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HelloTalk — Chat, Speak & Learn Foreign Languages

Download HelloTalk — Chat, Speak & Learn Foreign Languages apk for free.

HelloTalk — Chat, Speak & Learn Foreign Languages apk icon

HelloTalk — Chat, Speak & Learn Foreign Languages

Winner of Google Play's Best of 2017 for Social Apps in select markets!

HelloTalk, the 1st global language learning and culture exchange community, connects you with native speakers of other languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and 100 more) for FREE!

*****KEY FEATURES*****
1. Search for people whose needs match yours.
2. Practice your target language with native speakers via text/audio/voice messages.
3. Free audio and video calls to practice and improve your communication skills.
4. Use Moments to share and ask questions about language, culture, or travel for all native speakers to see and comment on.
5. Learning features include: Language translation, transliteration, grammar correction, text to voice, and voice recognition to improve your writing/speaking skills.
6. Learning with HelloTalk is based on communication, not curriculum. You don’t have homework!

Instead, just chat and have fun while learning a new language.


When you learn a new language through language exchange with real people, you learn more than just the language. You’ll be exposed to a different culture and a new way of seeing the world.

With HelloTalk, you connect with real people. New friends who can help you with your Japanese accent, explain Chinese culture to you or be your travel buddy while you see France.

Whether you are planning your next holiday, undertaking study overseas or moving to a new country, you’ll be prepared to overcome language barriers and experience cultural diversity.


With millions of members, it’s easy for you to find partners to chat with in any language.

Forget about the need for translators. Now, instead of looking for a translating app, you can literally speak with native speakers in any language and region of the world.

Do you want to travel to Japan? Practice with a native Japanese speaker!

In love with the idea of Italy? Speak Italian with an Italian person in Rome!

Love the Latin Flavor? Speak with someone in Spain or even in South America to practice your Spanish grammar

Ready for that romantic trip to Paris? Learn French by chatting to real French people…and in case French is too easy, don’t forget about other European languages like German or Portuguese!

HelloTalk for Android gives you all the flexibility to practice, learn and improve your language skills. From vocabulary, to grammar to even correcting those little small spelling mistakes.

The world is small and easy to discover when you have HelloTalk with you.


Languages available to learn in HelloTalk:
English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic

Download your free copy today and connect with millions of members from around the globe in the app!

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Prof. Nickolas Anderson II

I'm learning Japanese right now and this is so helpful. You have something like a FB feed, where you see posts from people who match you (I see people who teach Japanese and want to learn English/German). Beyond just translating their posts, i can also have them transliterated to romanji (if i don't know the kanji for example) and read out loud. :) I havent had any issues with the community yet either! it's been great and super informative

Alvah Feest

This app is ridiculous. From what I've seen thus far, people from Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, plus other non-English speaking countries all claim to be native English speakers trying to meet Korean and Japanese learners. As an American, this degrades the integrity of this app and render it useless. If this sort of oversight continues, Hellotalk will lose all credibility and eventually will go out of business.

Vivian Champlin

the app is really really cool. but the annoying thing about it is the VIP members. everytime I messaged someone it keeps saying \"free message can 10 message new partners every day, but VIP members can message 25 new partners\" this is really really stupid. I wanted to message new partners without the VIP. but it never work and I can't buy VIP because it's really annoying me and being stupid so I'm not going to buy VIP and it needs to be fixed. please you guys need to fix this.

Alf Champlin

Its a good app. However it won't give me notifications for all my messages. And when I go in the app they won't pop up. I have to check each chatroom to see if I have a message, instead of getting notified. edit; All fixed! Thank you ❤

Bernadette Brekke

The app is overall good, but could be much better! The translation limits, near me location, unable to edit, can't like comments, can't photo comment etc. The app would be much more fun and interesting with more features. More people would join for sure.

Jaunita Waters

The app is working good now after doing some sort of tricks.

Joaquin Rempel

This app requires 2 permisisons when you open it, storage and phone calls, it doesn't say why, and doesnt open if you deny those permissions. The notifications from the app don't stack, they go into different notifications and dont disappear together or if you go and read your messages. Edit: For the response, no, permissions are not required for the app to open. I have plenty of apps that do not ask for permissions that open just fine. I understand permissions are required for certain functionality, which can be requested at the time that functionality is activated, not when the app is loaded up. The app just closes if those permissions are denied.

Miss Marge Rice II

I just re-installed this app and boom! All of my previous conversations were gone. What's with that kind of features? I've been only using this app for a week, and so far, it's good. I'm having fun interacting with the native speakers of my language I'm studying. Another problem I encountered is the mistranslation. Like duh. If these two issues will be addressed, it won't be hard for me to change my rating to five.

Tracy Schumm

i'll give it a 2 :(. the app is perfect and i being using it for almost 2 days but now i can't log it. i don't know what is happening and i just send a email to them. if you guys fix it. i will give you a 5 stars :)

Dr. Lemuel Jacobs

Strongly recommended, all the members are always there to help. App can still be improved tho, too many posts and you might miss out some earlier post unless you keep scrolling; so you might want to pick a few friends to follow. Wouldn't mind to subscribe the app at all.