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Full of Music1-MP3 Rhythm Game

Download Full of Music1-MP3 Rhythm Game apk for free.

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Full of Music1-MP3 Rhythm Game

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Here comes the master of rhythm game!
You can play with your own MP3 files.
- Please compare with other auto music note generation games! You can feel a electrifying by distinctive analysis and synchronization algorithm.
- Concentrate to game playing on simple & clear user interface.
- Support various speed and difficulty.
- Compete with the scores of other players around the world.

* Recommend to play music with proper beats.

Editor's Note

Well known Full of Music1-MP3 Rhythm Game is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download Full of Music1-MP3 Rhythm Game developed and announced by Handicrafter. Current version of the apk file is 1.9.5 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Sept. 26, 2016. Also Full of Music1-MP3 Rhythm Game is very famous in Music category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install Full of Music1-MP3 Rhythm Game if your device android version is Android 10 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Cordelia Kshlerin

Phenomenal. The developer's work is done. Please don't add any advertisements or transactions, it's absolutely the best mobile game to grace this store. It's responds flawlessly to my mp3s with next to no adjustments, supports my entire library, and is ACTUALLY FREE. I like this game so damn much that it sounds like I've been paid to advertise for it. Spoiler alert: I haven't been. Hell, wish I was.

Isaac Armstrong V

Pretty cool, and can be played with two fingers. The pauses don't give you a couple second before resuming, nor does it pause if someone calls you, which can be a little troublesome. The length of tracks don't show up accurately, but isn't too much of a problem if you just refer to your music app. Also, the little explosions that occur when you tap the beats may also obscure your vision from the next one.

Clementine Zieme PhD

Best of its kind, wouldn't mind the option to enable a \"stamina bar\" though. (missed and \"bad\" notes deplete bar, good perfect etc raise it, if it empties before the song finishes it automatically fails) and maybe like a \"favorites\" list. I have around 300 songs in my library so sorting through them and remembering which ones work and which don't is kinda hard at times.

Ariel Schuppe

This game does not syncronize with my music and the tiles are all over the place when it comes into play after the song been playing for a minute. I do not think this game works except adding your song then not really feeling that smooth rythem. I tried playing instrumental music which seem to probably go well than lyrics, then I tried some with lyrics. They do not sync and tiles do not play right away. If there are grammer problems this rating sections does not show the errors. So deal with it.

Lacey Leuschke

great game. very responsive and i like how it changes and matches to each track. my only issue is a bit of a problem with double notes. it doesnt register all the time. but great rythme game for free.

Joanne Gislason

It's a good app but most of the songs do not synchronize with the tiles. Sometimes it's synch in the beginning and then will be out of synch in the last part or vice versa. Sometimes it's just so weird the tiles don't give any rhythm at some part. If you make the synchronization more accurate, this will be the best music tile app. Another problem is when you miss a tile, the next close tile can't be pressed. Other than that, everything is great.

Mrs. Herminia Gislason PhD

Looks Good. But in the inside ?. Tried to play it but it keeps returning to game menu like ?. Tried it a dozen tyms. But ehh. Well I tried. Dont mind my review peps. Better try da game first if it worked for yah. My phone is android 8. And my song is just youtube download. Maybe dats da prob?

Wilton Baumbach

I think it is great music game ever. Since i played a lot kind of games(Play own music),this one is very fantastic. In my suggestion, it could be form level system. And when more higher level, you could unlock more style of music platform. Because now only three(Normal, Contrast and Pink art),not enough attract me. Need improved, overall very nice

Deborah Tillman

Its a great game,but heres a suggestion, could you add like long notes where you have to press amd hold the same note? And also,whenever I play horizontal,the game doesnt always register double notes and keeps making me miss a note.Please fix this bug.Thank you!

Dr. Kennedy Stamm I

Best mp3-based sound game i've played! unlike every other sound/music game that just throws lines at you, this app keeps to the song, no matter what song. love it!