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Handy - Book home services

Handy is the easy way to get anything and everything done with the tap of your thumb. Find trusted cleaners, skilled plumbers and electricians, reliable painters, and other professionals for every job. Covering over 30 cities across the globe, Handy is reinventing the way people get work done around the home.

When you use Handy, you’ll be able to track the location of your pro, manage your booking details, communicate with your pro, rate and tip after each booking, and more mobile-only features. Try doing all of that with the phone number for the house cleaner you got from your neighbor’s cousin.

Why is Handy better than finding contractors on your own?
Every single pro is insured, background checked, and experienced, so you have nothing to worry about.
Plentiful availability, so you can book a pro for the very next day, every day, from early inthe morning until late at night.
Our customer experience team is at the ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we ensure your happiness with a money-back guarantee.

Let a professional from Handy take care of home cleaning, office cleaning, hanging pictures and shelves, home theater setup, A/C installation, moving help, interior painting, hanging window treatments, replacing knobs and locks, fixing drains, replacing faucets and toilets, installing garbage disposals, installing light fixtures and fans, replacing outlets and switches, and almost anything else you can think of!

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Gloria Schumm

IT IS SCAM. Posted a request in HomeAdvisor for handyman to assemble a basketball hoop. Based on the post someone from Handy called and asked fixed an appointment and asked to manage the booking through HANDY. They charged $ 73 for the service ahead of time. When I called the assigned handyman, he said he will not do basketball hoop assemply. So I canceled the request. HANDY charged$73 + $ 15 cancel fee for no service .

Dr. Ara Nienow IV

Booked a cleaner for a move out and he never showed up. Handy refunded me for it, but now I have no cleaner and no time to find a replacement since my lease ends tomorrow. (Handy \"pro\" did not respond to messages through the app, and when I called him, he sounded like he just woke up.)

Reid Kohler

please dont risk your money with this service. they will cancel at the last minute, mess up your plans, no customer service support, and then charge you a cancellation fee when they dont show up. its not worth it, this is an absolute scam.

Ms. Florence Bechtelar II

1st pro sent left after 10 minutes, no explanation. 2nd pro didn't clean inside oven even though I'd paid $20 extra for this service. I I asked for, was given, a refund of the $20. After these two failures, I cancelled my account, was hit with a $99 cancelation fee, which they agreed to waive. In brief: the customer care was good, but the actual service did not live up to expectations.

Dr. Kane Kunze

To start, customer service is the most important thing to me. The lady who did my first cleaning did great \u0026 was really nice..... However, I rescheduled my next appt. in June to August bc I was not going to be available. Common sense says that if I was going to be available in July then I would have rescheduled it for July. They apparently require every month to reschedule or something bc they just charged me $125 for an appointment I didn't have, need, or want. Support is hard to contact

Gavin Romaguera

terrible company, terrible customer service. they only offer email support which takes 20 minutes between replies if you are lucky enough to get someone to help you properly within an hour. took me 12 hours to get a proper fix last time and so far over an hour to get a partial fix with my current issue. look elsewhere for a service and dont bother with the app.

Prof. Jarvis Cremin

I applied as a contractor. i run a small business. i got a gig in Dc for $75. The client was great I got $15 on my first gig. Handy took my tip plus some from my $75. I deleted tje app immediately

Jaida Schowalter PhD

OMG. fair warning.. do not use their cleaning service! Their \"pro's\" are far from it. I regret signing up for the 12 month \"deal\". First visit was a no show. She came the next day with 2 other people. I was not informed that 3 people were going to be in my home! They did not stay the 3 hours as promised. 1.5 hrs amd very mediocre cleaning. Second pro came on time but not sure what he was doing in my tiny bathroom for 1.5hrs. not clean! I just paid the $99 cancellation fee to never show up again!

Savannah Doyle

Horrible experience, do NOT waste your time with Handy. I was signed up as a \"pro\" and although this app is called \"Handy - Book home services,\" I was booked to clean a corporate/industrial facility. When I reached out, there has been no response for nearly 12 hours and the cancellation fee is more than the payment for the job itself would have been. This is a complete ripoff, pros cannot see the jobs themselves, just the location, and when anyone needs support we receive no answer.

Norris Wilkinson

They always reschedule at the last moment. Twice I've taken a day off from work to get my house cleaned, both times they cancelled 1 hour before the scheduled arrival. Absolutely unprofessional behaviour. I've wasted 2 paid leaves just like that.