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Google Podcasts: Discover free & trending podcasts

Download Google Podcasts: Discover free & trending podcasts apk for free.

Google Podcasts: Discover free & trending podcasts apk icon

Google Podcasts: Discover free & trending podcasts

Google Podcasts is a new podcast player for Android users, where they can discover and listen to the world’s podcasts. You can subscribe to any podcast for free and download episodes for offline playback. All your listening is automatically synced across devices so that you can pause on one device and resume on another with the Google Assistant.


Customise your listening experience

Subscribe and listen to any podcast for free.

Listen to podcasts at faster playback speeds or skip over silences.

Listen on all your devices

Listen to the same podcast on multiple devices - your phone, your laptop, your smart speaker - without losing your place. Pause on your phone and pick up from where you left off on your Google Home.

Find podcasts using the Google Search App and the Google Assistant.

Recommendations for you
Find the latest episodes of your favourite podcasts directly on your phone.

Discover new podcasts based on your listening history and preferences, or take a look at what is popular and trending.

Editor's Note

The apk file of Google Podcasts: Discover free & trending podcasts is really hard to find nowadays. But our website always here to help you to make your job done. Our experienced team has prepared the apk file for you to download and install with just a few clicks. You can always find the latest version from our website and that update has announced on Sept. 9, 2019. Google Podcasts: Discover free & trending podcasts is a very good application but does not work with if your device is outdated. If your device is Android 10 and above you can download it for free and at a very high download speed service. Otherwise you might want to update your device or get a new one to use Google Podcasts: Discover free & trending podcasts After you finished your installation you can also check our other applications those we provide and download them for free as well.

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Caroline Grady Jr.

PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!! It doesn't quit stopping randomly even with no connection issues, and the most annoying thing of all - IT DOESN'T CLOSE WHEN I CLOSE IT, THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY, to the point I'm starting to give up on the app, and I'm sad, cuz this is the most charismatic and enjoying podcasts application. I don't wanna give up on it, so please hurry to fix all these problems!!!!!

Mr. Walter Keeling

Is this a nontrivial computing conundrum!? Is it really so hard to realize that it has been over two days since I've listened to a podcast? That I've used several other apps that use audio in the meantime? That I've been listening to Pandora all morning and want to continue listening to that when I got play on my Bluetooth headphones!? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SOLVE THIS AND MAKE IT OPEN SOURCE SO IT'S NOT PART OF EVERY. SINGLE. AUDIO. APP. DEVELIPMENT!?!

Tyrel Franecki

There is a lot I like about this but it still lacks a feature I feel is very important and that is a favorites section or a way to keep track of the podcasts that really stuck with you. Unfortunately recently, certain podcasts I want to listen to only show the 10 most recent episodes when I know for a fact they have way more. Does anyone have a solution?

Otha Keebler

Love the app, agree with several others that it is missing some features. Also - why the heck can't I listen on my desktop?? I mostly use my phone, but at home my computer is hooked up to better speakers. I'd also like a better way to browse by category to find new stuff to listen to.

Bell Witting

While it supports Chromecast, you can't control the casted device volume. The app opens multiple times and media controls in drop-down notification lost. Podcasts don't always get marked as played. Lots of issues - seems half baked and unsupported. - Update/Reply 9/6/19 - In response to the developer, I have submitted this feedback multiple times in app but in case it's actually reviewed, I've resubmitted the feedback in app.

Kurtis Schultz

I like the simplicity of this app, however I have a few suggestions that I think would make the experience better. 1)The ability to que your downloaded podcasts in to a playlist would be beneficial for when you are away from your device or if you are driving. Often times when listening to a podcast, when one finishes from your downloaded list it will play the next episode from the same podcast even if you haven't downloaded it. 2) Dark theme... Duh! Haha I am this will come as the app evolves.

Carmen Powlowski

almost a 5. would be if i could get the app out of the notification bar when not in use without restarting phone. Update (9/8/19): can't rank higher than two points. Literally had 50-60 podcasts downloaded and deleted for the second time in one week. Going to a different app. This all seems to be associated with the update recently rolled out.

Mrs. Lauryn Lubowitz Jr.

I enjoy this app but cant give it 5 stars. One major flaw is the lack of a review feature. Its severely limits my interactions with new creators who look at reviews to meet new fans. If this feature was added, this app would be the best on the market.

Prof. Janick Gleichner

I just downloaded both apps 2 days ago so as you are telling other people to please update, you don't need to ask me. I wrote one of these yesterday and came back on today because I went to ask my mini google to play an audio storie and it started to play the same one I marked as listened to. It has done it 3 times already. Since I clicked as listened, it should be playing me a different story. Remember, I just started these 2 apps so you don't need to ask me to update like you are asking others

Miss Reta Rowe

It's great in general, but the majority of the times I listen to podcasts at night, so having a system default dark mode option would help me out a lot. Also, I would love to access all of my podcasts on the web. Other than that, works perfectly.