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Hit the Light

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Hit the Light

Break to atoms, blow to smithereens, smash to bits all neon lamps on the screen!
You can use metal balls, guns, ninja shurikens and even bombs to turn beautiful pieces of arts into shatters.
Free your inner wild child and let the music of broken glass delight your ears!

Editor's Note

Welcome to the page which introduces Hit the Light. Hit the Light is developed by Happymagenta UAB and it has very stable version which is 1.0.2. Hit the Light works with all the android devices if the device is Android 23 and above. We always provide you Hit the Light apk for free and with the maximum download speed you could ever find compare to other websites and platforms. We work with high experienced team and always ready to help you when you need. Don’t forget to upvote the app on our website after you use and if you like it.

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Mr. Trevion Cruickshank IV

Hands down they best refresh to the breakout/brick breaker genre, absolutely love this game. You are asking, then why the low score? They have a Diamond Package that gives you a bunch of extra shots and removes ads. The only thing I cared about from the pack was no ads...the price? 5.99$ A WEEK! This works out to twice the price of Netflix! Let that sink in LOOL!

Earnestine Moen

whoa, IDR66,000 a WEEK? I might consider a one off payment but this is too much. I've games that cost a lot less but give so much more. Sorry, I'll keep playing but won't spend a dime. Even the disable ads option is more than half the subscription, and it doesn't disable all ads...

Bernadette Considine

Decent idea and execution. but it gets old quickly, if they made it a challenge by taking away some of the items on some levels or making increasingly harder levels. it could be fun. p.s. the gun shold be an unlockable item (also add more items 'boomerang maybe') and maybe you pay for a 1 time use mega item or something. the game definitely has the foundation for something bigger.

Alanis Kris

A nice game, but maybe a little simplistic and lacking in substance. The fun of this game is in whacking through a bunch of levels as quickly as possible, and that can be quite satisfying, but I just feel that with a few more ball types and better level design, it would be a great game.

Janie Kirlin

game sets you up for failure so you will be forced to watch ads if you want to move forward, I'm sorry but the whole add scean goes on my nerves. I dont care if thos is your income, dont fake you 4 star rating and then stick ads in our faces. I just close aps the second a ad comes up and re open it! that clears the ad and we move forward in our lives!

Alexanne Kirlin

concept sounds light effects are great, however projectile graphics are very very NOT smooth. looks very cheap. I don't know how did you manage it to contain very nice and awful graphics together.

Elnora Mraz

I would have kept playing and paid $2.99 to remove all ads, but $2.99 only removes some ads. That's not okay. It's a mobile game, it doesn't need a subscription service.

Allen Hudson

ELECTRIC!! REALLY LOVE IT!! HOWEVER...it would make it more enjoyable if you would show all the levels played as well as the upcoming ones. This way you could pick the ones you want to play.

Dariana Williamson

nice concept and great graphics, my only complain is that the game isn't smooth, the movement of the ball and the other animations aren't smooth enough,30 FPS maybe, please make it 60 FPS

Dr. Daija Abbott

surprisingly easy and repetitive. exactly the same shots win on every screen. got bored at level 22, but it seemed to be getting easier.