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Free Music: Unlimited for YouTube Stream Player

Download Free Music: Unlimited for YouTube Stream Player apk for free.

Free Music: Unlimited for YouTube Stream Player apk icon

Free Music: Unlimited for YouTube Stream Player

"Free Music: Unlimited for YouTube Stream Player" has free access to unlimited YouTube music. Any song. Anytime. Anywhere. Save internet data usage.

★ Free Music has unlimited music and lets you play them.
★ Discover latest free music and videos from top of the charts around the world.
★ Search and listen to YouTube music on your own playlist or favorite songs by YouTube music videos.
★ Best music client and music player for finding and listening trending music.
★ Browse through hundreds of pre-made playlists that suits your mood and activity.


• Free music. No cost. No hidden charge.
• Free music from trending music list.
• Free music have floating player that will be floating for multitasking or watching videos to avoid interruption of music playback.
• Play any artist, album, song or playlist of your choice.
• Create your own playlists and save your songs to library.
• All the hottest charts updated daily.
• Personalized recommendations for even more favorite music.
• Optimized for low cellular data.
• Free Youtube music videos.


• Free music from genres music list
• Free music from music search
• Music genres: Electronic, Chill, Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, Disco, Jazz and more
• Youtube music from local music

~~~Please Note~~~

- Musinow is using the third-party API source from YouTube. All the free music is provided by Youtube service.
- By complying with the API Terms of Use, we do not provide caching and downloading any tracks (not a music downloader)
- You can also use following link to check more details about YouTube:
- Since Musinow simply links to content on their service via their 3rd Party Developer API, Musinow does not have any direct control of their content. If there are any content that may infringe upon anyone's copyrights, the following link can be used to report the content:

Editor's Note

Well known Free Music: Unlimited for YouTube Stream Player is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Free Music: Unlimited for YouTube Stream Player developed and announced by Musinow Inc.. Current version of the apk file is 4.4 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Sep 11, 2019. Also Free Music: Unlimited for YouTube Stream Player is very famous in Music & Audio category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Free Music: Unlimited for YouTube Stream Player if your device android version is Android 21 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Diego Waelchi

They finally fixed the issue with songs not loading up, but there is still the issue of the song cutting and skipping ahead a few seconds whenever the quality changes. I don't know why, but the videos don't start in your preferred quality, and when it tries to change it, it cuts the song a little bit. If they can just make it so the video loads in your preferred quality and doesn't change, I think the problem will be fixed.

Bernice Schowalter DVM

A really good app! I have 600 songs on my playlists and it's so easy to find the music. You have to use mobile data or WiFi which doesn't bother me too much as most music apps require it and this app is good at finding songs from YouTube. However, it lost 3 stars because even when the app is shut down I get ads interrupt my usual phone usage and it's the ads that I get from this app so I know it's this app causing them. They interrupt Snapchat, messages, camera- literally anything. Pls fix it!

Geo Gutmann

Great app and I really like the library function but it's annoying that there's a screen that shows the video of the song your playing when you get out of the app to do something else. It'd be nice to also be able to play music with my phone with my screen closed. I could do this with the iPhone app Musi but I recently switched to Android

Trinity Prohaska

Great app, but it skips tracks at the start and then if its over 6 mins it ships every few seconds. But my main problem is the fact your force ads on me even when I'm not using the app or have it open in the tabs. its ruined many an occasion and if you dint fix it I'm going to uninstall it

Mia Bailey

I use this app a lot, however, a couple things that annoy me are; The fact that you can't get out of Battery Saver mode and have to reload the app, and that sometimes the music takes forever to load, even if YouTube is working properly. Other than that, this is a great app, and I believe that it's better than YouTube Music.

Prof. Heath Cole

Good app for music but the ads are over taking my phone even when I'm not using the app.. needs sorting as it's a joke and annoying!!

Rusty Schmitt

Can't rotate between portrait and landscape while running.

Amber Halvorson

the past few weeks has gone downhill. nowthere are tons and tons of ads. And it plays one song at a time. I have to close down the app closed down the phone restart in order to hear consecutive songs. what changed? I use this app to work out and I have to keep stopping when the song stops.

Mrs. Jessyca Fay

So far its been a great app. still trying to figure out how to download songs for offline

Eleanore Nitzsche

There was an ad as I opened it the first time could not skip uninstalled.