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Galaxy Battleship

The universe is yours to conquer. A war of strategies and civilization is imminent.

Galaxy Battleship, a sci-fi SLG mobile game that allows you to explore the universe and create a civilization beyond earth. Beginning as a planet commander, you must build your own base and keep expanding by developing buildings, technologies and military force for the sake of survival. It also requires you to organize a space fleet to defend against Space Pirates and other potential enemies. Or, you may choose to cooperate with players all over the world and strive for being the lord of the universe!

[Giant and Large Map]
From asteroid to the galaxy, there is always a greater challenge waiting!

[Infinitive Warfare]
Battles over strategic points never stop!

[HD Graphics]
Massive warships depicted with exquisite models!

[Strategic Development]
Develop or expand? It's your call!

[Various Gameplay]
Obtain varied resources through different gameplays!

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Editor's Note

You can download apk file of the Galaxy Battleship from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Galaxy Battleship is 1.13.79. You need to have Android 17 and above to install the apk. Galaxy Battleship made by very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Dr. Rosamond Luettgen

everything about the game is great its just the player base see the game starts out fun like the other dude said but as soon as you start playing with other people you will have a very high chance of being bombarded by attacks from high level players is there any way for yall to i don't know separate high level players from the low level players because them high level players will bully low levels for no reason but to troll and it got annoying to the point where people start leaving the game

Kiara Smith Jr.

fair in the beginning but then to much of the same and with the latest updates no point in playing if you are not willing to spend lot of money, you have no change against the high level players who suck up everything the game has to offer

Tobin Baumbach

the game starts out fun, but soon becomes boring and it requires you to spend lots of money to play. The gameplay doesn't change from the first 5 minutes. It gives you horrible odds for obtaining any decent ships. It had potential, but the updates are geared toward getting more money out of you and not providing any decent quality of play to the game. I could no longer play the game after a few months.

Dr. Courtney Luettgen I

this is the best mmo I've ever played, play well and a defeat can be recovered from in terms of troops instantly . you can get the chance to teleport to a different region with different rss for free from time to time. when defeat a base teleports to random location, could be another region. the single campaign's is a great way to increase lvl , get new ships and grow power. would recommend this game to anyone.

Kaitlin Abshire

Grossly overpriced premium currency as far as currencies go, and in every way the currency is used it is grossly over inflated for how much you pay. Over $10 just to make your own clan for example. Game is oddly unoptimized for english, keep recieving japanese notifications for construction finish messages not to mention not many english players. Stolen (probably copywritten) material cant place finger on where ive seen/heard these items from. this is another classic copy paste cash in game

Christophe Ward

Okay game, horrible execution. in order to get a red battleship you have to spend a month to unlock it then you have to pay cash for points and waste them in Hope's of earning the ship you worked for. since they can randomly give you whatever they choose they can bleed you for as much real money as they want

Prof. Devan Schumm IV

Got destroyed by Russians three times while I slept... and after it \"teleported\" me away.. level 30 - 50 should NOT be allowed to attack level 12s

Mrs. Guadalupe Heller PhD

Pathetic! The game is not balance. Just imagine a level 54 player can attack a low level players. What king of game experience you can expect with that? If you're a newbie, stop, don't waste your time downloading this game.

Whitney Dietrich Sr.

typical pay to win. started playing it for a bit and then tha app developer changed the rules and turned it into a money grab. I will NEVER buy an app from these developers again and if your smart you wont either.

Mac Kulas

Your Administrators... or Owner of the game.... seems like is part of the Antichrist ..... \"Danniel has been silenced\"... after he wrote some serious themes in the chat room... You... only show your true faces when you silence people - that you are dictatorship, not merciful... May you repent if you still have a chance...