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Imikimi Free Frames & Effect old version

Download Imikimi Free Frames & Effect old version apk for free.

Imikimi Free Frames & Effect old version apk icon

Imikimi Free Frames & Effect old version

Use Imikimi Frames to Decorate your photos with incredible frames, choose a photo from the gallery or take a photo with the camera, then apply the frame that you like and you can save the photo, share with friends or upload to social networks Facebook, Twitter , email etc ...

Kimi Photo Frames to express your feelings in a beautiful way with the love of your life and make people believe that love is forever.
Valentine Photo Frame to decorate your pretty pictures with the most beautiful and romantic frames.
For romantic couples, this could be a great way to express their feelings to their partner.

Pictures in romantic photo frames could be the most thoughtful gift for Valentine to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend.

with the Valentine's Day Photo Frames app, you can:

✤ Select the gallery pictures or capture a new picture from the camera.
✤ Select the valentine frames from the collection.
✤ Adjust the photo on the Valentine's Day Photo Frame.
✤ Apply the photo filter.
✤ Add text or name to the Valentine's Photo Frame, you can also resize the name on the cake move with your fingertips.
✤ Add a pretty Valentine's Day sticker to Valentine's Day photo frames.
Feature The brightness function is also available.
✤ Free and easy to use and friendly interface with hardware design.
✤ Two finger movements to ZOOM your photo and adjust in Valentine's Photo Frames.
✤ Move photos with Valentine's Day Frames to correctly set photos in Valentine's Day frames.
✤ Do not forget to click on the Save button.
✤ Share a special Valentine's Day photo frame with your friends or family members via social media.

This Valentine's Day photo frames app is specially designed for all love birds that do not want to miss a chance to make it memorable.
Decorate your photos with these amazing frames and share them with your friends or family ...

This Kimi ZO Photo Frame is Free Photo Editor for Android is a perfect gift for the people you love - you can make the best Valentine's Day gift for your beloved.

- User friendly interface
- Save to Gallery
- Post directly on facebook, twitter etc...
- Share edited photos by email and sms

Editor's Note

Purely designed Imikimi Free Frames & Effect old version has made by proappone. It is very popular application compare to its competitors. You need to have Android 10 and above to install the apk. If you have enough empty space such as N/A you will not face with any problem while downloading. After you download the apk file, it has some basic steps to install that everyone can handle. Imikimi Free Frames & Effect old version got its last update on July 9, 2018 and we already prepared the up to date apk file for you to download at highest download speed. Thanks for visiting us! Don’t forget to suggest.

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Charlene Kub DVM

used tl love this app a lot at so many different frames to choose from, and they were beautiful now, the way it is, there's hardly any selection, what happened please bring back the old version, it was a lot better. I am extremely dissatisfied and I am looking to find another app hopefully that will fit what I'm looking for.

Suzanne Kuhic

Why did you take away the imkimi paid version. I bought it and now its gone. No thank you for this one. Deleted this one no good everything must be downloaded and not so good as the older paid one. Just want to know why its been gone. love that app. just want to know WHY ??????

Horacio Bednar

I only gave this app one star so y'all don't think I just forgot to rate it. I'm sure you have done what will bring you the most $, but you have no idea how bad you have hurt the thousands of users that enjoyed an awesome, simple app that anyone could use in their every day personal life. People that were not using the app to make $ but use it out of love to share memories, make an ill bed ridden person smile, etc. If you really care, pls give us the true old version back. Have us pay for it.

Dr. Grayson Boyle DDS

why aren't they listening to the millions of imikimi fans who hate all the new imikimi apps. i hate the new ones too. i used the old one for years. all they had to do if they wanted to change something was at most add some new frames. they completely ruined it. trying to fix something that wasnt broken. the people at imikimi really suck. i thought after so many complaints they would have to put the original original one back. they tried to say that that app wasnt working, i used it with noproblem

Mr. Laron Langworth I

i have been a long time downloader of imikimi, i use to ABSOLUTLY LOVE this app an used it for many many pics of mine. i dont know what happened but there isn't much selection now an u really should \u0026 plz put it BACK TO WAY IT WAS FOR SO MANY YEARS. I WILL CHANGE MY STAR ONCE IT GOES BACK TO OLD WAY

Susie Corkery

I don't know what I did but I got it back! I went to all my old apps and seen it. I thought it was the same one but it didn't have free written across it.. It's Imikimi frames and effects , I hope it works for you that missed it! don't give upkeep trying this other thing is a fraud it's blocking the real one

Dr. Alexandre Upton I

I wish there was an option to give this app a 0 rating. This is no where near what imikimi was. I used to love it. Now I'm about to delete it. Where are all the options and frames?

Miss Kattie Blanda

This ap is not the same as the one i had before!! It really sucks!!!! Put the old version back!!!! The old version had alot to choose from thos one doesnt!! it also doesnt let you search for frames!!!

Ms. Daphnee Graham

I like the old version. It had a huge selection you could search and now you can't. Hardly ever use it anymore and may remove it just isn't the same!!!

Reed Anderson PhD

I've used imikimi for years I am so so so disappointed in this new version it sucks to the highest power I paid for the old version when I first started using the app and now it's nowhere near the old version. please right this very bad wrong you all did.