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Follower Insights for Instagram — ✔Ghosts ✔Stories

Download Follower Insights for Instagram — ✔Ghosts ✔Stories apk for free.

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Follower Insights for Instagram — ✔Ghosts ✔Stories

Easily manage your relationships with Insights, a tiny non-intrusive application with an ability to view your relationships by category:
► Mutual Followers: Those who you follow and those that follow you back.
► Fans: Followers that you do not follow back.
► Unrequited Followers: Those that you follow but don't follow you.
► Ghost Followers: Accounts which have not liked your last few posts.
► Recent Unfollowers: Get notifications for accounts that have unfollowed you recently.

But wait! There's more:
► Post & Stories download: Quickly download user stories and re-share them on your profile.
► Re-post: Easily share an image to your profile from another.
► Spam profile detection: Use the power of Machine Learning to detect if an account is authentic or a spam profile.
► Tag performance: Check which hashtags are giving you the most engagement and likes.

And a whole lot coming soon:
► Engagement timeline: Track the growth of your profile over time, identify milestones and figure out content works best for your profile.
► Hashtag analysis: Insights applies a tailored algorithm to determine what hashtags are most effective for your content. Automatically suggesting new tags to increase engagement and get you more likes and followers.

Note that Insights is a read-only app, it does not modify or update your profile in any way. If you're looking for a trustworthy and reliable swiss army tool for your profile, look no further!

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Follower Insights for Instagram — ✔Ghosts ✔Stories from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Follower Insights for Instagram — ✔Ghosts ✔Stories is 1.1.8. You need to have Android 21 and above to install the apk. Follower Insights for Instagram — ✔Ghosts ✔Stories made by very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Mrs. Providenci Ernser

does what it's meant to do, for about a few weeks or so I would say. afterwards it stops properly syncing. I guess you have to go pro for it to function properly. shame. waste of time.

Miss Molly Quitzon Sr.

It's pretty cool what it does but it keeps syncing to my other Instagram profike even though that's not the one I want synced and it's extremely annoying. no way I'm paying extra just to switch to the account I want watched

Prof. Estelle Rempel IV

after installing i logined then i found suspicious something else untitled had downloaded for a second ...I noticed it so dont trust this app ...I think they collect our data

Dr. Maggie Kautzer Sr.

App works great, I was a bit skeptical because another review mentioned that they got \"hacked\" by insights, but I loved to see that Karn unlike other instagram statistic apps, actually took time to reply to their customers and even ask for more information on their bad experience in order to help them. This for me separates Insights from other Instagram statistic apps, and shows me that Karn is willing to listen and help me in case I do run into a problem with their beautiful app.😀

Claudine Weber

i had to log in through the app with my insta, already thought that it was sketchy at that point. after a few hours pass i get an email saying my account had a suspicious log in attempt so i had to change my password. i go to the app and now i cant look at others peoples post and repost them anymore. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP. it will try to take your account

Ignatius Hermann II

Works as desired. Also like the UI. i wish we had a feature to check for ghosts looking at more than last 4 posts. ideally last 12 or 15 posts. I know this is an issue with the instagram API but it would be great if the app could track it over time. maybe spends like 2-hrs amd slows sends API calls to action to get Ghosts from multiple posts.

Stephan Kovacek

It's perfect. Simple and easy to use, it shows mutual followers, unrequited accounts(those who you follow but they don't follow back) and fan accounts(those who follow you but you don't follow them). No ads or malware. 100% honest review. A definite Yes for downloading this app. Great work🤘

Audra Rau

UPDATE JUNE 1-2019 Ok, I try to like this app, but I think needs lots of work. very basic bad executed. UNINSTALLED! Old review... not very happy right now with this app, can't unfollow from this app, ghost followers is a mess. super basic App. I hope they do some work or I just stop using it. The stats are really good and for some reason I will give it a try. NO SPACE HERE.

Jalon Kirlin Sr.

it's a great app but it only chooses to send me notifications when it feels like it. I miss out on majority of my notifications, something needs updated here

Ashlee Kovacek

The Moment i see they replied without using automatic answering machine, i knew this Insight Apps is different from other kind of insight app. The app deserve 5 🌟 imo.