto play. Understands app needs ads to make $$$, but this is out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caden Halvorson

I use to love this apps for years but not anymore. The most irritating part now is when I flip to the page, I can't view the article without registering to the sites... Like the stupid \"Ladder....whatever\". The second type of articles are those ask me for option when I don't agree to the terms or cookie thingy, when I click other option, there isn't. It is like... Wed Thurs Friday....!All these sites should be banned from clipboard, they are downgrading the apps and human intelligencesssss

Mr. Humberto Anderson IV

Way too much ads, auto-play vdo and no option to opt out of them. NOT RECOMMENDED TO ANYBODY AT ALL. Apps already collect user data and sell for money, but it doesn't seem to be enough for them........ I am out!!!!