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GLAM - Tier Dating

Tier, Match, Chat, Meet, and Date
GLAM, Tier Dating

ㆍKorea’s #1 Dating App
ㆍ3,000,000+ Successfully Curated Matches
ㆍ2017 Google Play Awards Best Social App (KOREA)

GLAM is all about curating meaningful matches between people, and we are confident that GLAM is the dating app to improving your dating life that leads to amazing dates! Know how others see your GLAM profile, improve it (if needed), and enjoy the best matches and chats of your life. Plus, you get to set your ideal type based on looks, lifestyle, dating style, and many more to actually to meet your ideal type and those with similar taste. Then, simply match, chat, meet, and date to live that “lived happily ever after” story and never be lonely.

ㆍBetter dating life with higher GLAM TIER!
GLAM curates potential matches based on their profile TIER. You can know your TIER after other people have checked out how attractive your profile is. Your TIER may rise if you take that extra step in creating your profile. This means you have a higher chance of being matched and meeting those as attractive as your glamour self, those with similar taste in things, and just an overall a better dating life!

ㆍBig data to curate the best possible matches
After delivering over 3,000,000 successfully curated matches, we analyze and improve based on different elements including IDEAL TYPE and DATING STYLE. This is to curate potential matches with similar taste in things and a high chance of matching, chatting, and meeting. Compared to other dating apps, we promise to deliver an effective and seamless online dating experience that leads to great chats and offline dates.

ㆍShow off your Glamour!
Your profile is a starting point as it is used to curate your best potential match. You can also appeal yourself on GLAM’s APPEAL. Aside from your profile, show a glamour side of you by sharing different moments in your life whether it’s a photo of you working out or that picture you took in Paris. You might be able to find someone who has similar tastes in music or share the same hobbies and go on great dates!

ㆍWe take your privacy very seriously
You can always use our ‘Block People You Know’ feature on GLAM and block your Facebook friends and contacts on your phone with just a click. They will never find you nor will you ever see them on GLAM! Finally, we never share your information with a third party without your consent.


Customer support: [email protected]
Partnership: [email protected]
Devleoper's contact: +827088023010

Editor's Note

Well known GLAM - Tier Dating is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download GLAM - Tier Dating developed and announced by Cupist Inc.. Current version of the apk file is 1.0.0 and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on May 9, 2019. Also GLAM - Tier Dating is very famous in Dating category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install GLAM - Tier Dating if your device android version is Android 10 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Prof. Kelly Beier

The only people I seem to pair up with all turn out to be catfish. the idea of this app was good, but it seems there are still some problems to be solved. No bots, but a lot of catfish in THIS sea.

Kennith Reichert

doesnt work for me. specifically put in 20miles or less and im having people that are in another state. also, wont let me chat with others.

Jermain Dietrich

I like the way the app is designed and laid out. The major issue is the lack of users. If they can expand the number of people who use the app it would be 4 or 5 stars no problem.

Reta Schulist

I get more matches an picks for girls that aren't even in my state an sadly half of the ones I've talked are just looking for money. clearly Glam is just a free for all.

Mr. Foster Okuneva II

Let's be honest, this app is litered with scammers that ask you the same thing over and over again...where do you live (so they can pretend to speak your language), text this number, give me a picture of you... I've barely met but a couple people that were actually authentic on that app. There's a serious problem with that app, far beyond superficial...more like a joke app, where people desire you to \"check your security number\" to \"make sure you're safe to date or hook up with.\"

Juana Turcotte

This app has a cool concept that boosts your confidence, but it doesn't do what its ad said it would: Find people that actually match my preferences. I think it has a small user base in my area because I'm getting a lot of people outside of my age and distance preference. Many are in different states and are either too young or too old.

Prof. Ferne Sipes

you can only see 2 people at a time, and spending 3 to 5 gems to look at 2 more will allow our gems to run out at a quick pace. It's not worth it. My age preferences to 25 to 32. but all I see when looking for most recent, are all 19 to 20. so I'm burning through gems for no reason. The \"look around\" feature is pointless. I see people at random more than 500 miles. away. I'm also asked to rate their profiles. Rate it based on what? my personal likes? or just profile content? this is a waste

Kim Fahey Jr.

Glam. this app is a mixed bag to be honest. I personally don't mind the idea of a tier dating system but they got some kinks to work out. first off, why limit people to the likes a day, then make them use the gems which are also limited? tinder limits your lives but away least its reasonable to where you can hop on and off throughout the day but glam just wants money in the end so you have to either wait for your likes or pay them for more. probably gonna deliver my account to be honest.

Jaida Hermann

it's a great app idea, but the inability to limit the range of users as well as the number of users shown each day is a bit of an issue. Even by selecting that distance was the most important thing to me, i still get suggestions from 300+ miles away, and i see no reason anyone would bother with that. I like the gem system because it gives you a small amount each day, but it is enough to supplement your two daily picks. I'm looking forward to improvements in this app on the future!

Dr. Jace Crooks

I'm fairly certain the reason no one is on the app is because of the profile policy. I followed the guidelines but my pictures kept getting denied. I had pics where you can clearly see my face and body with no one else in them so don't respond comment down below with some BS. Don't waste your time.