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Free Ringtones for Android™

Free Ringtones for Android™ helps you to easily personalize your phone with new music ringtones and HD wallpapers. Over 30 million people rely on best ringtones, sounds and wallpapers in Free Ringtones for Android™. Discover why. Download your free music ringtones and wallpapers and set a new ringtone now.


Personalizing your phone has never been easier. Download Free Ringtones for Android™, choose the best ringtone for your phone ringtone and then choose some more cool ringtones as your contact ringtones. Once you go over these free ringtones and wallpapers, you'll find out that, among the variety of 500+ free ringtones and 750+ wallpapers, this free ringtones and wallpapers app will most certainly have something for your taste. You can set these top ringtones as your incoming-call sound, SMS ringtone, or alarm sound – with Free Ringtones for Android™ app options go beyond the limit! Remember to customize your phone wallpaper regularly – the free wallpaper section offers phone backgrounds for various tastes and interests.


🎵 Set as ringtone for Android™ / contact ringtone / alarm sound / SMS sound
🎵 Set timer to play the sound
🎵 Set widget button of favorite sounds on your phone home screen
🎵 Categories: Most Popular, Nature, Classical Music, Vintage, Business, Electronic Music, Rock, Hip Hop, Christmas, Funny, Notifications, Alarms
🎵 NEW: Set as wallpaper – use the best wallpapers for Android on your phone background

New ringtone apps emerge daily, but Free Ringtones for Android™ has been the people's choice for a long time. We add new ringtones and new ringtone categories to Free Ringtones for Android™ all the time, we update our free ringtone app according to your feedback and your needs, which is why Free Ringtones for Android™ is the ringtone app of the people. Install now and enjoy!


Wallpapers, ringtones & music downloads used in Free Ringtones for Android™ app are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license, credited inside the app. App design and code © Best Ringtones Apps - 2019.
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Editor's Note

Purely designed Free Ringtones for Android™ has made by BestRingtonesApps. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 13MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Free Ringtones for Android™ got its last update on June 22, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Edd Renner IV

This is the worst ringtone app I have ever heard or even thought possibly existed. There is nothing in here anyone could ever like. All the titles are misleading and you have to actually watch advertisements in order to listen to any of these lame if wanna call them ringtone. I call it random irritating noise but that's just me I guess.

Gianni Kovacek

It's really slow working and it's okay like I guess I'm not good at explaining it's kinda a waste of time telling you to download more stuff so it's okay I don't know if it works because I downloaded this at 19:40 in England so my I wouldn't be able to see if it works or not. So wouldn't recommend downloading it.

Lawrence McGlynn

Tried it, but it wanted me to watch ads over \u0026 over in order to supposedly let me look for ringtones. I never actually got to see any list of ringtones in any category. All that and it didn't appear to have that many ringtones to offer. Not worth the waste of time.

Krista Prohaska

This app is amazing!!! I just love how many options you have for ringtones!! Its just awsome!! If I had know about this app when I first got my phone I would have installed it earlier. This is one of my favorite apps!! So install it!!

Dr. Bart Connelly

I downloaded this app for some new ringtone ideas for my phone.They didn't even have popular song. if you even want to download one song you have to watch an ad. so I suggest if you're reading this and thinking about downloading this app. it's just not worth it.

Jeremy McDermott

I wish they had more anime options. Also, the ringtones are kind of generic and they don't have specific songs available on the app itself. it's great if your looking for nothing special or extravagant. The app does run well though. Then again, the ringtones are pretty dull.

Kaci Durgan

already a ton of pop up adds. takes up half the screen in adds. doesnt have what im looking for like a hockey horn. I will explore it a few more minutes but i will probably uninstall it. I hate commercials and adds and i shouldnt be forced to spend money not to see them.

Kyleigh Hagenes

The songs that are there are good, I haven't yet used it as no one has called me, but it did set nicely to the contacts I wanted. I do wish there were more however, but it is still a good app as of yet. I don't mind watching the ads, but if you do mind don't get it.

Mrs. Virgie Von I

This app is amazing, yes you have to watch a 13sec or 30sec ad to open more categories. But overall is so easy to use and to customize my ringtone/notifications sound. Don't listen to the bad reviews, they just hate ads not the app itself.

Jane Huel

out of all Free Ringtones for Android's I picked at least 20 some get down funky, some very mellow ( won't be able to hear them ). so cool and laid back. Try them for yourself they are different, you won't be disappointed!