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Hip Hop Battle - Girls vs. Boys Dance Clash

Download Hip Hop Battle - Girls vs. Boys Dance Clash apk for free.

Hip Hop Battle - Girls vs. Boys Dance Clash apk icon

Hip Hop Battle - Girls vs. Boys Dance Clash

Go ahead - just dance! The dance battle is ON! And this time it’s girls vs. boys. Show those boys what girls are made of! The city is your dance floor. Dress up in a hot new fashion street-style look. Recruit dancers to join your crew. You’ve got to win this!

Time to just dance. Dress up in street fashion style and show off your mad hip hop skills on the city streets as you compete in sick dance offs. You can dance with the boys or the girls - it’s up to you. But don’t worry - you’re not in this alone - your crew’s got your back. Now show ‘em how it’s done!

> Build your own talented crew that could help you win this thing!
> Who run the world? Girls! It’s girls vs. boys - let the boys know who’s boss!
> Choreograph your own hip hop moves, compete in dance battles, and just dance away!
> Compete in challenging dance offs around the city - on the basketball courts and on the subway platform!
> Perfect your hip hop moves - learn to freestyle and break. Add pops, locks & slides into your dance.
> Stand out at the dance battle in your cool new fashion look - get an awesome hairstyle (want pink hair? Done!) and a beautiful makeover (ever tried neon-colored eyes?!). Now you’re ready to dress up!
> Dress up in a hot fashion hip hop style outfit. Don’t forget a graffiti hat! Fashion dress up has never been so cool.
> Just dance? Just dance?! I don’t think so. Dancing takes practice and hard work. Do dance workouts to practice your moves.
> Spa day! Calm your nerves so you’re all refreshed for the big competition.

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Justyn Braun

it is awesome especially when you get to go against online players. my cousins are over so they are asking me about who are those in do I know them and I do know them they go to my school so I pretty much love all of the dance moves and things that my friends do at school and it's awesome how I can learn their personality.

Florian Ebert IV

It is a good game but the only thing I did not like is that i am not able to battle against both of my opponents because to battle I need to visit the doctor or the spa which are locked and I can only play if I pay so this is not good and I think that they should be opened using something else instead of money. So pls look for the solution.

Bella Pollich

I hated it almost everything was a coast you had to pay. like when I had to go to a doctor I had to PAY for it and if I didn't PAY for it I wouldn't be able TO FINISH THE BATTLE I hate that I just wanted to battle a boy but guess what!??! I had to go to a DOCTOR And the doctor coasts money like let me enjoy the game. this was so cruel and rude all a wanted to do was enjoy a beautiful game but almost EVERYTHING COAST ME MONEY it was not cool at all

Lera Bergstrom

This is a really good game although I dont have money on my phone to purchase but its still the best. asswell as you girl you should have checked nere the sign of the game it says in app purchases so yeah, This is an amazingly beautiful game to play.

Nannie Marvin

Would give 0 stars if I could. Only had the game LITERALLY a HOUR. Every half decent clothing, make up, hairstyle, dance move makes you watch a video for EVERY option. Really good stuff you have to buy with money or buy the full game for £7.99... Which is a no go for me. Good game but not worth real money and having to keep watching ADS to get the half decent things you can get for free then you get more ADS with the game constantly.

Aditya Becker

i really like this app it's super fun and it really t20 how to baby harry potter and my cousin rain like that he's in the hip hop i am in to hit up to my cousin is very good at playing hip hop bolts only ones white problem how and when you want to be a boy it doesn't work please can you sort that out my cousin is really mad that he's going to propose a girl please just fix it please but it's really good game but he doesn't fix that boy bear because I think we're the only ones who mentioned it

Laila Donnelly

amazingly coollll when i was 5 i thaught i would never be a hip hop cool girl but instead of real life i do i in a game so my wish has still came true and i love it and its inspiring to see what i could do as a hip hop cool girl but that was only 4 years ago !! and omg i love it THANK YOU SO MUCH WHOEVER MADE THIS GAME !!!! it was my destany to play this game any way i have loved this game since i was little and only 9 years i have liked hip hop

Renee Reynolds

this stupendous game wo,nt even work on spa or maybe the doctor where do you think l can get that money from? you think 💰 can grow on trees PFT😡😡😡.what if kids are playing this game .😡 where on Earth could we get the money from

Colten Hayes

I love the game but what Idont like with the games that are like this one they don't have everything unlocked and we have to pay to unclock the rest of the stuff like the docter, dances, and more like i dont think that is very fair and I really think they should have everything unclocked. Besides that I think the game is amazing. And im A child but my mom accaunt is on here so dont think a older women is playim this no a 11 year old girl is playing this game.

Waldo Reichel

Lovely game, only if the game was like dance clash. i deleted the game because i could not go to the doctor and spa(in the game). And also i would love it if the videos can directly go to the gallery in the players phone. its really nice 😎👍