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Hily Dating: Chat, Match & Meet Singles

Download Hily Dating: Chat, Match & Meet Singles apk for free.

Hily Dating: Chat, Match & Meet Singles apk icon

Hily Dating: Chat, Match & Meet Singles

Hily makes it easy to find perfect boyfriend/girlfriend near you!

ONLY verified, moderated and hand-picked profiles on Hily based on your preferences. Forget about restrictions on messaging or limitless swipes through hundreds of profiles.

Interested? Here are some more benefits of Hily app:
✅ Simple, but smooth functionality
✅ Only verified profiles
✅ Send unlimited private photos to your matches
✅ Send funny GIFs, share private photos & video and even location right from the chat
✅ Only relevant push notifications
✅ Know exactly when someone read your message for free
✅ No spam, bots or fakes - only real meetings!

"Startup of the week" - Forbes
"Hily dating app uses AI and identification to improve safety and potential matches" - TechCrunch
"Hily ensures safety for its users" - Huffington Post
"The magic starts once you begin really using the app" - The Next Web


How it works?

- Start with Facebook login - easy way to verify identity and fill main profile info
We take your privacy very seriously, so don't worry. Your private Facebook information will not be shared
- Make a decision - swipe left if you're not interested, swipe right if you're into ❤️
- Once you have a mutual like - you'll be able to chat
- You can see all your matches and likes in Notifications tab
- Hearts & Elixir sections help you activate some extra features in the app
- To edit your profile and upload photos - visit ME tab
- Hily stories! Press Add story (don’t forget to enable your camera), hold the button to record the video and let it go when your best shot is on!

There`s plenty of fish in the sea, and with Hily you are 30 seconds away from your first matches!

Our ideals are simple:
- The app is free to download
- Hily isn't dating app for teens and recommended for adults 18+
- Our target audience is straight adult people, but same sex people are welcome too
- No nudes allowed to be sent to strangers
- Inappropriate sexually explicit content can be banned
- Using porn pictures as profile photos is prohibited

As you can see, Hily is very easy to use. You are just 30 seconds away from your first matches!

The app is free, but we also offer an optional auto-renewing subscription, Hily Elixir. To learn more please visit Elixir tab in the ME section.

We'll be glad to see your feedback at [email protected]

Hope you'll enjoy using our Hily dating app.

Terms of Service: https://hily.com/terms

Editor's Note

Purely designed Hily Dating: Chat, Match & Meet Singles has made by Hily. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 16 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as 65MB you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Hily Dating: Chat, Match & Meet Singles got its last update on June 17, 2019 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Florine Denesik

Horrible app. I will never use this app. I only used it for a few hours and was banned without doing anything wrong. I uploaded my own pics and was honest with my profile. I only talked to one person on the app and was banned. The reason given for banning me was suspicious activity When I absolutely did not portray any suspicious activity. Also constant advising to pay for services.

Adele Bahringer

Defeitful app! It asks if you'd like to try their premium features which they call \"elixir\". They say its a trial and next thing you know they charge me right away! $30 bucks! On top of that, the app is just horrible to use as the filters that they provide for searching is useless. Give me my money back!

Lura Goldner

The worst dating app! if you have a vpn you get banned instanly no questions asked. It doesnt matter what you were doing or who you were talking to you just get banned if you happen to have a vpn on when you sign in. im not sure what small brained ape thought this was a good idea but clearly they should not be a decision-maker a company that takes money from people. not to metion the extreme price to use this app. dont even bother giving it a try just save yourself, avoid this scam altogether...

Maria Walter

Useless. I keep getting presented with users who are thousands of miles from my location. I keep getting presented with matches, but when i look at my list of matches, it's empty. I've never been messaged by anyone who wasn't a bot having their Snapchat. I've never had a message replied to.

Bill Bayer

worst app for dating. it's like Any other cheap dating app but that if you sign up for their subscription it charges you 15$ a week for basicly NOTHING. and canceling you account will not stop that charge you got to go into your Google account to cancel the subscription. it was so much trouble figuring it out and in the process I got charged twice after thinking canceling my account would cancel the service. never get this dating app. NOT WORTH IT.

Maritza Dickinson

updated review* so after getting my first \"match\" I thought l wow that was fast yet refreshing, I dont tend to get a lot of them. then I messaged to no response, typical I thought. then I got another match and another and another. no one responds...ever. now call me crazy but it seems like most of the matches are fake, not just because they dont respond but because they dont seem to show up in your matches tab. pretty suspicious if you ask me. also they charge to set your distance?!

Mr. Haleigh Lemke II

this app kicked me off within the first 30 minutes of joining, claiming i had multiple complaints about sending \"inappropriate messages.\" Any message i sent to any user literally read, \"My name is ****. im looking for a casual relationship with someone who is outgoing and down to earth. if youre interested message me.\". Apparently that constitutes inappropriate behavior and is a violation of the user agreement. Horrible app and strongly advise against joining as it is a waist of time.

Dr. Heber Kertzmann

i was banned and i asked why. the support said because of my behavior and unacceptable offers. i didnt make or accept any offers. i have no freaking clue what is wrong with this app, but dont get it. worse than tinder. No thank you. I dont want to be on an app where you can get kicked off for nothing. i clearly stated the reasons that your support told me. If i didnt think it was wrong, i wouldnt have given you a negative review.

Clare Gorczany

Clearly designed to scam users. On signup, they push a free trial of their premium subscription, and unless you really look for the \"x\" in the top left, you wouldn't know it was there. Also poorly designed: instead of matches staying in your matches window, they get moved to a separate messages window once you message them. My review mysteriously disappeared before, re-reviewing so people know to stay away.

Prof. Rollin Mayer

Don't spend any money here, its just fakes and bots begging for snapchat premium sales. The app advertises itself as ONLY verified profiles, this is patently false advertising, unverified accounts exist in droves and will frequently match and message you with premium snap ads. Distance-based search doesn't work AT ALL correctly (never heard of great circle distance?). There's no \"AI\" here at all. Developers and mods cant ban bots fast enough. UI is clunky, pics aren't scaled properly. Not worth your time. Edit: Response to previous and totally irrelevant comment by developer: The app says it uses verification methods but there is no way of filtering so that you only see those. The verification methods are also easily faked out. Verification doesn't matter anyway because unverified accounts will still spam you. There's no way of preventing unverified members from contacting you. The 50+ matches to date that turned out to be suspended for botting are literally proof of this. The developers could fix this in three lines of code. They are literally lying about what they deliver and do not deserve your hard earned cash.