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Horse Paradise - My Dream Ranch

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Horse Paradise - My Dream Ranch

Welcome to the wild horse adventure of your lifetime! Start in a mystic forest - an online haven for horse lovers! Complete quests to unlock a new stable, make friends in multiplayer and race your horses to win accessories to make them feel like a star!


Over 30 breeds await! Unlock new horses and bring them into your family. Play as a Mustang, Stallion, Clydesdale, and even the most beautiful horses such as the Friesian, Shetland Pony and baby Foal. Progress through the game and earn amazing fantasy horses such as a flying Pegasus, Unicorn and much, much more.


Horse Paradise is an interactive multiplayer game. Use free-roam mode to chat and role play with friends from all over the world, give a like to the best looking horses you find and complete quests to progress in the game.


Raise your horse and teach it to trot, canter, gallop and jump through the highly detailed virtual 3D environments.


Take your horse out on the trail and test out her jumping technique! Race against lots of AI players and collect rewards for coming first!


Take your animal out from the farm to a magic haven filled with forests, islands and even caves! Venture out and explore with your friends while you search for special items during your journey.


Accessorise and personalise for some extra flair! Fit your favourite horse with 50+ beautiful decorations such as leg wraps, masks, bows and sparkles to show off your personality and beauty as your roleplay with your online friends!

Foxie Games would like to welcome you to the Horse Paradise family! We will be adding lots of new content, from more fantasy horses to quests. Kick off your adventure and download free today!

Horse Paradise is completely free to play but some optional in-game items may require payment.

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You can download apk file of the Horse Paradise - My Dream Ranch from this page. We provide you all the applications with their last update and trying to keep them up to date. Also you can see the App Info section down below of this description. The version of Horse Paradise - My Dream Ranch is 1.0.0. You need to have Android and above to install the apk. Horse Paradise - My Dream Ranch made by App Holdings very nicely and works pretty efficient with smart devices. After you download the application to your device, it has the most easiest way to install.

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Brent McGlynn V

it is so fun that's I just love it! 100 out of 100. you get to be horses and you get to buy horses with wings horns too. you can even be a baby or even a Clydesdale or any kind of horse. you should try it it's the funnest game ever and sometimes you might even see your brother or sister if they buy that game too. everyone come on come on come on you should come it's so so so fun. that's what I think that's not what you have to think because I think it's so fun whoever made this thank you so much!

Mohammed Kuhic

It's awesome1 amazing graphics. It's so addicting that I play it like every morning!:) Even more you can feed online players' horses no matter what!:)I even play it at night. So amazing. I hope they add chat though. The we could tell other players that we need food or we like them. Especially I hope they add friend requests so we can be friends. And to connect to them if they are playing this adorable game!

Lavonne Stroman

I really enjoyed the game at first but once you reach a certain level it suddenly becomes really difficult to collect horseshoes. You need to race to win horseshoes, to plant the food, which costs horseshoes, to give you the energy to race again. Once you're a higher level, you barely get any horseshoes for winning races, except now there's very few pickups and you don't have enough time or room to jump the objects so you lose and win basically nothing. You end up stuck unless you buy horseshoes

Annalise Kuhic MD

pls fix this game is awesome !!! I am over 30 and I play it everyday so fun fast-paced and beautiful horses and scenery the only bad thing that I can say is that I can't farm for some reason now I'm on level 13 and have all Farms upgraded except for one to level 5 and can't beat the quest to win a new horse please help fix this

Prof. Zion Homenick III

This game is very amazing and interesting but... it's tremendously hard to get horse shoes and I just end up unable to do anything! I think you should fix that first than anything. you could add private servers! it's useful when you want specific people to join! The horses and everything else is too pricey! Please lower their prices, it makes it difficult and easy to dislike. Other than that I think everything else is fine.

Dorcas Mayert

I love this game. I really do. But I have some problems with it I'd like fixed. Firstly, there should be a way to save an account and transfer it to another device withiut losing anything. I lost my Galaxy Pegasus and my Appaloosa because of that. And second, I can't buy the Galaxy Pegasus with gems anymore. Fix those and I'll play it again. I miss this game, but there's too many problems right now.

Maximillian Lowe

i have completed all the levels and now i can buy any horse as many times as i want since i have many horse shoes and gems! the game is great! beautiful! i just hope you bring out more new horses, more levels, accesories (like saddles and reins) PLEASE UPDATE THE GAME SOON!!

Hans Romaguera

So, I have been playing for a little while and I can tell you its good. The waiting for stuff gets kinda boring but then everyone in a lobby makes up for that. The people are nice and the horses are super are cool. So the game is great, but I think you might need to add more skins for the non donatiors. Some kids can't ask there parents to pay for some things. Is there a way to friend people? I haven't been able to find it if there is, if there isn't, can you please make one?

Ramona Schowalter

Its a great idea for a game fun, a well thought out variety of things to do, only reason i give it 4 of 5 stars is because evidently there is a glitch in the game now where, the only real way to make money or \"horse shoes\" in the game is by racing and it gives out a third less making it near impossible to advance in the game. rendering the game pointless, will update my review if and when the glitch is fixed.

Lesley Kutch

Its an AWESOME game. And im super duper glad that u can a Galaxy Pegasus without MONEY? (The way u can get a free pegasus is by doing the \"Event\") Anyway i love the game and it has awesome grafics. (i think i spelled grafics wrong. XD) I LOVE THE GAME!!!!!!!???