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Free Music Download, Music Player, MP3 Downloader

Download Free Music Download, Music Player, MP3 Downloader apk for free.

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Free Music Download, Music Player, MP3 Downloader

Free Music Player for YouTube: AT Player - best free music player and creative commons free music downloader. Offline MP3, FM Radio, 55 million+ downloads! Discover and listen to 150 million+ free songs! 🎧 Keep your music playing while using other apps 🌟 Note: this app downloads music for offline listening from Dropbox, Jamendo, and podcasts. YouTube and SoundCloud music can be streamed but NOT downloaded. This app is NOT YouTube music downloader and this app is NOT SoundCloud music downloader.

No.1 app in Trending Music & Audio 2019 💎

Music downloader takes download enabled music offline to play whenever you want with equalizer, variable speed, bass boost. Download 5 million+ songs with multithreaded MP3 downloader engine. Listen to SoundCloud, offline music, FM Radio even when the screen is off.

Online streaming instantly plays from free music catalog any song you like. Listen to free music discovered by smart AI recommendation: personalized playlists for your taste. 💖 Millions of free songs, artists, playlists from YouTube for any mood or activity.

Discover new & trending free music in high-quality using search or music recognition with the best Free Music Player!

Totally free music 🎉 Totally free all the app features 🎉 No limited skips, no accounts, no purchases!

Lightweight and powerful Free Music Player improves 🚀 YouTube music videos with state of the art music player features like Chromecast, Dropbox, Podcasts, headset support, light/dark themes, sleep timer, equalizer, bookmarks, lyrics, playlists, etc.

Free Music Player multitasking experience: listen to YouTube free music with a floating player while texting, chatting, gaming, using maps and any other apps. Player lock mode and battery saver prevent accidental taps and save power. It helps to listen to the music without turning off your phone. (playing online music when the screen is off is not allowed by YouTube - use offline or radio tabs for that)

⭐️ Enjoy free music with AT Player:
• Search with suggestions for songs, FM radio stations, playlists, albums, artists, singles, covers, podcasts and remixes
• Identify music playing nearby
• Floating popup player for multitasking with an ability to change size and many other options
• Listen to other users' playlists or import your own playlists from YouTube
• Free music continuous play using AI recommendation, music recognition, or search based playlists
• Discover free music with tons of predefined genres: Popular Music, Hip Hop, Rock, Classical, R&B, Jazz, Disco, Country, etc
• Use Chromecast to play on TV
• Live music / FM radio streaming
• High-Quality video mode (wifi recommended)
• Music alarm
• Audio Books, Science Fiction, Romance, etc
• Powerful and tiny, optimized for low system resources usage, uses minimum possible wifi or mobile data
• Discover best free music by mood, activity, genres, daily updated top charts, weekly top playlists

⭐️ Playlists
• YouTube playlists import
• Personalized playlists: favorites, history, recommend
• Share playlists and tracks
• Auto-backup

⭐️ Music player
• Minimalistic and stylish design
• Shuffle/repeat
• 5 bands equalizer. Presets: Classical, Dance, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Electronic, Small speakers, Flat, Normal
• Bass boost, virtualizer, reverb effects
• Local music background playback
• Rich audio video lossless music format support: mp3, flac, m4b, mp4, 3gp, mid, ogg, etc
• Variable speed playback
• Lyrics
• Headset Bluetooth controls
• Sleep timer
• Auto add all local music
• Album art downloader
• Battery saver with reduced brightness and accidental taps prevention
• Set as ringtone

This app:
• provides downloading and streaming for non-commercial use only
• does not download YouTube or SoundCloud videos
• does not cache YouTube or SoundCloud content for offline playback
• does not play YouTube in the background
• does not play YouTube when the screen is turned off

Editor's Note

The apk file of Free Music Download, Music Player, MP3 Downloader is really hard to find nowadays. But our website always here to help you to make your job done. Our experienced team has prepared the apk file for you to download and install with just a few clicks. You can always find the latest 1.373 version from our website and that update has announced on Oct 05, 2019. Free Music Download, Music Player, MP3 Downloader is a very good application but does not work with if your device is outdated. If your device is Android 17 and above you can download it for free and at a very high download speed service. Otherwise you might want to update your device or get a new one to use Free Music Download, Music Player, MP3 Downloader After you finished your installation you can also check our other applications those we provide and download them for free as well.

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Jasen Halvorson

Doesn't work when you have multiple YouTube channels under one account. Edit: Updated it from 1* to 3* since you guys actually read the comments left on your application. I would highly recommend you guys to try and get that working, I haven't found a single application that supports multiple YouTube accounts under one Gmail, let me know when you get it working and I'll make sure to update my review to 5* :)

Eldon Lubowitz

I love how this app allows you to listen to a song and watch the video on a small screen and you can still play any game or use social media etc. I love the app. Its even better than all these other music apps such as spotify, pandora, itunes, etc. The best part about the app is that you can do anything on your phone and listen to music and watch the video screen on a small corner and if you dont have wifi then download mp3 songs. I never write a review for an app, but this app is speechless.

Ida Reichel

Works the majority of the time, but a couple of bugs made me swap. The display in the notification bar will just show AT Player Loading... even when you close the app, requires a force stop to clear. Also, on occasion it would crash and keep playing. If you then opened the app, there was no currently playing/playing now song recognised. So you had to either pick a new song and then stop it or again force stop the whole app. Hopefully they can use this info to improve the app for others.

Hettie Hills

The app does its overall purpose, but functionality is garbage. You can't download most songs via the app, and if you do download mp3 files to play through the app, the interface literally doesn't work for offline mode. You cant switch the order of music videos or delete videos from the playlist without completely undownloading them, or even choose what downloads will play. It says you can do all these things, but the changes revert the second you close or leave the app.

Asa Trantow

This is a really good app, i recommend it to you if ur trying to listen to some free music. Also works when the phone is turned off, thats a really good feature. Give this a five star keep it up!

Enos Rath DVM

I thought it was going to flip but it's rlly good when you like a song or a regular YouTube vid that isn't a song it seperates it so you don't have to watch videos but you can hear your songs and the free trials are the best.

Waldo Gottlieb

This app is incredible. No joke it dosent lie. Easy quick download for offline music and millions of songs to choose from. I wish i could give it more stars. Thank you creators.

Dr. Richie Mueller I

Pretty trash. Confusing user-interface, quite ugly to look at actually, alot of basic features you'd expect are missing and offline music doesnt update it's info if you modify it later on.

Velma Leffler DVM

At first yeah it's cool but everytime i search or enter the app it's always showed ads too many ads and i can't find some songs in this app that's why this app is not good for me...

Dr. Domenica Connelly III

How do you access your play lists that you have created? I created 2 play lists but can't find them. Found a bug in your app. I would try to close out of a song...I get an ad instead. I try to stop the song, I get an ad instead. And, the song would not stop! It got to the point of requiring for me to restart my phone in order to get the song to FINALLY stop! Strike one. I am just reminding you that you can be replaced you know!