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Get the gorgeous, glowing skin you deserve! Introducing FOREO For You, our universal hub for a range of existing and upcoming app-connected smart beauty devices. Enter a world of next-generation, personalized skincare.

FOREO For You connects with the LUNA fofo smart face brush for perfectly customized facial cleansing; unlocks the best and brightest features of the UFO and UFO mini smart masks; and ensures that you always get unmatched beauty routines tailored to your specific skin type.

? The More You Know…
Start with our beauty quiz to build a personalized skin profile.

? The More You Glow!
Connect and control your favorite FOREO smart beauty devices to enjoy skin care routines that cater to your skin’s specific needs.

?‍♀️ LUNA fofo: Your Smart Beauty Coach ?‍♀️
FOREO For You unlocks LUNA fofo, the world’s most intelligent facial cleansing brush! Fitted with state-of-the-art skin sensors, the device’s sophisticated algorithm analyzes skin to create a customized facial cleansing routine, tackling your specific skincare concerns. On top of that, it processes feedback from millions of users to quickly expand its understanding of your body’s most remarkable organ of all: skin. With LUNA fofo, knowledge isn’t just power - it’s your path to clearer, healthier-looking skin that glows from the inside out!

✓ Keep tabs on your skin moisture levels daily ?
✓ Gain new insights into your complexion – build a personalized skin profile based on skin sensor readings and a comprehensive skin analysis
✓ Sophisticated learning algorithm means the more LUNA fofo is used, the smarter it becomes ?
✓ Enjoy a completely customized cleansing routine based on your skin analysis
✓ Track your progress on the journey to flawless skin!

? UFO: The World’s First Smart Mask Treatment ?
Combining the most advanced skin care tech this side of the Milky Way and all the benefits of conventional sheet masks, UFO offers an out-of-this-world facial treatment in only 90 seconds. Enriched with Korean-sourced formulas, each UFO Activated Mask helps tackle a specific skincare concern - so whether you want to banish fine lines and wrinkles or get rid of blemishes, there’s a UFO smart mask treatment that’s perfect just for you!

Already have UFO or UFO mini? The FOREO For You app lets you:

✓ Automatically sync your preferred smart mask treatment routine to your UFO device
✓ Get your hands on any and all UFO products/accessories
✓ Many more updates on the way!

FOREO For You is currently available in English, French and Italian (including voice segments), and we are going to add many more languages in future releases. The app is automatically displayed in the language you have set in your phone system settings.

FOREO For You connects to your smart beauty tech via Bluetooth technology. Install the app on your smartphone and pair with your device by following the in-app instructions.

We like to hear from you. You are most welcome to send us any questions, comments or feedback you may have, so feel free to write us at [email protected]

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Snapchat: foreo_official

Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the FOREO For You from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of FOREO For You is 1.2.1. You need to have Android 18 and above to install the apk. FOREO For You made by FOREO very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Madisen Schumm

the app profile doesn't allow me to log out or change /add info about my skin. i cant update my skin profile at all. even if i uninstall the app and install it, it automatically logs me in again. the result is so vague and the routine is always the same regardless whether my skin condition has changed or not

Nellie Beer

I downloaded this app in order to use my Foreo UFO. I've had to uninstall and reinstall this app everytime I've tried to use a mask. This is really irritating considering one of the selling points of the UFO is how much quicker it is to use than traditional face masks - the not working, reinstalling, etc obviously adds time - not to mention how much the UFO cost. I've also wasted 2 expensive masks as they've dried up waiting on the app to work. However, it is good when it does work

Brady Balistreri

Foreo. This is ridiculous. 1-2 weeks to fix all issues? you said that 4 months ago (my original complaint was 29/10/18) and the app is EXACTLY the same. Hire some new app developers already. How have you not fixed this yet??! If I could give you 0 stars I would. Couldn't have been more disapointing. Wish I hadn't spent all that money. You guys need to issue some kind of statement about when we can expect an update that's worth something, currently this app is just awful

Terrence Stokes I

since the update a few months ago this app is useless. it doesn't give much insight into your skin care needs. After doing the initial set up where it measures the different areas on your face it says tap done. That takes you back to the connect screen. Even after using the device it does not update that you have cleaned you face. It just makes you reconnect and do the initial set up again. This app sucks but I will say the customer support for the actual product is fabulous.

Prof. Ramiro Bednar

Got the Luna Fofo in my FFF box in June and just got around to trying it. Saw the rating of the app but decided to give it a try anyway. Can't get to the screen to set up the product. Read through all the most relevant reviews and found promises of fixing the app going back to October. Deleting app now as it's taken up way too much of my time already and def won't be recommending Foreo products.

Rita Schowalter

This app isn't nearly as sophisticated as the description claims. I can measure the moisture levels in my skin and that's it. there's no coaching, no skin type quiz, nothing else. I've been using this app along with my Fofo since last summer, and my skin profile or score hasn't changed once since the last update, which I find hard to believe. Also, it doesn't seem to be saving my skin analysis either because it says I wash my skin 0 times a day, which isn't true.

Lexi Watsica

Piece of junk!! This company charges a pretty penny and makes a lot of claims for what basically amounts to a high priced wash cloth!! The app is won't analyze my skin at all. What a waste of my HARD EARNED $$$!!! I was so excited to get my fofo...what a let down. You can be sure I will be reviewing this app/product on every platform I can find! UPDATE: So after my negative review, the company replied with a standard form letter promising a fix-it-all update I won't hold my breath

Wilford Jaskolski

terrible. doesn't work. I have been using g daily for 3 weeks but still says \"zero cleaning per day\". also the measurement of the different parts of my face remains the same and has not changed the routine or skin age since day 1 (9 months ago). I prefere the beta version where it tells u moisture level on each part of ur face. this version sucks! deleting!! also Luna fofo isn't great. much prefere my Luna 2. only got the fofo for this function.

Jany Schaden

Luna Fofo seems to be ok, however checking the skin condition/type does not work at all! checked on few people with difderent skin types - everybody got the same feedback \"50/100, moisture LOW, 2 years to age\". It's a pity :-( really. plus you cannot change anything about your skin once its set. if you want to change skin type you have to uninstall and reinstall application... And seriously? the ad (on the box!) says that the app checks skin age whereas the app does nothing like that :-(

Prof. Claude Wunsch MD

I have been trying to use this app for months (since June). I have never gotten past analyzing my right cheek. Every time it tells me to remove from skin, the app just stops- even after all the \"updates\" I don't even use my foreo device now. Huge let down. Reading the cut and paste replies that the app makers post to all the negative comments makes it worse. 7 months is plenty this point maybe it is time for a new tech team.