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Intended for current HomeAdvisor professional members, the HomeAdvisor Pro app puts the power of HomeAdvisor in the palm of your hand, giving you the interactive tools you need to manage your business from the field. Designed with productivity in mind, HomeAdvisor Pro delivers push notifications so you can easily track and manage your leads; provides 1-tap connectivity so you can quickly call or email prospective clients; and allows you to set lead status, add notes, check your customer ratings score, or quickly contact our HomeAdvisor support team.

- Get notified of new leads
- 1-tap call & email to your prospective customers
- Map driving directions to your appointments
- Manage your lead flow by switching to your busy profile or pause leads for up to 48 hours
- Organize your leads with Active & Closed pipelines / folders
- Store your entire lead history locally on your device
- Search your leads
- View Your Account & Billing info
- Recognize Emergency Leads with a new indicator
- View complete Ratings & Reviews & submit your comments
- Change lead status on multiple leads at one time
- Set a lead status based on your progress
- Add notes to your leads
- View leads as read or unread
- Filter your leads list by status or date range
- Sort your leads list by Last Name or Date
- View your customer ratings score and your most recent reviews

Editor's Note

Well known HomeAdvisor Pro is served to you by our experienced team for free and with the best downloading speed. You don’t need any subscription or register to download HomeAdvisor Pro developed and announced by HomeAdvisor.com. Current version of the apk file is and we are trying to keep them up to date as always. The latest update issued on Feb. 28, 2019. Also HomeAdvisor Pro is very famous in Business category. When you scroll down a little bit you can also check the App Info tab. You are always free to install HomeAdvisor Pro if your device android version is Android 19 and above. Thanks for downloading from our website.

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Wayne Cole

Everything here makes a contractors life a little easier. It's probably the next best thing to having a personal secretary. My app has a little trouble showing me my billing info, maybe a bug? I can get that on the main website and all else is working great, this saves you a great deal of time finding some work. Glad I joined!

Millie Zemlak

worst idea ever so far waisted 1600+ money on subscriptions and leads in one month only had one job done that I charged 1300 for... wouldnt recommend save your money and advertise somewhere else. also they charge weekly for leads that you cant control its automatically charged every week

Annabel Gislason Jr.

if you think youre going to get a return on your investment you're high. Constant issues with being billed $80+ dollars for garbage leads that are supposed to be for a home theater but theyre having internet trouble. 90% of time lead credit doesnt get approved so you have to waste 2 hours on the phone who wants to upsell you other garbage instead of fixing issue. oh and if you get leads after hours even at 2am and don't respond quick, you'll still get charged. market your business somewhere else.

Leatha Nitzsche

lead prices have increased to the point that I have to keep my leads off a lot of the time. $65 for a painting lead is crazy; especially since that lead is sent to every painter in the the area. would definitely rate 5 star if they went back down to $40ish

Mac Marvin

This is a phenomenal app that assists an independent contractor no matter your area of expertise to connect with real live homeowners and businesses that can put you to work today. #KevinDouglasBerg #KDBergLoveToBlogForYou #KevinDouglasBerglovetoCarBlog #TechnicianOnCall

Kenny Bauch

3 or 4 Pros paying a lot of money for the same lead, just one can get the job, 2 or 3 still paying for the same job, if the customer not answer your call, email or text message, don't worry you have to pay (great business for HA). HomeAdvisor winning money a lot, Pros losing money a lot.

Dr. Rico Hintz

The app good, customer service is great. I am new to Home Advior and they are killing it as a bussiness at the Pros expense. Praying things will get better.

Prof. Norberto Ortiz DDS

most customers don't call you back or is wrong # or wrong task! Waste of my money...

Prof. Joyce Gibson

it's been good this far. I've spent 700 and made 375.00. I got a few other leads I purchased. I'm hoping to make some profit by doing those. I just wish clients would be more specific with details and timing so I could purchase the leads with no worries.

Verlie Greenfelder

Friendly, easy to use \u0026 very helpful. Didn't know when I put reminder in you cN ot look at the apps calendar.