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Hide Something πŸ₯‡ photos, videos

Download Hide Something πŸ₯‡ photos, videos apk for free.

Hide Something πŸ₯‡ photos, videos apk icon

Hide Something πŸ₯‡ photos, videos

β˜… The Easiest and Highest rated hiding tool! β˜…

βœ” New feature: One click to browse your phone's invisible photos with desktop browser!

Hide photos, pictures and videos from your gallery. EASY, SIMPLE and FREE!

It gives you control of who sees what and help protect your privacy. With "Hide Something",
β€’ Your public gallery remains available to your friends, family, and coworkers. And your hidden images are only available for yourself.
β€’ You can customize your visible folders when you want to show different photos to different people.
β€’ You can share your photos and videos easily, even hand over your cell phone to others and no worry about your privacy.

βœ” Fingerprint, Pattern or PIN lock! Choose your favorite.
βœ” Directly hide files from third party applications by "Share". e.g., Gallery, Browser!
βœ” One click to browse phone's invisible photos in desktop browser.
βœ” Backup hidden files to Google drive.
βœ” Photos, Videos, Google+ photos... all of those files are supported.
βœ” Advanced image viewer displays pixel level of details.
βœ” GIF is supported.
βœ” Beautiful themes.
βœ” Fake mode can protect your privacy for unexpected checks.
βœ” Easy to share your private photos/videos to others.
βœ” Doesn't show up in recently used apps list.
βœ” Support for both phone and tablet.
βœ” More features are coming.

Easy to Use:
Step 1: Choose photos or videos which you want to keep in privacy and hide them.
Step 2: Using pattern lock to access your hidden photos or videos.
Step 3: Choose the hidden photos or videos to restore.

Problems? Please contact us at [email protected] first before leaving a bad review. We will fix the issues for you as soon as we can. Suggestion? Please also shot us an email. Your ideas may be present in our next version. Thanks!

What our developers said:
β€œPersonally, I tried to find a private gallery app on market, but I got disappointed after trying several ones - they are non-holo styled, slow and too complex. So I made this one by myself - a CLEAN, SIMPLE and BEAUTIFUL one. Hope you'll like using it ❀.”

Online Help
Problem with password? Check the help below:

Read/Write external storaga - read and write media files.
Use fingerprint - let you use fingerprint to unlock your app.
Access internet - backup or restore media files to Google drive.
Access coarse location - required by Google admob ads.

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Hide Something πŸ₯‡ photos, videos. Hide Something πŸ₯‡ photos, videos is developed by COLIFER LAB and it has very stable version which is 6.0.0. Hide Something πŸ₯‡ photos, videos works with all the android devices if the device is Android 18 and above. We always provide you Hide Something πŸ₯‡ photos, videos apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Stephan Strosin

Do not waste your time with this app! I foolishly expected this app to work and did not back them up before using the app. The app couldnt show them afterwards and could only show a cached thumbnail. Reinstalling the app cleared the cache but somehow it still shows that it has 4 photos and has blank placeholders in the UI. Tapping on them just shows an error message. Emailed these guys with the debug info and screenshot of errors but no response. Useless app. Dont lose your photos to this!

Zachary Kreiger

used the app. can't hide things without losing them. have lost over 1000 pics. ask for text help \u0026 got nothing.

Danny Ferry

It's been pretty good until now but my S8 got upgraded to Android 9 and it's corrupting my photos so I'm losing anything I try to hide! Thanfully they're not super important but I'm done with the app. I'm scared to unhide things before uninstalling though, in case they all get corrupted. Yikes!

Laverne Cassin

a really good service... if you want to protect your media this is the best option, I recomend it.

Gus Schowalter

One issue.... When it come to restore picture... Error occur.... Operation failed cannot recognize as a file... Any solution or suggestion what to do

Carolina Mitchell

Advanced hiding is requested for a phone without a microSD Card inserted when making a video visible. As it is not possible, I cannot make it visible.

Mrs. Minnie Windler PhD

lost alot of my stuff. once it goes invisible its goes invisible from everywhere else. NOT COOL

Jessica Simonis

Have not lost any files or have any trouble accessing my pictures in apps hidden folder. You'd be suprised the horror stories you hear from some of the other hide file apps.

Destiney Luettgen

Best app ever, using for more than 2 yrs, just one bug, it shows pictures preview while opening the app for a while, please fix that

Prof. Moriah Kreiger

one of the best app i have ever seen on playstore... who has made this app i salute u bro πŸ’―